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Polish Oldhammer Weekend – The Grand Battle

As promised, I go with the follow up story of Polish Oldhammer Weekend (17/18th September 2016, Warsaw). This entry will put focus on participating armies and the Grand Battle of Red Glade between forces of Good and Evil.

In one of the recent posts, I described the day one of the weekend. To read the introduction, scenarios and the reports of the battles of 17h September, click here.

And now,  the continuation.


All player together (except me. I was the one who shot this one:)

Before the Weekender, I asked every participant to send me the description or background story of his army. Every army is 2000 points and the army list supposed to be fixed for every of The Saturday battles and for Sunday Grand finale as well. Total points value is 10k!


10k battle!


It was amazing. Full of twists and turns!

The Alliance of Good


From the left: Andrzej (Dogs of War), Remo (Zhufbar Dwarfs) and Janusz (Bretonnia) thinking about their next move.

On the one hand there was no designated leader or general of The Good Alliance,  but I could sense in some way, that Remo Williams, General of Zhufbar Dwarf Expedition and author of the most of the scenarios of the Weekend had the lead role in the alliance. So let’s begin with his army.

Zhufbar Dwarfs (Remo)


There was many stories and references about Remo Remorsen in historical and military books, and his adventures was a base for many contemporary fiction novels. However, not often a reader has a chance to find texts telling about expedition to Blood River. Jakob Sorensen in his book: ‘History for Short-breaded’ was describing the expedition in following words:

‘The preparations for the expedition lasted quite some time (even in Dwarf-like terms). That’s why before King of Zhufbar left the keep on the lead of his brave army to search the ancient artefact, the walls started to be besieged by Greenskin Waagh[1] lead by Borgurd The Dumb.

The King hoped every Dwarf with a crossbow, a musket or an axe will defend the walls. The mission though was important. It couldn’t be neglected. And the honour of leading the party was given to Remo Remorsen, who used one of the underground exits from Zhufbar to pass the secret tunnel leading far away off the keep. It was no surprise then, the major part of the expedition were underground fight experts – Dwarf Miners of Lars called The Digger

The trip was dangerous. All sort of beasts and creatures lurking in the dark were to be dealt on the way, so company of Troll Slayers were a necessity. And The Engineer Guild prepared the machines useful in tunnel fights. As it known, black powder and siege equipment are best for standard usage (above battles only).  High in the skies, flew “Fat Crow” – The Gyrocopter[2] sent to aid Remo by Zhufbar authorities.

The honour for the expedition was a presence of Runesmith Master Valagrim Stonebeard and his Anvil of Doom, supporting Dwarf army against enemy wizards and sorcerers.

Despite any speculations, that was true reason why Remo Remorsen showed at Red River springs.

[1] Traditional for Greenskins tribes name for big war party under the commandment of one ‘Warboss’. Such party was lasted usually until the death of the Warboss. Idea of Waaagh often is compared to twisters, which appear all of the sudden, attack with great intense, and then in similar fashion disappear.

[2] look also under: Gyrocopter. Great Encyclopaedia of The Empire. vol. XIII

Army List

Remo Remorsen, General (Two-Handed Weapon, Runic Armour – Rune of Iron, Rune of Stone, Runic Talisman – Master Rune of Spite, Rune of Luck) – 280 points

Valagrim Stonebeard, Runesmith Master (Anvil of Doom, Runic Weapon – Master Rune of Swiftness, Rune of Breaking, Rune of Parrying, Armour of Protection, Runic Talisman – Rune of Luck, Rune of Spell Breaking x2) -568 points

19 Miners (Double handed Weapons, Heavy Armours, Command Group, Rune of Courage) – 426 points

Lars the Digger, Miners Champion (Fiery Ring of Thori) – 78 points

20 Slayers (Two Weapons, Command Group) – 264 points

1 Bolt Thrower (Rune of Seeking) – 79 points

1 Bolt Thrower (Rune of Burning, Rune of Immolation) – 89 points

1 Flame Cannon (Rune of Forging, Rune of Immolation) – 169 points

1 Fat Crow – Gyrocopter (Rune of Penetrating) – 125 points

Total Army Cost: 2000.0

Worth to mention – Remo won our small competition for the best background story (all players were voting), and painting contest for the best unit. Just look at these Troll Slayers!


Troll Slayers. The best painted unit award

Dwarf Mercenaries (Łukasz)


Standing on the walls, Felix became little bit moody, while looking at incoming hordes of Chaos…

‘It is the judgement day for all of us. I’m not sure, Gotrek will control his fate this time..‘ he was thinking. Thankfully, their allies were numerous, so the the battle will be even.

Thanks to the support of The Engineer Guild, the machines will be deployed. They could change the course of action in a second, and Gyrocopters will secure the skies. This will be the battle to remember…

Felix was impressed by runes glowing on Gotrek’s axe as never before.

Let’s go‘ said Gotrek ‘I don’t wish to wait for rest of them. My axe is hungry for the blood. And I see the fortune is smiling to us and I will fulfil my fate. The army ahead of us – I will defeat them or they will kill me…

When they were outside the walls, a Dwarf Lord riding small pony approached them.

Hello my friends. My name’s Xinusson and I command this army. I’m glad we are going to fight side by side‘  said Xinussion and rode his steed to join elite unit of Iron Breakers.

Gotrek did not respond to that. He simply moved the thumb over the edge of his axe  and cried: ‘Let’s go!’ He started to run towards dark silhouettes of Chaos Army in front of them…

‘My Travel with Gotrek’ Vol. IV, by Felix Jaeger (Altdorf Publishing, 2505)

Army List

Xinusson, Dwarf General (Runic Axe – Rune of Smiting, Skalf Blackhammer’s Master Rune, Runic Armour – Master Rune of Adamant, Rune of Fortitude, Rune of Stone) -414 points

Gotrek & Felix – 477 points

Runesmith (Runic Talisman – Rune of Spell Breaking) – 107 points

8 Thunderers – 104 points

20 Iron Breakers (Full Command Group ) – 400 points

2 Gyrocopters – 200 points

1 Flame Cannon (Rune of Forging) – 144 points

1 Large Stone Thrower (Rune of Accuracy) – 154 points

TOTAL: 2000 points

Second dwarf army. No sign of Cannons or Organ Guns. But there is Gotrek and his friend, Felix! That is brave – deploying these guys, right? Big bravo for Łukasz from me!

And Xinunson on his pony. That is very old model. Unreleased rare. Pretty expansive on Ebay these days. And Łukasz nailed it with painting job.Tthat’s why he grabbed the first prise for best painting miniature. Congrats!


Dwarf riding a pony. The best painted model of The Weekend.

Prince Bertrand and Dogs of War (Andrzej)


Dogs of War. The best painted army.

2503, conversation I had with Johan von Kessel about banished Prince Bertrand

Schtefan: I had bad feelings about this, as soon as I found out about the only son of our dead king was banished. We felt like democracy, bloody hell… We felt like free town!

What was wrong with having a young ruler? Bertrand was impetuous, allright…He was after boobs and booze, allright… But he was THE heir, true and only – the son of the King Raimund.

Johan: You are full of shit, Schtefan. You know exactly how it was during last months. We are here, in this shithole forever. And The King was unable to rule properly since last summer. You do know that. And what his boy was doing all this time? He drank and fucked all the time. He was deaf to all advices. Do you think, I haven’t tried to talk to him?

Schtefan: And haven’t you ever been drunk? Haven’t you slept with different bird every other night? It’s called – mistakes of the youth, Johan. Bertrand would have grown out of this. And become a good ruler.

Johan: Now, it’s too late. The council of noble families decided to throw him out of the city. And to shut the gates for good!

Shtefen: Noble families? Are you even listen to yourself? How come we are so noble? We will be nothing, if The King weren’t here. The kingdom would turn to dust. It would become the very next graveyard. A pit hole, wasteland on the map. Probably some greedy Duke would went after this piece of Border Princes. And we would become history…

Johan: You are dramatising. We owed nothing to Raimund. He had a proper royal funeral. And for sure, we owed nothing to his boy!

Schtefan: Of course! But why on earth, nobody would have thought, that this drunk shaver will run with almost half of the gold from treasury! Half! And not forget about all the gems, and artefacts from his father’s armoury.

Johan: Young’un probably will spend all the gold on beer. That’s his style, I tell you. For me, he can get drunk till he pass away. I don’t care. Now, we have the power, and in our city finally will be law and justice.

Schtefan: I hope we won’t fed up with all this law and justice. Folks are saying, that son of Raimund got to Tilea and started to hire mercenaries. Ogres. Giants! Even Dragon! Do you getting that, Johan?! A freaking Dragon! What we going to do when a Dragon will siege our walls? We don’t have men to fight it. What then?

Johan: Nothing. It’s bullshit. You have to check your whistle-blowers once again, cause all I hear is fairy tales! Have you ever seen a Dragon or a Giant? Schtefan, please…


Johan: I thought so. Betrand was and he is a looser…

Schtefan: I hope you’re right, Johan.

From the diaries of Schtefan Schuvaltz, the last Catellan of Alfori Castle.

Army List

Prince Bertrand, The General (Jade Amulet) – 105 points

Asarnil on his Dragon, Deathfang – 750 points

Hengus The Druid and Giants of Albion – 495 points

5 Gogfag’s Mercenary Ogres – 500 points

8 Lumpin Croop’s Fighting Cocks – 150 points

TOTAL: 2000 points

That is truly fantasy army, if you ask me! The Dragon, giants, ogres, halflings! Pure perfection. Not very competitive, but who cares! Playing Dogs of War is always fun, and hopefully I will have the privilege myself. Big congrats to Andrzej for getting such lovely models on the table. An also for winning the award for the best painted army!

Louen Leoncoeur and Bretonnian Knights (Janusz)


Janusz described his army in only three sentences:

‘Gather the finest knights. We move with the dawn.‘ – said Louen Leoncoeur after talking to Lady Meredith  about the prophecy of Eight Comets.

Man of few words, right? 🙂 Apparently he believe, sharp steel will be more convincing than any word. Maybe he’s right. Who knows…

Army List

Louen Leoncoeuron on  Hippogriff – 505 points

Meredith, Wizard Lady (Cloak of Mist and Shadows, Wand of Jet, Amber Amulet, Dispel Scroll) – 437 points

15 Knights of The Realm (Full Command Group) – 660 points

6 Grail Knights (Full Command Group, Standard of Shielding) – 295 points

5 Squires (Longbows, Full Command Group) – 56 points

5 Squires (Longbows) – 40 points

TOTAL:  1993 points

High Elves of Ulthuan (Zbyszek)

In this case, I don’t have the description, nor the army list to present. But even without this Zbyszek is a silent hero of all weekend, if you ask me.

Before this weekend I didn’t know Zbyszek. Around Wednesday we started to talk on Polish Warhammer online forum about possible future battle. He was back to the hobby after quite some time (25 years, if I remember correctly), and he was very eager to fight once again! When I told him about the weekend, he was little bit disappointed, that all is set and there is no place for another player…

…but luckily for Zbyszek, in Friday one of the participants was out due to some work stuff. When I called Zbyszek (a day before!), he was super excited and joined the ranks of Oldhammerers in no time! So, I have to excuse Zbyszek for no background and Army List made in a hurry. I hope, we are all fine with this, right? 🙂

The Alliance of Evil.

Archaon’s Chosen (Oskar)

Mighty army of Chaos was gathering in far north. Archaon was about strike the southern kingdoms. First Kislev will fall, then The Empire.

…but the visions Archaon’s had. The visions about powerful ancient artefact, needed so badly to ultimate victory and to become Everchosen were strong. He gathered then the most trusted warriors and The Sorcerer, Knut The Powerful (he was an expert of the prophecies sent by Gods) and left his main army in the hands of his generals. Then he rushed to deep south, to the springs of Blood River, to seek the Oldhammer. Exactly like Knut The Powerful explained him…

Army List

Archaon – 630 points

Knut The Powerful, Chaos Sorcerer (Lvl 1), Chaos Undivided, Dispel Scroll, Chaos Armour – 84 points

5 Chaos knights (Chaos Armours, Swords of Chaos) – 420 points

10 Chaos Warriors (Full Command Group) – 320 points

1 Chaos Chariot (Chaos Armours, Scythed Wheels) – 160 points

3 Dragon Ogres ( Champion – Heart of Woe) – 363 points

Total: 1977 points

Død The Rotten and his Warriors of Chaos (Jan)

[Somewhere on Chaos Wasteland in one of The Raven Tribe’s keep]

Dense odour of incense was filling the hall, and covered with cysts face of entranced Vitriol The Purulent was swollen from exhaustion.

‘What do you see, sorcerer?‘ asked Død The Rotten standing next to him. Død was a man with mighty physique, wearing rusted, mouldy armour. His face long time ago lost any signs of human appearance, looking more like rotting corpse.

‘The threee!‘ coughed Vitriol.

‘What…three?! Clearer!’

Three brothers, and behind them three Disciples of the Maggots! They lead to countless hordes, and there are thee nails in their spears and axes… Triumph of The One! Never before His legions were so numerous! This is the prelude to End Times, and then a new era begun…new Age of… NOOOOOO!!! We hate his name…!!!

‘I know who you talking about, but it can’t be! Our Father and Lord was about to triumph, so why The Age of S… tphu, let his name will be cursed for centuries! When The Three will suppose to arrive?

It is not said. The time will come‘ bubbled Vitriol ‘but there is someone else…someone more powerful…anointed! Of his will, of his sword, mortal southern kingdoms will fall. He is the one to follow…he knows something… he feels what is about to happen… he is seeking the tool, that will change the history. We need to hurry Død!

Wait! We need to call the gathering. Let all warriors of Raven Tribe arrive, and decide… to march with all our power!

NO! We must go now. Let’s take all people we have now. I assure you, there will be many warriors eager to follow us. Hurry!

Not too many of them…

‘Do what I say. You are a mighty warlord – men listen to you! Get the meanest, toughest warriors marked by our Lord. And if it’s not enough, seek for the filth living in the forests. These beast will obey us! All you need to feed them with a few scraps of rotting meat and they will follow you to the edge of the world. Hurry!’

Army List

Død The Rotten, Chaos Champion of Nurgle, General (Chaos Steed, Helm of Many Eyes, Regeneration, Double Handed Weapon) – 295 points

Vitriol The Purulent, Nurgle Chaos Master Sorcerer (Chaos Armour, Skull of Katam, Amulet of Fire, Dark Sword) – 327 points

8  Chaos Knights (Chaos Armours, Full Command Group) – 640 points

12 Chaos Warriors (Chaos Armours, Halberds, Shields, Full Command Group, Plague Banner) – 428 points

10 Chaos Hounds – 120 points

Chaos Spawn – 70 points

8 Chaos Harpies – 120 points

TOTAL: 2000 points

Blakkurrant’s Greenskins Band (Adam)


Fungut said to Blakkurrnat discretely:

Big Boss, Mork, or Gork shitted on da world.

Wat da hek, you smell filt’ from da bush?‘ responded Blakkurrnat

In da skies, me see clearly the slime of da Gods. It iz Da Sign! Da Sign of yer Glory. Big Boss  ruling wiv’ Da Hand of Da Troll! Boyz say, there iz a big, shiny stik made o’ shit o’ Gork and Mork, destined for a one Warboss, who will rule dem world and dem Greenskinz! And even Pointyearz!

‘Hmmm, me could be dat Warboss, me need that stik! Mine iz old and raddled from hitting yer empty headz all da time! Quick! Get Da Boyz and we go… or maybe tomorrow after a good sleep…

Night Goblin Warboss Blakkurrnat, Big (his own words) Boss of Greenskins band. He achieved what he had mainly thanks to bribing others. Bigger folks. Orcs, trolls, giants – creatures meant to do dirty work. This is how Blakkurrnat became The Big Boss of the tribe. When he was fighting against orc rival, Blakkurrnat simply sent his bodyguard troll – Da Rok to stand in his place.

But the tribe’s morale went low.  No recent, spectacular victories. No lost wars as well, but… it means there’s no fight at all. Lost battles… when Blakkurrnat thought how many battles he lost… if only he could replace the numbers with victories, he will be fameous as Skarshnik or Grom, and nobody will question his power ever again. With all this thoughts in his head, Blakkurrnat sniffed another mushroom and went to bed to dream about the days of glory that are about to come… when everything stands in fires. Everything expect his pants…

Army List

Blakkurrnat, Night Goblin Warboss (2 handed weapon, Crown of Command, Armour of Protection) – 152 points

Gorfanf Rotgut (Shrieking Blade, Potion of Strength) – 135 points

Night Goblin Battle Standard Bearer (Armour of Endurance) – 70 points

Fungut, Savage Orc Shaman Lvl 3 – 219 points

Savage Orc Big Boss on Wyvern (Hydra Blade, Magic Warpaint) – 358 points

19 Big ‘Uns (Full Command Group, Gork’s War Banner) – 224,5 points

20 Night Goblins (bows) – 60 points

29 night Goblins (Command Group, Spears, Shields, Bad Moon Banner) – 143,5 points

4 Fanatics – 120 points

15 Savage Orcs (Command Group, War Banner) – 152,5 points

1 Stone Troll – 65 points

1 Giant – 200 points

1 Doomdiver – 100 points

TOTAL: 1999,50

The army list of Greenskins changed a little bit right before the battle. This one is little bit illegal. Too many Orcs under the command of ordinary Goblin – I don’t they would ever listen to such puny creature…

Idea of the army remained the same though.

Von Carstein Brothers (Michał)

It was grim, stormy night. The wind was whistling on the field covered with rotting corpses. Rats spreading any kind of disease among wanderers unlucky enough to get to Sylvania, the land cursed by gods, the country of everlasting enemies of human kind – Von Carstein Vampire Counts Von.

The most dangerous an infamous part – the southern Sylvania were ruled by two Counts – Belmont and Richter von Carstein.

In dark ancient castle, which the best days passed many centuries ago, two figures were staring at the sky trough the window.

Strange…I’ve never seen so many comets at so short intervals…

It is said, the comets are the omens of bad time, Belmont.’

I’m not surprise at all, Richter. What is human after all? Unfortunate  bunch of mysteries, nothing more.

We can say a lot about humans, but their curse of mortality is so annoying…

Well said, the curse…. is terrible….We should free them from the curse…

…and bring them a gift of un-dead… Splendid idea, Belmont!

‘Gather our army then, Richter! We go the very next night!

Army List

Belmont Von Carstein, Vampire Count  (Pure Blood, Carstein Ring, Blade of Ensorcelled Iron) – 260 points

Richter Von Carstein, Vampire Count (Wolf Form, Blade of Leaping Bronze) – 240 points

Necromancer Master (Halberd, Book of Ashur, Book of Secrets, Staff of Damnation) – 360 points

3 Vampire Bats – 75 Points

3 Vampire Bats – 75 Points

8 Harpies (Dark Elves allies) – 120 Points

29 Ghouls – 174 Points

15 Skeleton Warriors (Banner of Sorcery, Skeleton Champion – Black Gem of Gnar) -198 points

20 Grave Guard (Banner of Might, Wraith Champion – Cursed Book) – 397 points

1 Banshee –  100 Points

TOTAL: 1999 points

Michał joined us only for the first day. He unfortunately couldn’t make it for Sunday big battle. So, despite he won all three battles in Saturday, The Evil Alliance was forced to rearrange their army somehow. So, instead of Von Carteins on Red Glade, a small contingent of Skaven Clan Pestilens lead by Lord Skrolk (1000 points) and band of Chaos Warriors commanded by Scylla The Chaos Spawn and his Master (another 1000 points).

Ikit Claw and Clan Skryre expedition (me-me!)


‘Clan Skryre! I say-speak-truth! The mightiest of all Clans of Under-empire! Nobody could match with the machines of Skryre. They spread fear-terror and destruction-death-death! Among pathetic man-things, and among other Chieftains. Yes-yes! I say-speak-truth! Other Chieftains will pay big-heavy sack of warpstone tokens for good-well equip their War Clans in Warpfire Throwers, Jezzails, or deadly Doomwheels! Yes-yes, Clan Skryre is glorious-fameous!

And this is all because of our Grand Master Engineer, the emissary of Lord Morskitarr, the most powerful sorcerer-wizard in entire under and above world – Ikit Claw!

Glory-fame to him!

When Ikit Claw go to war leading Clans Skryre and Ektrik, nobody-noone have any chance. Chieftains flee. Man-thing, Dwarf-things, and their puny kingdoms-towns-castles-villages – all turned into dust!

Ikit Claw, the Master of Clan Skryre, the Lord of Electicity – no-no rat will ever be equal to him. Under-empire never had so powerful-well hero! Clan Skryre soon-soon will overcome to other Lords of Decay, and the name of might Ikit Claw we be repeated by every muzzle in every tunnel! Yes-yes!

Glory-fame! Yes-yes! Let every Skaven hear this! Repeat-spread-tell! Ikit-ikit…’

Skreetz The Electirc, Disciple in Clan Skryre. His speech in main market lair in Skavenblight.


Army List

Ikit Claw (Storm Daemon, Black Amulet) – 390 points

Skreetz The Electric, Disciple of Ikit Claw, Warlock lvl 1 (Pistol) – 58 points

ZZapvolt Quirk of Clan Ektrik, Warlock lvl 3 (Halberd, Pistol, Skavenbrew, Warpstone Armour) – 294 points

Ginzat, Battle Standard Bearer of Clan Ektrik (Heavy Armour) – 80 points

‘Rolling Thunders of Skryre’, 2 Doomwheels. – 300 points

‘The Aces’, 2 Jezzail Teams  – 60 points

30 Rat Warriors of Clan Ektrik, Clanrats (Spears, Light Armours, Shields, Warpfire Thrower, 2 Poison Wind Globadiers, Command Group) -318 points

30 Slaves of Foul Peak – 75 points

25 Veteran ‘Man-bane’ Stormvermin (Halberds, Light Armours, Command Group, Warpfire Thrower, 2 Poison Wind Globadiers) – 420,5 points

TOTAL: 1995,5

All these armies were fighting bravely during Saturday. Fighting for bonuses for their alliances to use in big Sunday battle. And the big battle was exactly what everybody was waiting for…

Bonuses for Good side:

  • Aupoleux Scenario. Bretonnian Archers unit joining The Good Alliance
  • The Blighted Marshes Scenario. The Good Alliance took control over the magical portal and they arrive promptly on The Red Glade (+d3 to starting roll)

Bonuses for Evil side:

  • Black Fire Pass Scenario. Skaven held the Pass, and therefore High Elves army must have taken a longer route to The Red Glade (they are late for the battle, starting from the second turn).
  • The Herd Stone Scenario. Archaon grabbed the stone. The stone is deployed in Evil side zone and it contains D3+1 Winds of Magic card at the beginning of the battle.
  • The Prophet out of Time Scenario. Prophet shows the way to the tomb with two magical artefacts (to be distributed among Evil side characters) and grants 6+ ward save to the unit of Chaos Knights

The battle was designed for 10000 points. Each army had 2000 points (one exception: Vampire Counts were out, so Evil Alliance replaced them with two smaller armies – 1000 points of Skaven Clan Petilens, and 1000 points of Chaos Warriors), but deployment was a big mix up. Each and every unit were placed wherever we wished. No rules to stick near to your general or something. All free to choose and put them anywhere in deployment zone.

We started at 10 am and ended around 3 pm. We managed to play 5 turns. in order to do so, we needed to simplify things a bit.

First of all, we performed most of turn actions simultaneously. Huge table was divided into three parts were we were dealing with current events. Sometimes in one part things turned to happen faster. Sometimes, slower. But in general we were trying to keep up with a clock. Keep things going, with no exactly precise stick to turn sequence.

The other thing. We are not exactly the rules experts. And sometimes the rulebook is not clear how to exactly perform. Or players have different interpretation. In any of these cases, we were easy on that. Trying to be logical, but in general, push the action forward no matter what. If the argue was turning critical – we were just rolling the dice to determine who is right.

All of this were crucial to end this battle in 5 hours. And we made it:).

The final score? Who the heck knows? The battle was full of guts and blood. Many heroes fell, many brave soldiers died. Both sides. And if you ask me, Evil Alliance won the battle, and Skaven took a substantial part in it. Without Ikit and his machines we would not make it. Praise Ikit Claw!

However, ask anybody form The Good Alliance, he will tell the same – my team won. The truth is the battle was tight. Many causalities suggested the game was more like a draw. There was no time to count the points – so, a draw it is. Just.

The battle

It’s really hard to present the course of action in any precise time line. I was present there, but the massiveness of the battle was overwhelming. I couldn’t be everywhere and still even if I would take precise notes – it would be too long battle report. So, instead I decided to focus on some certain events from the battle. Most important, that stuck in my mind to the point I can share them with you right now.


Few close -ups at deploying troops. Both sides – Good and Evil. The blood was boiling in their veins. They were eager to fight, encouraged by their generals. To win or to fall into pit of forgiveness.


Evil Side deployment zone


Savage Orc Boss on Wyvern was securing right flank.


…and the left flank. Nurgle Chaos Knights, Chaos Hounds and Slaves of The Foul Peak. Find one regiment doesn’t match here;).


In the centre – more Warriors of Chaos (and Scylla the Chaos Spawn!)


Forces of Evil have The Giant on their side as well!


The ranks of The Good Alliance


Bretonnian King on his Hippogriff and Mercenary Ogres. Centre of the Good army.


… plus Dwarfs. Dwarfs Iron Breakers and Bolt Thrower from Zhufbar.


Bretonnian Lance on the right flank


…and Bretonnian Lance on the left as well.


plus Asarnil on Deathfang The Dragon. Mighty ally of The Forces of Good.


All deployed. We are almost ready to start!

Rolling Death!

Doomwheels. Diabolical inventions of wicked Ikit Claw’s mind. The Master of Skaven Engineers. Ikit predicted once, that Doomwheel without driver (out of control) is performing better on the battlefield. Rats in the wheel freed from their slavery are free to push the Doomwheel anywhere they could. But often they continue to fight and inflict damage to enemies of Under-empire. Exactly like they were concious. Ikit described this incredible phenomenon in the treaty called “The scatterness of Electric Doom”.

In this battle everybody were witnesses of Doomwheel’s rat-collective mind’s behaviour. When driver was shot (first turn), rats continued to push it directly towards the enemy. Just like that! (in three following turns, I continued to roll scatter die to show the direction of movement straight ahead into the unit of Dwarf-things:), and the ZZAP charges hit Dragon Ogres next to the Doomwheel making them frenzied as hell! Exactly like planned!


Rolling Death!


ZZAP! ZZAP! into Dragon Ogres


Remo Remorsen vs Lord Skrolk

The challenge of two famous heroes of their kinds. Dwarfs and Skaven. Remo was skilled warrior, and probably he could oppose the finest warriors of the world. But Lord Skrolk of Clan Pestilens, in his fury was horrifying opponent. Equipped with Rod of Corruption, he was able to kill even The Bloodthister in close combat – and Remo was  nothing to him! Few direct blows with The Rod and Dwarven general turned into pile of dust. And Lord Skrolk simply laughed with triumph, when the dust was blown away with a wind… (turn 5 – look at the size of Plague Monks regiment. That’s what left from the 30 rat unit! Gyrocpoter, Thunderers they were bothering them all the time!)


Dwarfs of Zhufbar vs Clan Pestilens and the Giant.

The Tale of The King Louen

Many songs were written about brave King Louen Leoncoeur who fell on on field of Red Glade. He fought well. He killed Savage Big Boss  on terrifying Wyvern high in the skies. He slew Ikit Claw, Master of The Clan Skryre (foul Skaven wizard managed to vanish in the very last moment thanks to Escape magical ability). He crushed many enemies of Bretonnia and helped their brothers in arms in need. In the end though, the doom of The brave King Louen came from the least expecting direction. Archaon, the chosen of Four Dark Gods brought pure filth on the King, casting on him horrible spell of The Maggot Lord – Nurgle. Deadly Plague ate him alive. Literally. His body was covered with dozen of exploding cysts, which imploded with great impact. His body turned into the puddle of bloody, mouldy slime. The King was dead. And Bretonnian maidens wept.


The King to the rescue! Ikit Claw almost killed Lady Meredith, Bretonnian sorceress, but The King chased him away!


King Louen killing the rest of Skaven Stormvermin. Night Goblins also didn’t finish him off


Archaon was the one who kill him… but not in honourable combat. Deception – this the way of Chaos.

The story of Archaon

Archaon the Everchosen. He crushed enemies in all battle of the campaign. His warriors defended The Herd Stone in Reikwald  and brought it to The Red Glade, but in final battle fate played tricks to Archaon, and his complete triumph was turned into its lack.

First, he entered the fight with Troll Slayers, who held him for quite some time (2 turns), and then he started to chase after Gotrek and Felix. That was supposed to be worthy opponent. But Gotrek evaded the fight and did not give Archaon any satisfaction of killing him.

The only consolation for Archaon – he was able to cast filthy Plague spell on King Loeun and mighty Bretonnian Lord fell.


Meet The Slayers! They came here to die


Gotrek and Felix vs Archaon? No…not this time…

Monsters in the skies

Monsters. Most folks would say – there’s no such thing as monsters. They exsist only in fairy tales told to children before they go to sleep. However, Red Glade were full of them. Dragons, Giants, Trolls, Wyverns, beasts of Chaos of all sort. Yes, the folks would change their mind. The monsters are real.

High in the sky above the battle of Red Glade, brave riders and their monstrous mounts were fighting in epic struggle. Fangs and claws, Swords and lances. Mighty heroes and monsters. They were fighting to the death. Asarnil on his Green Dragon was first to fall. The savageness and rage of tribal Orc on the Wyvern of the Badlands brought the doom of Asarnil. When he received mortal wound and fell down to the ground from the clouds, Deathfang The Dragon flew away filled with grief for his dead master and companion.

…Asarnil was dead, but his sacrifice was remembered and soon revenged. One of the mightiest heroes the human kind had to offer – Bretonnian King Louen Leoncoeuron killed the brute Orc with his lance and chase the Wyvern away.  The Lady showed him the way to the victory!

Oh yes, the monsters are real, but for mighty lords and heroes of the Old World they are as mortal as any other creature.


Wyvern vs Dragon


…and the same Wywern vs Hippogriff

Scylla vs Elven Lord

High Elves of Ulthuan came a long way to  help their allies in search for Oldhammer.  Landed near The Wreckers Point in northen part of human kingdom called proudly The Empire. Sea of Claws is trecherous, full of corsairs and Chaos maraduer fleets.

But they overcame all difficulties and their troops made it to the mainland. Fought in Blighted Marches, dark Reikland forests,  but fail to achieve the victory. Finally High Elves army was stopped during the passing trough The Black Fire Pass by Ikit Claw’s ‘rat-men’ army.

The army was forced to look other way around, and therefore they arrived to Red Glade a little bit too late (second turn). Noble hero, Lord Zbisingal, commander of Ulthuan Elves, riding the Hippogriff Starpride, fought many battles, but this one was about to be his most glorious achievement. Being late, was not a good start though.

…but as soon as Elves arrived and set up the bolt throwers, High Elves brought a real aid in struggle against Chaos creatures of the night. And Lord Zbisingal showed a true courage in the battle. He fought and defeat Warriors of Northen Westelands touched by the Lord of Plagues. He personally killed the infamous monster called Scylla Affingrimm and survived the impact of hellish Skaven Invention of Doomwheel. And while his triumphs were enormous, the soldiers of Ulthuan sang the songs of glory and triumph, while the sun were covered by the cloud of arrows…


Lord Zbisiangal vs Scylla The Chaos Spawn.


Impact of The Doomwheel.

…and something extra.

just few more photos:)


One of the first turns. Evil Alliance move ahead and The Good Alliance awaits…


Andrzej (Dogs of War) performing a shooting with his Halfling archers hidden in the woods.


The Evil Alliance. From the left: Jan (Chaos Warriors), me (Skaven), Adam (Orcs and Goblins), Missing: Oskar (Chaos Warriors. arrived later) and Michał (Vampire Counts. He couldn’t make it for Sunday)


The Good Alliance. From the left: Zbyszek (High Elves), Łukasz (Dwarfs), Andrzej (Dogs of War), Remo (Dwarfs) and Janusz (Bretonnia)


All armies in place.


Greenskins marching forward


Turn 2.

The end

It was the weekend to remember. Prepared in a hurry, rather spontaneous idea than something planned. But it turned just perfect. I had the great time, and now my head is full of new ideas for the next year. I would like to stick to Warhammer FB 5th edition, but add also something extra. Maybe some 3rd edition games. Maybe Mordheim. Time will tell. For now I’d like to thank everyone for help, participation and pure fun! Take care!

Oldhammer is alive and kicking!


  1. ottknight@aol.com says

    Great !
    Thank you, that you share your experience with us.
    Great, that you still play old Warhammer. 5th Edition, very special.
    For me, every edition between 3rd and 8th was better than AoS !
    I quit after 8th ed. and play kings of war now. With masses of troops :o)
    Nice to see these old models i know.
    Hope you have much fun with your next games.

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