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Hello again.

Another model is finished. Actually I’m (surprise, surprise:) little bit ahead of my schedule.

The model I’m about to present now – Zero for Nomads Bakunin Sectorial Army  (Infinity The Game)… and beside that, I’m on the pretty decent run right now – one more mini is ready for presentation – Pandora, my second Master for Neverborn, Malfaux. All I need is to make some proper photo session. Tomorrow, most probably.

…but today I have Zero.


The thing is, for the last month I was sooooo occupied with Blood Angles for Warhammer 40000. Well, as painting the Space Marines was kind of rewarding job, I must admit, all those guys look almost the same! Various poses, few details making the difference – but generally, it’s all about red, red and red one more time… no, wait… plus black bolter;).

Definitely I needed the break from Adeptus Astartes. Hope The inquisition will not mind…

And what’s better for a break from Wh40k than painting a model for Infinity.  Infinity minis are in some kind of opposition to all sculpts of Games Workshop.


When GW models (and especially Space Marines) are bulky with nice spatial surfaces relatively easy to paint (no matter the painting skills), Infinity miniatures are usually are smaller, thinner and models like Zero look so fragile comparing to, for example, Space Marines.

We should assume that both game systems are 28 mm scale. However, if you put Infinity’s Zero next to Blood Angels Tactical Space Marine, the difference is quite significant. Space Marine, even if we know that his DNA is enhanced, is like big brother with his little sister. Way over the 28 mm scale, if you ask me.


The number of details of Infinity models are awesome. Everything is so carefully detailed. True challenge to any painter. When I think some painters use airbrush to paint these miniatures, it seems kind of impossible to me. How on earth they do this? (Traditional brush guy speaks here:)

… and I do love challenges. I’ve painted my very first miniature for infinity several months ago. To be exact, August 2015 and it was Reverend Custodier. When I look at this mini right now, I’m not specially impressed. During that past few months I’ve gained some knowledge about some painting schemes for Bakunin, and now it’s easier  and faster for me to implement them. Some day I’ll probably repaint most of my Nomads – to get more satisfying effect. Who knows – probably this Zero will also land in jar of stripping fluid, due to my search for improvement.


About the model itself.

It’s a part of Bakunin Jurisdictional Force Starter Pack (available in official Corvus Belli online store or for example in Element Games – independent retail store). For the price of 40 Euro – we get 6 miniatures, which is the best option for starting collection of Bakunin Nomads.

Zero, in my opinion, is one of the best minis from this starter. Dynamic pose, nice sculpt – just waiting to be properly painted.

Colouring scheme for almost all Bakunin models are similar. Of course, everyone just can you their own imagination and use whatever colours they want to. I, personally, prefer to follow the pattern given me by manufacturer. It provides me the example I can follow, and what’s more important – it sticks to the fluff.

Zeros, like many other Bakunin models wear white armour over the orange suit. And like I said, this is my not first model for Bakunin, I could easily adapt and I just knew what colours I wish to use – this saves a lot of time.

Orange suit. As base colour  – Wild Rider Red, washed with Seraphim Sepia. Next layer – Troll Slayer Orange, and Highlights – once again Troll Slayer Orange mixed with Yriel Yellow.

White Armour – this is tricky. I’ve used very little white paint here ( just for edges and final highlights). Most of the armour is Administratum Grey (plus mix with white – next layers). Painting white surface is not my favourite thing to do, but I must say with every next Bakunin model, it gets better and better. The whole trick is to use properly watered paint and patiently add several layers of paint to finally get desired effect. Patience is the key.

For base, I’ve used designed for Infinity Micro Art Studio – Urban Base. As always:).

Usefulness of Zero in combat situation will be tested by my personally in about few months. Just few more models to paint and I can start to play 200-300 points game. Can’t wait.

Plans for the future: I have nice conditions for painting here in Panglao Island, Philippines. Lovely patio, where I can sit for all day (if that was only possible:) and paint.


My workplace in Philippines

Like I mentioned at the beginning – I’ve already painted one more model (Pandora for Malifaux),  and now I think I’ll skip to completely different project. How about Lizardmen of Lustria? …Yes, I think this could be IT.

Until next time.


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