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Battle Report: Warhammer 40k – Blood Angels vs Raven Guard (750 points)

Recently I’ve written about impressions I got from my visit in Singapore’s hobby store  – Gamers@PI (link here). I’ve spent awesome evening there – chatting, gossiping (wargaming stuff only:) and making few new friendships.

…and beside that I’ve played great battle of Warhammer 40k  with one of the store’s employees – Aaron. My Blood Angels vs his Raven guard. It was only 750 points (we haven’t got too much time), but it still was fun.

My major issue about this battle and battle report – how to explain that Blood Angles were fighting with their brothers – Raven Guard. It was tough nut to crack – two loyalist chapters fighting each other? Very unlikely. I needed something to spice up the background story a little and make it believable. I needed Raven Guard force to turn renegade and stand against Imperium (I hope Aaron will not mind this sudden change of sides:).

Second issue – my models are still unpainted. I’ve finished Sanguinary Priest and nothing except that. Tactical squad –  black prim and Terminators with Mephiston Red coat only. I’m not entirely proud of that – but what can I do… it’s that or not play at all. And playing battles while I’m on the road  – I tell you that – super cool experience. Now, I’m finally working on my Blood Angels at the moment. Next week I’ll have the battle in Bangkok – and this time I want to be ready. Probably I won’t make it with painting all models 100%, but at least they will be partially prepared  – at that’s better than current situation.

And now – The Battle Report.

Background Story

Raven Renegades Chapter Master Aaron Cornix chose carefully the planet of Singanus Prime for the last stand. Blood Angels and Iron Angels were after him for quite some time now and he knew that he couldn’t run forever. Confrontation was unavoidable. Singanus Prime was perfect to set up defence line and wait for pursuers.

…and Brother Gamaliel, commander of Blood Angels and allied Iron Angels pursuing force, knew The Renegades could set up the ambush on Singanus Prime, but he want to attack anyway. After quick planetary scan, the position of Renegades were confirmed and attack plan could be implemented.


Blood Angels

Sanguinary Priest Gamaliel (Warlord)

10 Tactical Squad (Sergeant with Power Fist, Melta Gun, Heavy Bolter)

10 Tactical Squad of Iron Angels (Sergeant with Power Sword, Melta Gun, Missile Launcher)

5 Terminators (Cyclone Missile Launcher)

1 Dreadnought of Iron Angels (Multi-Melta, Power Fist, Heavy Flamer)

Raven Renegades

Chapter Master Aaron Cornix (Jump Pack, Power Lance)

10 Tactical Squad (Multi Melta, Grav-gun)

5 Tactical Squad (Grav-gun)

6 Vanguard Veterans (Jump Packs)

Land Speeder (Typhoon Missile Launcher, Multi-Melta)



Battlefield. West: Blood Angels – from the bottom : Dreadnought, Terminators, Iron Angels Tactical, Blood Angels Tactical led by Sanguinary Priest. East: Renegades – from the bottom: 5 men Tactical Squad and Land Speeder behind them, 10 men Tactical Squad, and on the top (hidden in ruins – not visible on this photo) – Vanguard veterans led by Chapter master.


Renegades deployment.


Blood Angels and Iron Angels deployment.

Notes: I borrowed from Gamers@PI stock one squad of Horus Heresy Squad of Space Marines and Dreadnought Contemptor to complete my 750 points army list. They were used as proxies for normal Blood Angels  options. Painted as Iron Warriors – I chose for them other allegiance – successor Blood Angles chapter – Iron Angels.

Objectives: just kill each other. No other objectives, than pure gaming fun.

Game lasted 4 turns.

Turn 1 (Blood Angels)

Brother Gamaliel ordered all squads to advance. The Renegades, he was after, were out of range of the bolters.


Blood Angels advance!

Just few meters forward  – and Tactical Squads and Terminators opened fire…

Iron Angels shot at the Renegades Tactical Squad in front of them. Bolts were fired… but renegade Power Armours protect with the same efficiency as the loyalist version, even though Emperor is not on their side. Most of the bolts were deflected and only one renegade Space Marine fell down.

Blood Angels Tactical opened fire at Vanguard Veterans. Well, as predicted – not very effective salvo as well. Power Armours did their job perfectly as well. All hits were saved.

…and at the same time one of Terminators initiated his targeting system and aimed carefully Land Speeder with Missile Launcher. Cyclone rockets went off and they almost hit the target. Almost – well said. At the very last moment Land Speeder jinked and avoided certain destruction.

Brother Gamaliel sighed – not very impressive start of the battle. Renegades force remained intact (not counting one man down…).

Turn 1 (Raven Renegades)

Aaron Cornix were little bit surprised that Gamaliel, his former battle brother was after him with such such small force. In fact, the chances were even. No matter the reason – Gamaliel’s bravery, overconfidence or stupidity – it was his mistake. Aaron Cornix will not going to defend here. It was time to counter attack.


Vanguard Veterans advance!

Vanguard Veterans jumped into the air! Thrust of jump packs’ turbines twisted  and one moment later Veterans landed in front of the Blood Angles tactical squad, shooting instantly with their plasma pistols – one Blood Angel fell dead. The plan was eventually to charge them during that one jump, but, well, jump packs red-hot engines did not provide sufficient power to reach the foe.

Tactical squads opened fire at Iron Angles squad killing one of them. First blood was spilt.


Land Speeder’s pilot still was trying to get the steady balanced hoover after jinking missiles fired by Blood Angel Terminator. Shooter fired Typhoon missiles at Dreadnought, but he couldn’t aim correctly and missiles went up into the sky… missing the target by miles…

Turn 2 (Blood Angels)

Gamaliel thanked The Emperor that Vanguard Veterans failed to charge Blood Angels. This way his Tactical Squad could shot Veterans one more time before they would make another leap.

Bolters rapid fire, heavy bolter, melta gun – all weapons targeted The Renegades veterans. Massive salvo fired! Most of the impact were saved by reliability of Power Armours… most, indeed. Two Veterans were killed by bolts of The Angels. Two of five – remaining three were still much of the threat for Blood Angles. Great threat…


Two Vanguard veterans dead.

Meantime, rest of the army proceed forward. Iron Angels took of one of tactical Raven Renegades and Dreadnought another one (but from the second squad). And Terminators released one more set of Cyclone Missiles at hovering Land Speeder, however nearby ruins provided good cover against the rockets.

It was time for respond from Renegades.


Raven Renegades positions.

Turn 2 (Raven Renegades)

And it was the time for retaliation. The time for slaughter.

Vanguard Veterans jumped again and landed just in front of Blood Angels Tactical and shot their plasma pistols killing one The Sons of Sanguinius.


Vanguard Veterans closing in!

…and after that – they charged… and it was true massacre. Aaron Cornix and his bodyguards were highly skilled warriors. Tactical Squad, even enhanced one by presence of Sanguinary Priest were no match for them – seven of Blood Angels were ripped apart with fury by Renegades, and only one Vanguard was killed in return. It was the miracle that the rest of the squad did not fall back.


Vanguard Veterans killed 7 of Blood Angels tactical.

Meanwhile, in the middle both Renegade Tactical Squads moved. Smaller Squad secured their position in the ruins and fired the grav-gun at Terminators squad. Powerful weapon, that’s what it is – nothing can save against graviton beam, not even Terminator Armour. Sergeant Sorath of Blood Angels Terminator Squad learnt about it hard way. Hit with the beam – he suddenly started to shrink. The bulky Astartes body along with his all equipment in the blink of the eye turned into small shapeless mass…


Terminator Sergeant hit with grav-gun beam…

The second Renegades Squad opened fire at Iron Angels – killing another loyalist Space Marine.

At the same time Land Speeder, still hovering in the same place, shot salvo of Typhoon Missiles at incoming Dreadnought. Rockets hit the target and the hull of the massive walker started to crack. Nothing serious, and to worry about (at least for now…).

Turn 3 (Blood Angels)

While Gamaliel and rest of his Blood Angels Space Marines were involved in close combat with Aaron Cornix and his Renegades, Iron Angels continued to shoot at Renegade Tactical Squad, and Terminators and Dreadnought advanced forward.


..but this time Missiles from Terminator’s Cyclone Launcher did not hit the Land Speeder. Even more than that, it was complete miss.Targeting systems must have  malfunctioned, because all the missiles hit the ruins around 50 meters from The Speeder. It’s quite unbelievable that such experienced veteran solider of Imperium sent the missiles so far away from the target. Yes, it was targeting systems flaw. No other explanation…

Dreadnought at the same time fired the heat blast from multi-melta and one Raven Renegade vaporised. And the seconds later, mighty walker charged  into Ravens and started his extermination. He grabbed one Space Marine into his power fist. Astartes comparing with Dreadnought looked like tiny puppets – one powerful grasp and even enhanced Marine body was crashed like a plastic toy. In return, Ravens Sergeant tried to attach melta bomb to Dreadnought’s leg, but he couldn’t get close enough to enraged machine.


Dreadnought vs Raven Renegades

At the same time, Vanguard Veterans led by Aaron Cornix killed rest of Blood Angels Astartes. Only Brother Gamaliel left alive. Alone and waiting for certain death from Renegades, he was trying to catch and execute. Oh, irony…


Gamaliel – the last man standing…

Turn 3 (Raven Renegades)

The battle continue…

Raven Tactical Squad stepped forward and fired all they had at Terminators – all bolts bounced back off The Armours. Only heat beam from meltgun was strong enough to melt the ceramite plates and kill Space Marine inside it.


One more Terminator dead…

Land Speeder, at the same time fired the salvo, both from Multi Meltaand Typhoon Launcher at Iron Angels, managing to kill one of them.


Another Iron Angels Space Marine dead…

At the same time, Dreadnought continued the slaughter of second Renegade Tactical squad. Stomping and smashing with fury everyone around him – two more Ravens were killed (and one more attempt to plant melt bomb under the hull of Dreadnought was futile).

On the northern flank, Gamaliel was trying to fight back highly skilled Aaron Cornix and his Veterans. Although, he was Astartes – he was trained in combat situations, his primary duty was the priesthood and medicine, not melee fight. He couldn’t resist for long time against such close combat specialists as Vanguard Veterans. Thankfully, he was equipped with precious Apothecary tool – Narthecium. He could inject himself the mixture of drugs, that empowered his body and making him more resistant to pain. Enemies inflicted several wound to him already, which in normal case would be mortal, but he managed to stay on his feet and still fight. Praise The Emperor! (note: I managed to save three ‘Feel No Pain’ rolls!).


It’s a miracle! Brother Gamaliel is still standing!

Turn 4 (Blood Angels)

The sun over Singanus was slowly setting, and the battle was also drawing to the end.

Combined forces of Blood Angels and Iron Angels still did not manage to eliminate rest of renegade Space Marine chapter. Furthermore, one squad was wiped out completely by Aaron Cornix and his guards. And only Emperor knows how, Brother Gamaliel of Blood Angels was still standing.

Generally, the battle was not turning well for Blood Angels… there was very little time to change its fate…

Terminators and Iron Angels advanced and opened fire at last Tactical Squad of Raven Renegades, shooting three of them.


Terminators charge!

…after that, Terminators charged with fury at remaining Ravens. Protected by powerful armours, equipped with power fists, they simply ran over traitors of The Imperium. No losses on Blood Angels side. Terminators once again prove themselves as one of most effective Space Marines soldiers.


…and they kill enemies of The Imperium!

In the same time, Dreadnought smashed the last Renegade Raven trying to fight back and face to confront Land Speeder hovering over the ruins nearby.

Two renegades squads annihilated at the end of the day…maybe the battle will go well after all for Blood Angels.

…or maybe not…

Brother Gamaliel was alone against three opponents. His body was aching due to wounds he took. The dose of pain-killing drugs circulating in his blood were way over the suggested limit. He was on the edge…

Aaron Cornix noticed that Gamaliel is almost done. He was just waiting for just one final blow. Raven chapter Master struck one last time – he pierced Blood Angel’s chest with his power lance. It was Gamaliel’s last moment of life…He failed his beloved Emperor, but at least he died tying to do his will.


Brother Gamaliel’s last moments…

Turn 4 (Raven Renegades)

Aaaron Cornix was satisfied. His adversary was dead and Blood Angles force was left without its commander. He could easily order to withdraw, but he felt the lust of blood and urge of revenge of his killed battle brothers.

He ordered the Veterans to charge at Iron Angels squad. Overwatch shots were all missed. The impact of the charge was deadly. Raven Renegades brought havoc into the ranks of loyalists. 6 of them were literally torn apart by lighting claws, sword and Aaron Cornix’s famous power lance.


Vanguard Veterans’ charge was murderous!


…and only two Iron ANgels survived that charge!

At the same time Land Speeder moved to more secure position and released Typhoon Missiles at damaged Dreadnought. It was direct hit. The salvo cracked the hull completely and the walker’s cybernetics started to fail. The soul of ancient veteran trapped in sarcophagus was fading away. After few minutes mighty Dreadnought was lying without any trace of life. Just empty shell.


Dreadnought hit by Typhoon Missile

Aaron Cornix felt the moment is perfect to retreat. Almost all Blood Angels were destroyed and he do not wanted to push the limit of his luck. He ordered his Veterans to jump off to extraction point, where the Thunderhawk was already waiting. Land Speeder flew just by.

Result: We didn’t calculate the final result, but it’s pretty obvious for me that Ravens won. Veterans could easily finish the rest of my force – my Terminators probably could take of only Land Speeder, and that’s not enough to achieve victory.

After battle: It was quick nice battle. We did not determined objectives- we wanted just pure shoot and slash fun battle. And it was like that – not very tactical from my side, just shoot whatever moves.

The result…hard to say. I believe – Raven Guard  won this one, but it was very close… minor victory I would say… It did not matter anyway – the fact we had great game – it was most important. Once again – Aaron, thanks for this – it was a pleasure to play with you!


Me and Aaron.


  • I’m not sure, if Sanguinary Priest also get Feel No Pain. This ability saved his blond ass twice or even three combat rounds. The rule say: Narthecium gives Feel No Pain special rule to All models in the unit. In my opinion – all means all – including Sanguinary Priest. Am I right? Anybody? Did I play it correctly?
  • We did not determined Combat Result as we should according to rules. The thing is, my last battle was WH40k 2nd edition – where losing side is doing morale check without any modifiers. And we did the same here – while my Tactical Squad should loose the combat and take Leadership test with -7 modifier (7 casualties…) and I’m pretty sure my brave Blood Angels would fall back… All this editions mix up happen to me very often. Well, too many games, editions. It is impossible to memorize everything perfectly:)
  • The models from Betrayal of Calth are great. I can’t wait when I put my hands on them:) (May 2016)

Next steps. Next weekend I play one more Warhammer 40k battle. This time in Bangkok. And let’s say I’m fed up with my unpainted Blood Angels. Enough is enough! Blood Angels on the move – I mobilized myself and I paint like crazy to prepare my Terminators and Tactical for next battle.

Until next time!


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