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Long time no see…

Oh, that’ embarrassing. The break. The blog, The everything.

There’s no excuses /I could think thousands, but none of them really matters/. The truth is I’m a lazy blogger with even lazier attitude. But no more…

Time to re-animate this corpse. Get it work one more time. Especially I got so much to write. For the last year I painted three entire fully playable armies, I had plenty commission work to boost up my painting morale, I played dozens of battles, and I’ve been to many exciting places.

And it’s going to be even more crazy. So, long story short I need to do a short recap of the last year, plus get along with everyday things. Piece of cake. I was doing this before so I could do it again, right?

First series of posts will be about the painting challenge I entered, with another new exciting project. Hush, for now, but It’s going to be a wild one. I tell you that!

Details, very very soon. The challenge is starting November 1st, so the time is tight!

Meantime I wanted share with you my latest miniature. Dieter Helsnicht, The Doomlord of Middenheim. I finished him this evening. The paint is as fresh as it can only be.

See you soon. And this time I got a write bug, I’ll be here often. I promise!

Cheers folks!


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