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Battle Report: Warhammer 40k 2th Edition – Blood Angels vs Orks (1000 points)

Few weeks ago I’ve contacted Warburton –  blogger  from Adelaide, Australia, owner of As I had plan to visit Adelaide during my Australia holidays, I took this opportunity and we arranged a meeting to have a chat, and what was probably most exciting and important, to play the game. We were thinking about Blood Bowl, Necromunda and Warhammer 40k 2 edition. To be honest WH40k was most appealing game for me, so we decided to have a go in this one.

Warhammer 40000 2nd edition was my first, so I couldn’t miss that chance to play a battle here down under. It would be experience, I never forget.


Warhammer 40000 2nd edition rulebook. It brings back the memories.

We agreed that we will play 1000 points battle. Orks vs Blood Angels. I took Blood Angels side and Warburton – Orks. In my travelling boxes I have one Tactical squad, Terminators and Sanguinary Priest ready to be painted ( actually Sanguinary priest is already painted – but I painted him after this battle) at some point of my 6 months journey across Australia and Asia. So, thanks to that I was able to fill almost all army list with my models. I needed to borrow only 5 Scouts model to complete entire 1000 points.

And this time I was bringing the shame to the tabletop. My Blood Angels, not even single model finished (Terminators and Sanguinary Priest with started painting) were facing superbly painted old school Orks models. Shame on me. Usually I won’t be even considering playing the battle with unpainted models, but…let’s face it…I’m not in Australia often – playing WH40k here was the great deal for me and unforgettable experience.


Blood Angels Sanguinary Pries. painted after this battle.

So, without further ado, my first Wh40k battle report, here on Game of Travel.

Background story

Brother Adeodatus, xenos presence on the second planet of Adhelaidus confirmed.” reported Sgt Sidonius of 3rd Company

What species?‘ asked brother  Adeodatus, Chaplain of Blood Angels

Greenskins, as we predicted.‘ answered Sgt Sidonius – ‘…they are up to something there…I can feel it…They always up to something… bloody Greenskins…

Don’t worry, we are here to take care of them. Execute the planet drop procedure. We are off at 400 hours.

Small force of Blood Angels Space Marines were dispatched to Adhelaidus system to check possible xenos activity. One tactical squad, Terminator squad and few scouts under the command of Brother Chaplain Adeodatus on the board of Strike Cruiser were ready to eliminate Greenskins threat.

Meantime – Orks and Grots under the command of Warboss Nazzod Gobbag had their own plans. Of course Space Marines always mean trouble, but Nazzod was determined to reach his goal. The ship full of innovative kustom big shootaz were lost during warp storms. Nazzod managed to locate the cargo in this humies star system – crates were scattered on the second planet. And Nazzod wanted them all, even he need to kill all the humies on the planet.


Blood Angels

  • Chaplain Mighty Hero Adeodatus (Crozius Arcanum, Bolt Pistol, Frag Grenades, Combat Drugs, Displacer Field)
  • Terminator Squad 1 (5 terminators) (Storm Bolters, Power Fists, Assault Cannon, Sgt:Power Sword)
  • Tactical Squad (10 Space Marines) (Bolters, Knives, Frag Grenades, Special Weapon: Melta Gun, Heavy Weapon: Heavy Bolter, Sgt: Bolt Pistol and Power Fist)
  • Scouts (5 scouts)(Bolt Pistols, Knives, Frag Grenades, Sgt: Chainsword, Heavy Bolter


  • Warboss Nazzod Gobbag (Power Fist, Chainsword, Eavy Armour, Kustom Shoota, Kustom Force Field, Combat Drugs)
  • Nobz Mob (5 Nobz) (Eavy Armour, Chainswords, 3xPower fists, 2xPlasma Guns, 3x Bolters)
  • Bad Moons Mob (6 Space Orks)(2x Autocannon, 4x Bolter)
  • Blood Axes Mob (5 Space Orks)(Lascannon, 4x Bolters)
  • Blood Axes Mob (5 Space Orks)(Autocannon, 4x Bolters)
  • Blood Axes Mob (5 Space Orks)(Flamer, 4x Bolters)
  • Gretchin Mob (10 grots)
  • Gretchin Mob (10 grots)
  • Warbuggy (Twin linked Autocannons)
  • 3x Warbikes


Blood Angels detachment landed near the the last crate Orks were after. Their objective was to kill as many Greenskins as possible and secure the crate. It shouldn’t get into enemy’s hands. Scouts infiltrated the site earlier and hid themselves inside the ruins near the crate. Chaplain joined Tactical Squad.

Nazzod and his boyz came from west. Their numbers were much superior than Space Marines – Soldiers of The Imperium were facing dangerous and numerous foe. Warboss joined Nobs unit.


Orks and Gretchin Mobs deployed in the west. On northern corner – three bikes and buggy came in. Blood Angels arrived from the east close to the crate. They knew, Greenskins will focus their efforts here. Scouts infiltrated the site and found good spot to hide in the ruins near the crate.

Notes: as you can see, my Blood Angels were facing mostly fully painted models. Only Gretchin were unpainted. And my miniatures…- Tactical Squad were black primmed and Sanguinary Priest (as Chaplain proxy) and Terminators were barely started… I need to paint these guys, damn it!


  • Space Marines – for every eliminated unit, vehicle or character Space marines will get 1 additional victory point
  • Orks: they will achieve additional 5 VP if in the end of 4th turn  they secure the crate they are after.


    The crate Orks are desperately after.

The game will last 4 turns.

Turn 1 (Blood Angels)

Chaplain Adeodatus knew that the key to the victory is to focus all Blood Angels force in one point. Concentrate on the crate, that Greenskins were desperately wanted and defend it to the very last man. Eventually Orks will come, they always will. Stubborn bastards.


Blood Angels starting point.

Scouts get out from their hideout in the ruins and set up the heavy bolter stand. Greenskins are large in numbers and Heavy Bolter will make a good use here…


Scouts hidden in ruins.

Tactical squad lead by Adeodatus himself ran trough the forest to gain better position near the crate and  Terminators moved just a bit to get at least one Greenskin into range of Assault Cannon. The Cannon’s barrel started to roll and Terminator gunman pulled the trigger. Sustained fire took out three of incoming Gretchin. Too few – they were so many of them and they will get to Blood Angels soon…

Turn 1 (Orks)

…and it was exactly like Adeodatus predicted. Warboss cried: Ladz! Dat crate is ourz! Kill humies! Kille’em all! …and get me da crate! – and ordered: All, attack!


Orks offensive.

All mobs moved forward. First row – Gretchin. Small and annoying type of Greenkins. Orks always use them as cannon fodder – and this time was the same. They formed some sort of shield, that protects Orks moving behind them. Cruel but effective tactics. No Greenskin shot at that moment – Space Marines were out of range of any weapon.

On the north side bikes and buggies also moved forward, hoping to flank Space Marines any time soon.


Bikes and buggy on the northern side.

Turn 2 (Blood Angels)

Orks were closer and there were lots of them. Adeodatus decided he will organize a defence parameter at the line of the forest near Ork crate – palm trees will provide suffice cover and it will be perfect place to fire Greenskins at will. Terminators moved little bit forward – their armour should be enough against any Greenskin range weapon and hopefully they will focus all the enemy fire on themselves.


Once on positions, Blood Angels opened fire with all weapon they had. Terminators and Tactical squad concentrated their fire on one of the incoming mobs. All six Orcs were shot down.


In the same time scouts Heavy Bolter fired the salvo at the other Orks mobs and two more Greenskins were pierced with bolts and fell down dead…but there were still more of them. Fight against Greenskins require lot of bullets. It is the only way to stop them.

Turn 2 (Orks)

…and Orks were too stubborn to give up. Warboss Nazzod gave the order to retrieve the crate and they were about to do this no matter the causalities.

Gretchin mobes ran forward. Warboss and his Nobs were running behind them until they reach save cover behind one of the spikey globe. All other squads remained at their places and carefully aimed their weapons at Space Marines.


Autocannons fired! Orks gunners were so excited with possibility of killing humies. They shouted and laughed. They already felt the smell of first humie blood in the air – however the excitement prevailed over the accuracy. Not even single bullet hit Space Marines! Orks stopped laughing and their faces turned purple of anger – Damn humies! Why you don’t want to die like a useful humie?!

At the same time Ork with Lascannon aimed Terminators. And he performed quite well. The beam hit just right into the chest of first Terminators, however its strength was too weak to even harm a little the Space Marine. Obviously the charge for the Lascannon must have been damaged and because of that it wasn’t fully effective. Anyway, Space Marine survived the shot (note: Warburton rolled ‘1’ to wound. How unlucky!)

Rest of the Orks in range shot at Scouts hiding behind the ruined wall.  One of them were shot dead. First humie killed! Hurray!

Meanwhile, at north- bikes and buggy turn south and begin to flank Space Marines.


Bike and buggy were approached Space Marines from the north.

Turn 3 (Blood Angels)

Chaplain Adeodatus decided to come out off the safe cover provided by palm trees. The crate needed to be secured – Greenskins were wanted that so badly, so conclusion was simple – crate is perfect bait to gather Greenskins in one place and eliminate them all.

Tactical squad and Terminators moved at maximum proximity to the crate. Scouts remained at their spot – continuing to fire at incoming foe.

Unfortunately, scouts fire was ineffective.  Heavy Bolter gunner and his companions missed all the shots.

Tactical squad fired at Nobs and their leader – Warboss Nazzod Gobbag. All Space Marines beside Heavy Bolter shot – two Nobs fell. Heavy Bolter chose different target. Gretchin, those sneaky little Greenskins were incoming from the left. They might look weak, but there were lots of them –  and they needed to be eliminated. The gunner pulled the trigger and shot the round of bolts at Gretchin. Four of them were tore apart by massive salvo. Last three, seeing the terrifying fate of their comrades, simply took their heels and fled. The horror of the battle were too much for them.


Gretchin Mob broken!

Terminators concentrated their fire at Nobs. Two of them killed by Tactical Squad- so only three of them left. Heavy fire of Assault Cannon and Storm Bolters – and two more Nobs bit the dust. Only one of Nazzod’s bodyguards left alive along their (or rather his at this point) Warboss.

Decisive moments of this battle were about to come soon…

Turn 3 (Orks)

Warboss Nazzod was almost there. He was so close to grab the crate. Only few annoying humies to eliminate and…big big shootas is finally his. He ordered his boys to keep on moving.

Gretchin, little cowards, usually don’t go into the fight at the first line, but all they need  is one quick sinister gaze of their Warboss, to see that they don’t have any choice –  and they charged at Terminators, even though they knew it was suicide. Either them or slow painful death from the hands of Nazzod.


Gretchin charge at Terminators.

All other Mobs proceed forward. All expect the Mob with Lascannon- they stood still to continue fire.

All Greenskins slitted the fire at Blood Angels Tactical Squad and remaining Scouts.

Warboss Nazzod Gobbag loaded his Kustom Shoota and shot three times at Space Marines. He aimed perfectly, but all shots bounced off the Power Armours.

Blasted humies and dem amourz! Nazzod ANGRRRRY!

Last Nob and one Mob of Orks shot also at Tactical, and this time Power Amours also saved Astrates from death.

Last two Mobs fired at scouts – Autocannons  barrels turn hot and red from sustained fire and massive cloud of bullets fell on Scouts and three of them were killed at sight. Only Heavy Bolter Scout Gunner was left alive.


One Scout left.

And exactly he was targeted by Lascannon from last Mob of Orks. Careful aim and the beam hit directly last Scout. He should die from that! The Scout blinked – nothing happened! He was alive! The second Lascannon charge in the row was also damaged. Normally the beam should annihilate the Scout, but instead all he felt it was gentle tickling. The Lascannon charges were surely sabotaged by rival Warboss. There was no other explanation – thought Nazzod (note: actually there was one – Warburton again, second time in the row roll ‘1’ to wound!).

…and finally the moment came, when bikes and the buggy managed to get to Space Marines close enough to fire with all they had on board! Massive salvo took out two of Tactical Space Marines! Orks motor party continued to ride starting slowly to surround Blood Angels force. Nazzod finally was triumphing!


Bikes and Buggy surrounding Space Marines from the back.

Meanwhile Terminators massacred 5 of Gretchin. There was no surprise here – Power Fists simply smashed tiny, fragile Greenskins. And the second Gretchin Mob realized that the heat of the battle is no place for them and the fled as far as possible, hoping that Warboss Nazzod will not find them later.

Turn 4 (Blood Angels)

Chaplain Adeodatus realized that Blood Angels are outnumbered – he knew it from the beginning, but right now Greenskins were surrounding them from the rear. The battle could be lost. He decided to put all one’s eggs in one basket and he ordered Space Marines to shoot at bikes in the rear and at the same time he charged at Warboss Nazzod and his last bodyguard. Meanwhile, Terminators continued the annihilation of Gretchin  mob.


Chaplain Adeodatus in close combat with Warboss Nazzod and last of his Nobs.

Scout Heavy Bolter also turned his back and shot at the bikes. And that was a lucky shot! All bullets hit the fuel tank and the bike was about to explode any second. Ork biker was losing control over the wheel. Where the damaged bike is going to hit?! Who knows. (note: loss of control movement will be executed in Ork turn).

Space Marine with melta gun targeted the second bike. Heat blast hit the biker directly at his chest. He died immediately  and the uncontrolled bike was about turn any direction (note: moving in Ork turn).

Rest of Tactical Squad opened fire at last intact bike. They aimed at the track hoping they could stopped the moving vehicle. And Emperor gave them their blessing – one of the bolts hit bike’s track directly at rivet connecting the parts. The bike started to slow down…

…and while Terminators were killing all remaining Gretchin, Chaplain Adeodatus faced his great foe face to face. Warboss Nazzod Gobbag. Both army generals fought fiercely – Chaplain swing his Crozius Arcanum with swift, but Ork Boss were agile and parried almost all Chaplain’s hits. Almost, but one. Adeodatus struck with the precision – and Nazzod yelled with agony. His arm got badly fractured! He was in pain allright, but he was filled with rage at the same time. Humie will pay for this!

(during that fight – Nob – Warboss’s bodyguard tried to sneak from behind at hit Adeodatus in the back, but Blood Angels Chaplain quickly drew the bolt pistol and shot Ork between the eyes. Sneaky Greenskin died instantly.)

Turn 4 (Orks – last turn)

Two bikes were out of control. First bike, this without the driver, hit the palm tree, causing no further damage.


First bike struck the tree!

The second one, with  leaking gas tank  did more damage to Blood Angles than all Orks shooting efforts combined! The driver lost the control completely and turn right – hitting one of the obstacles near Tactical Squad and Terminators. Huge explosion occurred and fiery blast covered all Terminators and four Tactical Space Marines. Two Terminators were saved by their powerful armour, but rest of Adepti Astrated got covered with hot flaming  fuel and died in terrible agony.


…second bike caused much more damage!

Only two Terminators left. They were charged by next wave of Greenskins – Mob of 6 Orks.

At the same time remaining 4 Tactical Space Marines were shot by Orks from all sides. Salvo of twin linked Autocannons mounted on the bike and the buggy were enough to completely destroy the squad.


Space Marines Squad completely wiped out!

Autocannons from Mob squads eliminated last Scout hidden in the ruins.


Last scout dead!

One Orks Mob charged Terminators hoping to kill the last two, grab the crate and flee. Well, they managed only to grab the crate. Terminators are way too heavy armoured and well equipped to fight like equal with them. While, one Ork sacrificed himself to distract Terminators attention, the rest of the mob picked up the crate and fled like hell as far as possible. Mission accomplished!


Fight for the Crate.

Boss, Da crate is ourz! – shouted one of the orks to Warboss Nazzod -Let us run!

…and Nazzod wanted to withdraw. He really did. With da crate full of kustom shootas, we would become most powerful Boss in this region of galaxy. Lots of Boyz will come to join his Warband. Oh, that vision will become reality soon.

…but first! Humie boss need to die! His fractured arm hurt badly, but he could easily take out Space Marine with one hit of his Power Fist, and he wield it on his other arm. Nazzond jumped at Adeodatus trying to inflict the final killing blow.

…but Adeodatus were focused at his enemy. He evaded the impact of Nazzod and carefully deliver the blow to smash the head of Ork. Warboss fell without any sign of life.


Warboss Nazzod Gobbag is dead.

All Orks Mobs seeing their Warboss’ death, withdraw without hesitation. The crate was in their possession – this was most important matter. No need to continue the fight here. Fall back and regroup – that’s the plan for now.

After Battle

Orks took the crate, but the Warboss  was dead and mobs without any leadership left the Adhelaidus system each scattered at random diffrent direction. The xesnos threat was eliminated for now. The mission was success, but Blood Angels took heavy losses. Many brothers lost their life today to defend The Imperium of Mankind.

Final result:  Blood Angels – 14. Orks – 10.


This game was super awesome! Both, me and Warburton were little rusty when it come to the knowledge of the 2nd edition rules, and we were forced to check the rulebook constantly, but it was worth it.

Generally, my victory was determined by mixture of my simple ‘all shoot’ tactics (I haven’t played 2nd ed for so long  – so I decided just shoot whatever moves out there – not too much thinking ) and really outstanding rolls (especially my saving throws were extraordinary:). But Orks were close, so close.

I had the awesome game – Warburton, thanks a lot for this! If you ever be in Europe – we will take a re-match! Or maybe next time in Adelaide, who knows!

Plans: last few days on Bali and I plan to paint at least two miniatures during that time. I’m thinking about one Malifaux model and one infinity model. Diversification is a must:)

…and I should be painting my Blood Angels, to be better prepared for the next battle:).

And Friday I’m heading to Singapore!

Until next time.


  1. Great battle report! I’ll have to finish writing up my version. 😉 I like the story you’ve added, very nice.

    I still get a good laugh every time I think of the exploding bike killing more of your army than all of the shooting and close combat combined!

    It was a great game, and hopefully there will be a sequel soon. And I look forward to seeing your marines again when they are painted, but it was still good to play them even if they weren’t.


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