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Next Neverborn Master – Pandora

I must admit – my actual painting conditions I have right now, here on Panglao Island, are far from ideal. I set up my painting station at the patio. The chair is uncomfortable, the table is too low, humidity in the air is barely tolerable and it’s hot, hot, HOT.

Despite all of this, I have pretty good run with painting miniatures. I’ve finished Zero for Infinity recently, and now my next mini is ready.

Pandora, Neverborn Master for Malifaux.


Malifaux along with Infinity, is one of my side skirmish projects, I’d like to finally develop to the level I could easily play with plenty of options. So far, I had only one Master painted (Lilith, Mother of Monsters) for my Neverborn faction. Pandora from ‘No Shelter Here’ boxset is from now on – the second.

To be honest, I don’t have any particular strategy, how to develop my crew. Generally, I act the same for all game system I play. I simply buy miniatures I like and it would be awesome to paint. The main problem with Malifaux is, almost all models are great and if it’s possible I’d gladly grab them. No matter the crew – not only Neverborn. And most of you can probably relate to this first world problem – to many cool models to acquire.

After short consideration and serious headache, I chose Neverborn for my Malifaux adventure. Lilith as my first box,  and now I paint Pandora and her crew. Back in Poland several boxes waiting to be assembled and painted. I must admit, I’m amazed by quality of these models and that was one of the reasons why I’m so deep into Malifux.

So far, I have played only one game. It was more like a tutorial than actual, proper game, but it was just what was necessary to hook me in:). Several Masters at home. Damn I’ve even bought McMourning ‘Body of Evidence’ Crew Box for Resurrectionists (Will I play that faction? Doubtful, but models are swell)!

…but for now – Pandora.


Really cool model to paint. Level of difficulty: so, so. I had few problems to fight trough.

First of all – eyes. How on earth I suppose to paint such tiny eyes?! Pandora has just barely viable eye lines and I see no possibility to paint eyes there. But no, I had to try – and I can tell you – it was disaster. Next time I should take few photos and show you my painting bloopers. Pandora’s “eyes” were all over her face and I was very close to cry out mine…

As you can see I’ve finally decided to give on painting the eyes and I’ve just drawn thin black line instead. Simple, but effective and it saved me from misery.

Second issue – glowing effect from opened Pandora’s box. I knew from the start – I want to do this. However, it’s not my field of expertise. Lousy painted glowing effect might look like just the colourful spot so I needed to concentrate on this one. I have done my best here and I think it looks decent. The trick is to thin the paint up with water ( in my case it was Moot Green) and paint it patiently layer by layer with gradually added highlights – mix with white).


Beside that two problems – everything went smoothly. Incubi Darkness for coat, Mechanicus Standard Grey for pants and Abaddon Black shoes. Plus nice long red hair:) And look at that! Pandora looks just like her sister in crime – Lilith:). Well, it’s not my fault these colours suits both of the gals:)


Base – Cobblestone from Micro Art Studio.

The rest of the box – Candy, Baby Kade, Poltergeist and Sorrows will wait in line for their turn, but I think I should be able to finish whole ‘No Shelter Here’ in about few weeks.

The box is available in official Wyrd’s online store or for example in one of the major independent retailers – Element Games.

Plans for the future: I’m going to stay on Panglao Island until end of the week. Right now I have Warhammer Fantasy Battle Lizardmen Gor-Rok work in progresses. I made easy assumption – after two skinny ladies, the time has come for something bigger. Gor-Rok, is just huge white lizard – and it’s just perfect. I’m planning to finish it hopefully tomorrow. After Gor-Rok, I’ll proceed with another Infinity model. Time to speed up with this – I’m planning to be back in Poland in about two months, and there, I have already some Infinity action arranged. I have 7 models to paint with me – Two Reverend Moiras, two moderators, Sin Eater, Prowler and Reverend Custodier – and I want to finish them all. Good luck to me;).

Until next time!


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