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December Painting Fever

Another batch of miniatures for sale ready. As usual in my summaries – I’m posting pictures and little ‘about’ text of three models I’ve painted recently.

The first is…

Adeptus Mechanicus Tech-Priest Dominus


When Adeptus Mechanicus and Skitarii Codexes Wwarhammer 40000) were released I was super excited. Plus those awesome models! I was all into it, having uncontrolled urge to collect another army. Well, thankfully for my budget I got back to my senses, and I gave up on the idea. But a few months ago I had finished ‘Mechanicum’  book from Horus Heresy series and I got Mars fever all over again. This time I was pretty sure, there’s is not even slight chance to go for Mechanicum (too many projects on my head at the moment), but the model of Tech-Priest Dominus was obligatory to paint. There was no doubt about it. The model is simply awesome and it was pure pleasure to paint it. The complexity of this plastic sculpt is amazing. Games Workshop delivered a true piece of art. And only because too many armies are hidden in the boxes somewhere waiting to be assembled, painted and deployed on the tabletop, The Tech-Priest meant no further development in Mechanicus area.


I painted it following the official GW colour scheme. Dark red robes, metallic arms (and body in general). Painting hours 20-30 (more or less, I haven’t counted exact hours). I’m pretty happy with the result, but it always could be better. In my opinion, little bit too much of the Aghrax Earthshade wash in robes recesses. I should avoid to overdose that.


For basing I used Micro Art Studio‘s Urban base. Their bases are true tiny pieces of art.


The next model is…

Astra Militarum Officio Prefectus Commissar


This guy stands in some way in opposition to Tech-Priest Dominus. Complex robotic body vs simple human posture. Technology vs flesh. Mars vs Terra (and so on…;). In some way though, Mr Commissar is a nice sculpt as well, despite his simplicity in details.


I don’t plan to collect Imperial Guard at all, but there was something appealing in this sculpt, that caught my attention. And since it’s not expensive model and quick, easy to paint, I decided to grab it and work over it. So, here it is.


In this case, I changed official colour scheme a bit, but nothing controversial;). Instead blue leather coat, I painted in dark red. Just a minor tweak.


The base in this case is simple idea. I used Agrellan Earth to create cracked surface under the feet of the miniature and added a few rocks. All drybrushed with a touch of highlights and the base is ready. In general I prefer manufactured resin bases (there are so many types available!) or more sophisticated, but in this case I made an exception. I found Agrellan Earth as quick, easy, effective way to make proper base. The only thing it lacks here – the tuffs. A few pieces of dried, desert bushes would be a nice addition. Unfortunately, I don’t have any tuffs at the moment with me right now. Hopefully next week I will acquire some and add them to the Commissar’s base.

…and finally the last one…

Rincewind of Discworld Series


I really love this range of miniatures. These are the miniatures that bring all Terry Pratchett’s Discoworld characters to life. Oh, maybe to the miniature kind of life. Several dozens of models, almost all significant characters from the books – Death, The Librarian, The Patrician, The Witches or Moist von Lipwig. And of course, one and only – Rincewind.


I bought this model quite some time ago (if I remember correctly – it was three years ago) along with models of The Librarian and Death. They were cheap enough to add them to one of the bundles essential for the hobby. And unfortunately, I forgot about them completely. Shame on me, I know. It shouldn’t happened to any of my minis, but it’s a part of life. I guess. Unavoidable…


The Librarian and Death are already painted and the time has come to finish Rincewind. Finally.

Painting Rincewind was relatively easy. Cloak in bright red/orange colour. The trick was to add all magical symbols, moons, and stars to the cloak. And to do this I had to trust my free hand abilities once again, which, (I mentioned this a few times before) are not entirely trustworthy. I took a deep breath though, grabbed a finest detail brush and start to work. What you see on the back of the cloak, it is an effect of 1 hour work. When I see it right now, the symbols could be a little bit brighter, but, well, they are still fine. Don’t you think?


After all, the thing that matters most is ‘Wizzard’ sign on Rincewind’s hat. Without it he is nobody;).

And honestly, I say, it’s really a shame there’s no actually the game rules to play with these miniatures. It would be real fun. Even though, the whole Discworld miniatures series is great and any fan should have some of their favourite characters on the shelf.

The base is Cobblestone from Micro Art Studio.

All three of these miniatures are available to buy on my Ebay Store.

And if you like Micro Art Studio’s miniatures and bases – simply go the store by clicking this link. As official partner, I’ll receive points guaranteeing me a nice discount. Win-win situation. You get your stuff and I got a discount:).

Plans. Next week I’ll be back to Poland for 5 days. It means I’m going to be apart form my painting workshop. Well, no need to weep – I’ll use that time to write Wh40k battle report of the encounter between my Blood Angles and Astra Militarum. Plus I’ll get few more minis stored in Warsaw (to paint) and something extra to finally play here in Barcelona. And my Skaven will share some blood at last (after quite a break). They will face High Elves/Dark Elves or Chaos (to be determined0 this Monday. Super excited about this.

Until next time!


  1. Brilliant mate, love the freehand on Mr, ‘Wizzard’, and the Dominus is spot on. My fave has to be the Commissar though, I just love that red leather! Very very nice indeed 🙂 Happy Christmas!

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  2. All three are excellent. I enjoy Rincewind the most, but the other ones are very well painted, too. The reds are especially nice and I think your style of goign from almost black to white really provides contrast. The faces are also outstanding and your brushwork really brings these miniatures to life.

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