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Infinity The Game. Prowler from Nomads, Bakunin

Along with my growing Malifaux Neverborn faction I’m trying to paint some base starting army for Infinity the Game – Nomads Bakunin Jurisdictional Command. As I already have enough models to play some tutorial basic game of Malifaux, when it comes to Infinity still I lack at least 6.

And, well to be completely honest, I need a miracle to paint all six in exact two weeks. Almost impossible. 21th October I’m off to Australia and I’ll be away for around 6 months wandering around Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and other countries.

…and that’s sucks a little. I was looking forward the game of Infinity. I heard so many positive opinions about this game. It’s complicity and dynamisms, unique rules and fast games.

I mean, I could play the game with unpainted minis, but I made my inner resolution – no games with unpainted models. I was mentioning about this few time before – this is important for me. Painted miniatures make the game way more cooler and it gives me more fun. I don’t have the right to demand the same from my opponents – everybody should have their own personal idea how they want to proceed with this – if the game itself is more important than having minis painted – it’s up to you. I don’t care.

But for me idea is clear – painted models are the most crucial part of playing tabletop miniature games, and I’ll stick to that no matter what. Even if that means I’ll not play Infinity in next 6 months. Well, it happens.

On the other hand, I take some Infinity with me to paint – so maybe I will have some chance on the road to play the game? Who knows?

Anyway, today I show you my latest miniature for my Infinity Bakunin Nomads project – Prowler with Spitfire. Prowlers are highly specialized, infiltrating troops of Bakunin with adequate fire power. Perfect for operating behind enemy lines… ( I love all my assumptions how the model or unit I’ve never used work in actual game. Theory is great, but I need to try the rules in practice:).


The scheme I used is copied from official photo of Prowler from Corvus Belli site. For me it’s important to use these colours exactly. It looks ‘fluffy’ – the spirit of the game is maintained.


The armour base colour is Administratum Grey lightly washed with Nuln Oil. I lighten up almost all surface of the armour with mix of white/grey and white. The pants and boots are mix of Abaddon  Black, Stormvermin Fur and Mechanicus Standard Grey. Under the armour they are Evil Sunz Scarlet toning light with Wild Rider Red and Troll Slayer Orange. Glowing blue elements on the armour is Temple Guard Blue.


The resin urban base is from ‘Designed for Infinity’ line offer from Micro Art Studio. It’s simple, but it represents the spirit of the game quite accurately.


Generally, slowly I’m getting used to painting Infinity miniatures. After painting two moderators and Reverend Custodier, the Prowler job was easier. I got familiar with colours and number of small details on the miniature did not scared me that much;). Next mini should be piece of cake.

And like I wrote – I have 5 models left to finish my base force for Bakunin. I’ll never make it. For this Prowler model I needed 4-5 hours, so it will be impossible task to paint all. Well, I’ll pack them for my trip along and work on them later.

Plans: I have two  weeks and I’m off. I hope I will find some time to paint some more, especially my first three weeks I’ll be having proper holidays – riding, trekking and sight seeing in Australia, with limited time for hobby. First in line are Nephilms from Neverborn, Malifaux. I already add base layer and started to paint them, so I should finish them in day or two. Next will one of my Infinity minis – haven’t decided which one yet – maybe Moderator or Reverend Moira. We’ll see.

In next two weeks I’ll probably will play only tutorial game of Malifaux and that’s it – no more games, not even one. Unfortunately I won’t have enough spare time to play another WHFB battle. Too bad – I got used to writing battle reports for this. I hope I’ll get the chance to play some battles somewhere out there. Fingers crossed.

Until next time!

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