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Travelling Miniatures 2019

The time passed so quick… it was almost like a blink of an eye…

January, February and… boom! March already and I have to come back to Europe… 2,5 months later and here I am again. My beloved, but cold and rainy Warsaw… (at least I managed to escape most of the winter).

As usual, half of my backpack was filled with miniatures, paints, brushes and other hobby related essentials. I even found the place for a tube with photo backdrops and a tripod for a camera. For real, if not the hobby stuff I dragged along, my luggage would be half as big as my current one.

…but, who cares, right? Miniatures are big part of my life, and I couldn’t imagine a break from hobby for 2,5 months.

This time we headed to Vietnam, and spent there most of the time here. It’s easy life here. We find a nice area to hang, comfortable hotel and we set up our camp for couple of weeks at least. And everything is just a breeze. Everyday going out for dinner and breakfast. Cleaning service, laundry service. With no fuss with any other duties, I can easily concentrate on painting miniatures.

And I brought a ton of them with me:) As usual…


As you probably noticed from my previous entries, Skaven have a special place in my hobby life. I enjoy the idea of lurking rat-men, I love the history and the background of Skaven, and it was one of my first armies ever. You can’t go wrong with rats.

And for 2019 I decided to re-model my army. By now it was made mostly of new, plastic miniatures. And I wanted to switch to old school like the rest of my running projects! Full old school! So, now I’m in the middle of replacing all my plastic Clanrats with metal ones.

Additional thing is, I entered 6th edition tournament (!!!) with the Skaven and I need two units of Clanrats plus some characters and Lighting Cannon painted until May 11th.  So, the deadline to complete the army makes my efforts a bit easier.

Beside May tournament, I declared to paint full Skaven force to Vengeance of The Lichemaster scenario for BOYL 2019. Still, enough time… but there’s other distractions, other miniatures on the way. So, the sooner I paint all the models, the better…

For this trip I took: three Warlocks Engineers, Grey Seer, three Weapon Teams, one Warlord and infamous Throt The Unclean. And I made to paint all the bunch:) So, only one unit of Clanrats and Warp Lighting Cannon left. And I have all April to paint. Ufff…


Another big thing of mine. Greenskin horde that excludes the bullies like Orcs was in my head for quite some time. Goblins, Trolls and such only. No Orcs allowed:) So, to finally make my ideas alive, I entered a challenge with a few of m friends to find necessary push to finally do this. Not very sophisticated name: A Tale of Four Gamers (there’s nothing wrong to follow the classic paths:), but it suits perfectly.

The deadline for entire project is in September. 21st to be exact when my Goblin army will march for the first time during Oldhammer Weekend Poland.

For the trip I took: regiment of Doom Goblins with three Fanatics and Goblin Witch.

Knightmare Miniatures

This two Chaos champions I painted for Knightmare Miniatures are quite a big deal for me. I never had opportunity to paint any kind of miniture for any manufacturer, or a store. These two guys are first. And, man – Knightmare! My, literary, favourite miniature company of recent years?! I couldn’t ask for more.

So, let me introduce you The Hawk Man and The Tzeentch Flames Man. Quite happy with the result. And I really hope they won’t be the last miniatures I paint for Knightmare Minitures.

Wood Elves Wardancers

More Elves for my friend Bartek. After a uit of Waywatchers, time has come to dance a rhythm of war. 14 Wardancers – 5th edition style. More Elves will come arrive soon, no doubt about that!



And the last  group of my travelling mini companions. Another commission, not my everyday piece of  bread. It’s been ages since I painted Ultramarines, and almost a year since I painted my last Space marine. So, it was quite a distraction from my usual old and middlehammer business.

Anyway, they are done. Including free hand banner:) And they caused another Space Marines fever in me. Need to paint more of Wh40k soon, before the fever is gone:).

As you can see it was quite productive trip. And I had wonderful time in Vietnam. Visited city of Da Nang and Phu Quoc Island (stunning!). Beside that I managed to go back to probably my favourite place in whole South East Asia – Penang Island in Malaysia.

And the icing on the cake of entire voyage was the two weeks in Perth, West Australia. Hands down, Australia is the best. Next year, I’ll do everything in my power I’ll get there for at leat the month. Love everything there…maybe except miniatures prices. These are ridiculous…

Now, I’m back in Poland where I’m about to stay until September or October. Many cool things ahead though – BOYL, Oldhammer Weekend Poland, a few minor events and plenty miniatures to paint of course. Boredom won’t be an issue here:).

Cheers folks and until next time!






  1. Man, I’d love to live a year in your life… it sounds damn near perfect! Lovely minis as always dude – those Knightmare minis are particularly cool!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great work, love the skaven and wood elves in particular. Just wondering do you travel for work or do you just have jobs that allow you to be away overseas for long periods? Keep up the great work and see you in adelaide next time 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Joshua Van Z says

    Nice to see some Knightmare miniatures in your impressive collection. Glad to hear that you enjoyed Australia as I’m an Aussie and miss it sometimes. If you have plans to visit Japan in the future then let me know as we can play a game here together 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • thanks:) Knightmare fanboy here 100%:)

      Japan, yup, for sure some day (again:), but first Australia again in fall. we absolutely love it!


  4. Wow, you do seem have a good lifestyle! Good luck to you. Those Wardancers are such iconic sculpts; it is great to see someone with such skill tackle them.

    Liked by 1 person

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