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1st Oldhammer Weekend in Poland (17/18.09.2016)

Oh Yeah, you heard that right! We are doing this in Poland. To be exact, I’m only helping with this event, but it’s still going to be super cool.

At the beginning, a few words of explanation.

Original Oldhammer term is referring to the original 3rd edition of Warhammer Fantasy Battle, which for many has the best wargaming spirit – wide selection of armies, complex rules and amazing miniatures. People playing Oldhammer these days are getting back to their youth, to to very start of their wargaming adventure.

We would like to experience the same feeling. To get back to the very start of our hobby. The main issue is that the start of wargaming in Poland dates to the middle of 1990s, so  the 3rd edition was long time gone. It was 4th edition time and majority of the players in Poland who were starting back then has sentiments for 4th edition. Like me for instance, in about 1994, if I recall it correctly. The 4th edition was slowly ending, and soon 5th edition was released. For this day, the fifth has the most value for me. I had the best, the biggest, the most interesting battles during 5th edition era, and no other edition ever beat that.

Some time ago, I stared to search opponents willing to play 5th edition games and to my surprise I found many players with the same sentiment for the 1990s and for this old Warhammer (if you read my blog carefully, you can find many battle reports of the 5th edition games).

So, the idea was somewhere out there. There were very few 3rd edition players, but quite some willing to play 4th or 5th edition. For most of us – 1990s were the beginning, and 4/5 ed. was Oldhammer. The oldest game we could think of. There was nothing before in Poland.

…so, why not call the weekend Oldhammer? It’s a cool name. It’s catchy and it means for most of us what it should meant – the oldest miniature game we ever played. Something we all started with.

So, welcome to first Oldhammer Weekend in Poland!


What to expect?

This will be two days of narrative campaign between Good and Evil. Several battles during first day, and second  large scale battle (at least 10k) between all participants. Each victory and defeat will affect the events in the campaign. The concept is to have two fun days – no competitive attitude, just fun army lists, and fun games. And crazy awesome miniatures!

There also will be held painting competition for the best painted army, best unit and best model.

The event is kind of quick crazy idea that was caught by manager of Polish wargaming club from Warsaw – Gentlemen’s Club – Maciej. Thanks a lot to make it possible. As it is quite spontaneous action, it may has it flaws and misconceptions, but in general it’s going to be awesome. This is the first weekend like that. Second edition will be much better:)

Another big up for Remo, who will deliver awesome scenarios for this. You’re the man!



We meet in Gentlemen’s Club in Warsaw, Poland. Smulikowskiego Street 1/3. We start 17th September in the morning, and end this around 4-5 pm Sunday 18th September.

Entrance fee: 35 PLN (around 8 Euros)


  • we play 5th edition of Warhammer Fantasy Battle
  • there is no requirement of having all 1980-90s models in the army. All eras models are allowed. However, older models will please our eyes:)
  • all models need to be fully painted
  • we use 4th and 5th Army Books
  • Army List – 2000 points
  • Format of Army List: open
  • First day table’s size: 72 x 48 inches
  • Each player plays three battles first day. Each battle last 6 turns or 2,5 hours
  • terrain pieces are set up by organisers. Once they are set up, they cannot be changed in any way (except for magic or special rules).

Specific rules:

  • Used Winds of Magic Cards are put aside and shuffled in, once whole deck is over
  • Imperial Colleges of Magic are allowed, but under condition, that player will deliver magic cards for them. Custom made cards are allowed
  • 4th edition Undead Army Book is allowed, as well as 5th edition Vampire Counts AB.
  • the same with ‘older’ High Elves Army Book and its ‘newer’ 5th version

For now we have following submitted players:

Armies of Good:

  1. Dwarfs (Remo Williams)
  2. High Elves or Wood Elves (to be decided) (Maciej Jan Bodniarz)
  3. Bretonnia (Janusz Zemanek)
  4. Dogs of War (Andrzej Bystrek)
  5. Dwarfs (Łukasz Kowalski)

Armies of Evil:

  1. Skaven (me:)
  2. Vampire Counts (Michał Tybuś)
  3. Chaos (probably Warriors) (Jan Mielczarski)
  4. Orcs & Goblins (Adam Strojanowski)
  5. Mikołaj Oczkiewicz (Chaos Warriors)

Saturday – each player play 3 battles, and events from all battlefields will affect other battles and the final Sunday battle. Scenario details – soon!


Background Story

How to stop end of the world, you ask?

Is it even possible? After all, if something is foretold centuries ago, it must finally come…

The answer to that question lies in the deepest levels of Altdorf Library. The oldest scholars say, that somewhere down there, there is a book. Forbidden book, of course.

In this book, though, the are some hidden clues, how The End Times could be stopped. The End of The World would may not occur and the time will pass interrupted – everything will last 40000 years or even more…

Scholars say, that this book mention The End Times will be foreshown by 8 different comets over Old World. Four of them already were sighted. The fifth will be seen soon. The next three of them will be the signs of upcoming changes. These changes will be acceptable by all races of the world.  Ineluctable end will come along with the last comet – the ninth.

There will be nothing after it. End of Time. End of Life. End of Hope. No future. Sacred squares will be forgotten, and the cursed round shape will be new measure of life and death.

The forbidden book tells who is guilty of all of this. The connection is not entirely clear, but the time after End will be known as Age of Sigmar! Is the founder and god of The Empire, is also its doom? The chapters of the book are not clear in that matter.

The sight of fifth comet made a quite commotion among the wisemen of the world. Imperial Scholars after several consultations with Dwarf Runelords and Elven Mages of Ulthuan, started to search the solution. …and it seems that there is some hope.

The End Times may not come!

The forbidden book mention about some artefact. Ancient weapon – the hammer made of purest lead (say what?!). The lead so hard, that will last forever, and in bond with sacred square will save the world! And it is known as Old hammer!

It is written, the hero will appear. Brave lord, the general of mighty army. He will defeat all enemies standing on his way. He will take The Old Hammer, and he will not kneel over the End Times prophecies.

The hero, if he make trough all trials and take The Old Hammer in his hands, he will replace Sigmar himself on his throne, and the ninth comet will never come and new age will never happen!

…and all races will praise his name!

All races, Humans, Elves, Dwarfs, even filthy Chaos creatures like Greenskins or Skaven sent their heroes to find The Old Hammer. Each of them hoped to be the one to save the world.

The scholars point the place where The Old Hammer may be hidden. The Spring of Blood River in World’s Edge Mountains. So, every army is going there right now to meet during final confrontation.

Is the book tell the truth? Is The old Hammer exist? Will The End of the World be stopped?

The answers to those questions will be given at first Oldhammer Weekend in Poland.

If you wish to participate or you have any questions – please contact me trough contact form on my blog.

More details soon!


  1. Excellent!

    For me, I do not like 3rd edition and I have no desire to play it. 4th/5th to me is also by far the best. The weekend sounds great and I look forward to seeing the results… 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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