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The slump is over. Part 2. Malifaux commission

Like I promised, I’m going to publish some more stuff here. First things first, there’s going to be series of entries, maybe with not so engaging content, but definitely eye-catching. Or simply, less text, more pictures.

The thing is, for the last couple of months I was painting a lot, but there was no proof of that on the blog. Now, while I’m back to ‘serious’ blogging, time to get back to those past painting jobs and present them here.

I know, I’ve put a tons of pictures on various social media already, but a blog is something more permanent. Once I post it here, I have it documented for good. Social media stuff disappear so quickly.

So, without further ado – today’s miniatures:

Malifaux Ten Thunders faction bunch


This was a big commission work I was working on for three weeks in July 2017. All together 22 miniatures. And what’s cool about this work – there was no moment of doubt and no feel of boredom. The variety of models here was wide. From daemons to ghosts. From samurai to zombies. Pretty awesome sight. And I’m really enjoyed with the result.

Yan Lo. Masters of the Path crew


Yan Lo, the old Asian sorcerer is the Master of all this weirdos. Yan Lo himself looks like an eldery kung fu master from 1970-80s action movies. Inconspicuous old man, who probably will kick everybody ass all of the sudden. Plus he’s a necromancer of some sort! Just look at the raising skeleton at his feet! Truly great model!


The guy next to Yan Lo is his Totem – Soul Porter.


The next one is Chiaki, the Niece of Yan Lo. Super beautiful model. And she goes in my recent favourite colour – purple! Time to build some of my Horus Heresy Emperor’s Children Space Marines. Super pumped up to paint more of this. It pleases my eyes so much.


…and the last group of models from Yan Lo box – Japanese Skeletons Soldiers – Ashigaru. Love these, really. They make me want to start collecting Nippon Undead themed army for Warhammer Fantasy. They would do perfect regimental unit. They would, but there’s one obstacle. They are little bit bigger than usual 28 mm scale Skeleton. Ashigaru fit more into 32 mm scale. They look like giants comparing to my old Citadel Skeletons. Still amazing models though:).

Next in line are…

Punk Zombies


Ha ha ha! These are really crazy miniatures. Punks, Samurai, Zombies – well what else do you need? That’s exactly why I love Malifaux so much – such crazy, unique combinations:)

Datsue Ba and Seishin




Old hag and her pet dragons. And those dragons! They made my day. So cool models. I painted them in little bit more vibrant colours than on the box art. Green and orange. Nice mix of contrasting colours – definitely eye-catching.:)

Toshiro – The Daimyo


Another zombie in the bunch. Big scary, Samurai General zombie. The one to be afraid. Sharp sword and guts all over the place.

Izamu The Armor


And another Samurai. This time more incorporeal. Ghost trapped inside the ancient armour. The model goes with two face options. Or rather – one with the face and the other without. I decided to go ‘the face’ variant. With glowing eyes, still looks like a phantasm, but it gets more individual look, in my opinion.



The guys are my favourite. They are just freaking awesome. All the time I was imaging Tengu as big, dreadful daemons (since I read Graham Masterton ‘Tengu’ and that was when I was in primary school:), and these models are nothing like that! They look like chicken on steroids. They pretend to be scary, but a chicken will always be a chicken. No way they could skip that fact;). Love them!

Next in line are…



Two metallic/steam punk lions. Great models, really. I decided to paint them easy way. Different shades of metallic colours plus lots of washes, and the effect is, in my opinion, quite satisfactory.

…and last but not least…



With these guys I had a lot of work. I decided to go with grey colour scheme, and to get the proper effect I needed to put several thinned layers of paint. Well, multiple this by three quite big models – and there you have it – a few hours of brushing… wrrr… the most annoying models of all commission.

The bases

Simple basing solution. Cracking effect of Citadel’s Agrellan Earth. Painted and drybrushed to get highlights effect.

Oh, that was pretty nice time, painting this crew. Three weeks of painting. The diversity though, provided me enough excitement to avoid boredom. All, models were super fun to paint (oh, maybe except these Gaki) and were really nice distraction from my Oldhammer Empire army I was painting recently.

And about those – an update in next post:)

Until next time!



  1. Good stuff 👍👍👍

    I recently signed onto Twitter and instagram for the same reasons as you, to put up more WIP photos and so on, but finished stuff will still be recorded on the main blog for posterity.

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    • thanks a lot. be advised that they are taller than usual Warhammer scale. I think all Malifaux is 32mm rather than 28mm. so they will look like big bosses skeletons comparing to cannon fodder skulls and bones:)

      Liked by 1 person

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