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Oldhammer Weekend Poland 2019 (20-22.09.2019)!


That’s right folks!

The date is set! …and like I mentioned in previous post – this year we change the idea a bit.

The Oldhammer Weekend Poland goes back to Warsaw.

First, it’s going to be three day event so we will have more time to play (20-22.09.2019)

Second, we diversify. Beside focusing solely on Warhammer Fantasy Battle, we are going to present various different games to play. And I mean some true old school stuff (like RT or WHFB 2nd and 3rd editions), and some more Middlehammer action – Necromunda, Mordheim or Warmaster.

Third, I registered a site to finally mange this event in proper way. So, this way, I can finally hold necessary information in one place. Right now, there’s a very basic information, but it’s going to change. Plenty stuff will be added – like a plan of weekend games or full desciption of each gameplay. All in a due time.

Click the link: http://oldhammer.pl for details.

Fourth, We got this awesome logo designed by super talented artist – Mustafa Bekir. Check out his works and this page: https://www.facebook.com/SpevnaStudio.

So, long story short, It’s going to be epic. That’s the goal;)

Save the date, and visit me in Warsaw in September. Cheers!


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