Game of Travel (aka me:) offers miniature painting services for various games – Warhammer Fantasy, Warhammer 40k, Infinity, Malifaux and… to be honest literary every game around. Just name your poison.  Based in Barcelona, Spain at the moment. Shipping worldwide.

Currently open for commissions.


Below you can find sample prices.


Infantry (Space Marine, Infinity troops)- 10-15 €

Bigger Infantry (Terminators)- 20-25 €

Mount (Space Marines Bikers, Cavalry) – 25-30 €

Monster infantry (Ogres, Trolls)- 25-30 €

Small monster/vehicle/war machine (Predator, Daemon Prince) – 80-100 €

Bigger monster/vehicle (Leviathan Dreadnought, Greater Daemon) – 150-200 €

Character – 40-60 €

Of course, these prices are only to give you the idea. Everything is flexible and depends on the number of details on the miniature. For detailed pricing, please contact me directly.

 What can you expect?

I put several layers of paint. Whatever is necessary to miniature looks good. I make shades and highlights, edging and battle/weathering effects if desired. I add  details – eyes, mouths, gems, scrolls, weapons. Letters, numbers, words and emblems – all included.

I do not use airbrush – all is done with traditional brush.

Proper basing and free hand upon request. Pricing depends.

Miniature Gallery

Take a look at samples of my work following this link.

My Ebay Autions

At the moment I have in offer a few of my painted models. Please visit my Ebay store.


Please direct any questions and enquires to my email address: gameoftravel[at] or trough my Contact form. I’ll be more than happy to provide detailed information