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Battle Report: Warhammer Fantasy – Skaven vs Skaven 1200 points

I waited for this moment quite a some time. My very first battle of Warhammer Fantasy with all miniatures in the army painted by myslef.

No, really – I collect/paint and play almost 20 years (with long break, but still), and I haven’t play with the army twhere all minis are painted (of course, I don’t count those situations when I played at some tournaments and all my army was quick drybrushed for purpose of battle – that was obvious cheating;).

My Skaven army is about 1200 points right now, so it’s not much, but it’s a good start. It took me one year and a half to complete all miniatures. Not all is done like it should be – proper basing is still necessary, arranging some cool movement trays and two banners to be painted, but let’s be honest – the most difficult part is done:). I’ve presented my army in previous post.

The first battle I was about to play was against my friend Michał and his… Skaven army. Hmm, that was unusual – I never played Skaven vs Skaven, so another new experience  checked. Of course, I prefer to play some other army – but the great anticipation for 9th edition makes everyone ‘on hold’ mood with WHFB. Plus, there was public holiday weekend, and many guys were off the town (I really wanted to play the game before my holidays, so this weekend was the only possible date).

So, it happened – my first battle was played and the battle report is about to be written right now:)

Background Story

Grey Seer Quiksqueek was slowly recovering after losing Battle of Three Armies over Dwarf Stronghold at the base of World Edge’s Mountains. Small accident with Forbidden Rod was unexpected, very painful and almost it costs his life. Right now Quiksqueek was struggling to get back the favour of  Council of Thirteen after this defeat. Uneasy task – once you lose it, it’s hard to get back on track. You become a loser in the eyes of The Lords of Decay – and losers do not get second chances.

…but Horned Rat was gracious for Quiksqueek – he was begging and crying for mercy so long and hard, that he got eventually was put in command of prestigious mission. This Quiksqueek could not blew.

Oh, glory to Horned Rat! He’s watching over me! This time I won’t let down Lords of Decay. I will succeed! Yes, yes!

The task seemed to be easy. Get to the eastern part of man-thing Empire and get the precious relic of unknown power and name, but apparently with the great value to The Council. Just go to the ruins of the tower, find it and bring it back to Skavenblight. Piece of cake for Quiksqueek.

Imagine his surprise, near the clearing where ancient relic was hidden, unexpected encounter happened.

Forces of Clan Pestilens allied with Clan Meekael were also heading to the tower to retrieve the relic.

Treason! Treason and Treachery! Back! Get back from my precious item! It belongs to meeee!

Most probably Council of Thirteen didn’t trust Lord Quiksqueek’s reliability entirely and send some Skaven Warlord of opposite clan to get the relic. The battle was unavoidable. The winner will get the arcane item and win the favour of The Council.

The Forces

Grey Seer Quiksqueek’s army

Grey Seer Quiksqueek

Warlock Engineer Zzapvolt (level 2)

Battle Standard Bearer Raddrish The Last

23 Stormvermin with Warpfire thrower

29 Clanrats with Ratling Gun Team

30 Skaven Slaves

and  Doomwheel


  • Quiksqueek: Pestilent Breath, Bless with Filth, Wither and Vermintide ( I didn’t take The Dreaded Thirteenh Spell – I decided it’s going to be more fluffy, if I not choose it against other Skaven).
  • Zzapvolt: Howling Warpgate and Death Frenzy

Clan Meekael and Clan Pestilens

Warlord of Clan Meekael

Battle Standard Bearer of Clan Meekael

Plague Priest of Clan Pestilens (Spells: Wither and Plague)

48 Clan Rats with Ratling Gun

40 Plague Monks

Warp Lighting Canon

5 Gutter Runners

The battlefield.

The battlefield.

The Battle

We have played Blood and Glory – 5 turns. Quiksqueek has won the initiative and started the battle.



Grey Seer Quiksqueek’s army Turn 1

Quiksqueek is rather inexperienced leader and maybe too much about magic arcana than the war tactics, so he ordered all of his rats to advance to the enemy. Slaves were pushed to the front, and right behind them elite of the army – Stormvermin unit with Quiksqueek. At the left flank Doomwheel and regiment of Clanrats moved towards incoming foe.

Quiksqueek's army is advancing!

Quiksqueek’s army is advancing!

Quiksqueek was so eager to cast some spells upon the enemy, but every possible target was too far for the magic’s range.

Doomwheel released the lighting, but the charger got malfunctioned and some parts of the movement mechanism was badly damaged slowing the machine significantly.

Misfire on Doomwheel's lighting.

Misfire on Doomwheel’s lighting.

Clan Meekael and Clan Pestilens turn 1

The time when mixture of bad luck and obvious treachery is again upon Quiksqueek…

Plague Monks with frenzy struck at poor Slaves. Slaves supposed to die on the battlefield, but this death was meant to be especially horrible. Frenzied Plague Monks are wicked opponents, and Skaven Slaves didn’t had any chance to survive the charge.

Poor, poor slaves...

Poor, poor slaves…

On the left flank Warlord spotted incoming damaged and slowed Doomwheel and decided to move back a little. Sneaky Rat tactics… thought Quiksqueek.

Plague Priest casted Whiter (-1 to Toughness) on already doomed Slaves, making them weak like Skinks. The next spell was Plague targeted at the unit of Stormvermin. Dispel attempts from Quiksqueek were futile and disease was fast and deadly. 14 of Stormvermin fell down in spasms. 14 of the bravest, strongest rats!

Plague killed 14 of Stormvermin!

Plague killed 14 of Stormvermin!

The Plague jumped on near Ratling Gun killing it at sight and ended as suddenly as it started.

Ratling Gun again hasn't any chance to fire even one shot...

Ratling Gun again hasn’t any chance to fire even one shot…

After the plague my forces looked drasticly decimated:(

After the plague my forces looked drasticly decimated:(

Warp Lighting Canon misfired – the fizzle spluttered and Ratling Gun crew lost their control on the barrel and shot into allied Pestilens Plague Monks. Lucky for them they missed.

Warp Lightning Canon misfired...

Warp Lightning Canon misfired…

Hand to hand combat between Monks and Slaves was one sided. Clan Pestilens fury is unstoppable and Slaves are not demanding opponents. They were almost wiped out and remaining few were killed during pursuit. Plague Monks could easily charge at Stormvermin.  This combat is going to be decisive…

Grey Seer Quiksqueek’s army Turn 2

Doomwheel rolled into Clanrats Meekael and Lord Quiksqueek’s Clanrats led by Zzapvolt turn their faces right, ready to attack Plague Monks anytime.

Clnaratsof Clan Meekael waiting for Doomwheel.

Clnaratsof Clan Meekael waiting for Doomwheel.

Doomwheel charged!

Doomwheel charged!

Quiksqueek was trying get use of his magic, but all he managed to cast was Vermintide. Small swarm of rats ran over the Plague Monks, killing one of them. Attempt of casting Wither was dispelled by the scroll… And that was it – what a misery, and despair. The magic of mighty Grey Seer so poor and underrated… Quiksqueek shook his head in disbelief… It supposed to be nothing like that!

Doomwheel released its lightning frying 2 Clanrats of Meekael. 3 more were crushed by the wheel and 1 killed by running vermin. Brave Clanrats struck back and damaged a little Clan Skryre construction. It was enough to chase it away. Pursue and Doomwheel destroyed. Quiksqueek couldn’t believe it – Skryre brothers must have sold him damaged machine! There was no other explanation of  what just happened! Betrayal!

...and Doomwheel fled...

…and Doomwheel lost the combat…

And most important  and key point of the battle of course was between Stormvermin and Plague Monks.Frenzied Monks were dangerous opponents, but Stormvermind, although decimated by plague stood their ground – fed by Skavenbrew, they got obsessed with hate, and trying to get the fight the Pestilens.

Plague priest called for the challenge. Raddrish The Last stepped forward and shouted: Me! I will kill you Pestilens! Die! No such thing happened but Plague Priest were to confident with his attacks – all  of his hits were saved by Raddrish heavy armour.

The challenge was a tie, and similar in regular combat – few Plague Monks fell, few of Stormvermin. The problem was that Monks regiment were huge. 5 ranks against one of Stormvermin. There was no other way – even though Quiksqueek tried to inspire their warriors, even the Raddrish banner was waving proudly on the wind – Stormvermin broke from combat. Ran and caught by Plague Monks. Everything was lost. No chance for redemption for  Quiksqueek. The battle was over.

Everything is lost! Quiksqueek, Battle Standard Bearer and Stormvermin flee! Battle is over!

Everything is lost! Quiksqueek, Battle Standard Bearer and Stormvermin flee! Battle is over!

(Blood and Glory scenario is all about Fortitude and Breaking Point of the army. At this moment my general was killed and two of the standards captured and my Fortitude fell below my Breaking Point – and at this point I lose the battle according to the rules of Blood and Glory scenario. Well, shit happens;).

...and Gutter Runners didn't even get their chance to enter the battle:)

…and Gutter Runners didn’t even get their chance to enter the battle:)

And that’s it. It was a nice battle – maybe too short, too one sided and I made too many mistakes with tactics and deployment, but it was fun. For sure good prelude for my return to Warhammer Fantasy. Next time I must do better. Let’s hope Quiksqueek finds the way to get back on his feet again…

Michał, thanks a lot for nice battle!

Few words about my mistakes:

  • I should take Dreaded Thirteenth Spell. I should, but I didn’t want to. Turning Skaven into other Skaven made no sense to me, and I decided it’s better for the spirit of the game not to chose it.
  • I didn’t plan the battle according to scenario. I shouldn’t put General and two banners into one regiment – killed General and two captured banners – it is enough for my Fortitude was below my Breaking point. Well, here I learned my lesson definitely.
  • I shouldn’t put my Stormvermin regiment right behind the slaves. Frenzied Plague monks would be easy target for both Stormvermin and possible flank attack of Clanrats.
  • I should manoeuvre Doomwheel until it would had actual chance in combat. Charging at the regiment of 48 Clanrats was suicide.
  • not mistake, but bad luck with spells. My opponent got Plague (and thanks to it wiped out over half of my Stormvermin) and I rolled such mediocre spells… wrrrr…
  • some minor stuff like – first cast Wither and then after it – Vermintide. I should think with my brain more and not get carry away…:)

My next battle is already planned for the beginning of July. It’s going to be something different – clash of two armies – Skaven vs Empire, but in Oldhammer way! Back to 5th edition! Can’t wait!

For now – it’s going to be little break here. I’m off to road trip across Czech Republic, Germany and Netherlands. I’m not taking any miniatures to paint with me this time – it’s going to be proper break from the hobby. I’ll be back with charged batteries in July. Until then!


  1. Sorry you didn’t win dude – I had exactly the same with my Guard when they were first painted up and sent to battle… Great write-up though, looking forward to hearing more in the future! Safe journey, catch you in June

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