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2019 Update

Well, that was a busy year, hobbywise. As usual, I guess…

I got into way too many projects (both-personal and commissioned), and I was forced to balance everything. Hobby, work, family, travels… wrrr…

And at the end, I found no time and place in my head to update this thing. I had no intention to abandon the blog for good, and I won’t, but probably it’s intended no to be updated so often…

Shame on me:(

…there will be updates though. Mostly about my recent painting jobs. No time for reports or other stuff. Too many things on my head… From now on, mostly photos and such…

So what’s new on my side:



Wood Elves


Necromunda Gang Escher

I painted definitely more stuff in 2019. I added most of it to The Gallery section of the blog.  For more often updates please follow me on Twitter and Instagram. Thank you:)


  1. airbornegrove26 says

    Those Escher are fantastic! Hoping you do some battle reports from your Papafakis adventure.


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