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Hello, Cousin Jim. Long time no see, Wolsung.

And another miniature finished. After quite demanding Blood Angels Sanguinary Priest, I wanted to paint something easier, just to have fun, but also not spending too much time working on the model. So, my pick for this week – Distant Relative from province – Cousin Jim for Ash & Oak faction, Wolsung Steampunk Skirmish game.

I had quite a long break from Wolsung. The last miniature I painted was Mary Fearless and it was in July (photos under the link). And to be honest I thought all my plans about Wolsung will turn up rather different way than right now. I supposed to paint just 2 or 3 miniatures more to complete my 3 heroes band and play two or three games before my departure to Australia. Well, everything got complicated – I tried to juggle between too many projects at the same time and eventually I was forced to give up on something. Fate decided that Wolsung’s Ash and Oak will be one of these projects (along with Nomads for Infinity the Game and Blood Angels for Warhammer 40k).

So, generally back to painting Wolsung miniatures is a great thing for me. Probably, I won’t play the game any time soon (I do not believe Wolsung SSG is popular in the areas I’m going to wander around – therefore it might be the problem to find the opponents), but the painting itself gives me the proper thrill. And I have some other Wolsung minis with me to paint in upcoming months:

  • Lady Ellendeane – Ash & Oak (I painted this model in May 2015, but I’m not satisfied with the result, so I stripped off the paint)
  • Mr Cheng – Triad of Lotus Dragon
  • Lesser Steam Dragons – Triad
  • Wandering Actor – Triad

Super exited about this, and as you can see I plan to start new faction – Triad of Lotus Dragon. They are something like 19th Century old fashioned Chinese triad with fantasy and steampunk twist. And in world of Wolsung the far east folks are actually Orks! How cool is that?!

…but for now… Cousin Jim.


Nice nobleman with hat, fancy moustaches and Steamified Hunting Rifle. And in the second hand… a cup of tea. Well, it’s quite obvious that every true gentleman should drink a cup of tea before the action, and sometimes if there’s very little time – it’s necessary to take a sips  when in combat.


One thing about this miniature doesn’t feel right for me. Belt and braces. When I look at this model and the combination of belt and loosen up suspenders, I have one particular quote in my mind.

Words of Frank from Once Upon a Time on The West (1968):

How can you trust a man who wears both a belt and suspenders? The man can’t even trust his own pants.

Why, on earth he wears suspenders and the belt in the same time? It’s just not right – one thing – ok, but not both. True gents don’t do such clear fashion mistakes;). …but on the other hand – he took his tea cup to the fight – he’s definitely not quite sane.


Beside that minor flaw (in my opinion:), the miniature is awesome and it was a pleasure to paint it. As always I used Citadel paints.

For pants and hat – I used Incubi Darkness. Braces and boots – Mechanicus Standard Grey. Vest – Gorthor Brown, shirt – Ushabti Bone. Face ans hands – Kislev Flesh. Hair and moustaches – Mournfang Brown. Rifle – mixture of Ironbreaker and Runelord Brass (with Mephiston Red pipes). I washed all model with Nuln Oil (besides the face with wash gently covered with this layer of Reikland Flesh). Later, I toned up all miniature, by adding mixtures off all necessary paints with white. Next – details like eyes, buttons, belt elements and cup filled with tea.


The model was much easier task, comparing to Sanguinary Priest – I needed only 2.5 hours to complete it.

Base is from Micro Art Studio offer. It’s resin Cobblestone.

Distant relative Jim is henchman. It costs 2 Funds and I think I will give him a try in my next (whenever it’s going to be:) Wolsung game. I especially like one Jim’s ability – Been There, Done That, which adds element of randomness to the game. Jim could arrive to the site in the balloon, sometimes he brings his faithful hound dog, or it happens that he is a Military Expert.You never know what might occur. It all depends on the dice roll.

Still, I have some issued with light and setting up proper photo shooting conditions – I mean light is ok, but it’s tricky. Too bright or too dark – finding the perfect solution is hard (and background is getting blueish despite using grey card as background). Well,  it is what it is. Maybe next photo setting will be better…

Anyway – Hello Jim! It’s nice you’ve joined the team!

Plans: Still over a week in Kuta, Bali. And then, I’m heading Singapore. Few stores there, maybe I’ll contact some gamers from the area to play. Time will tell. And meantime – I paint:)

Until next time!

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