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The Game of Dragon

Finally! At last! It’s over! It’s done!


After many, many painting hours, I’ve managed to paint Carmine Dragon from Forge World. Oh, gosh! That was a challenge, I tell you!

It took me almost forever to paint it. I started in end of May 2016 and sit for many hours to achieve the level I would be satisfied with.


The idea of planting this model was planted in my head in May and slowly growing to eventually turned out with decision – OK. Let’s do this! I wanted to visit Festival of Miniature Painting and Sculpture in Toruń, Poland (last weekend of June), and I thought this dragon will be just right to paint and present at the festival. This would be perfect excuse to go there  I was thinking back then – I got 6 weeks to the festival, so it’s plenty of time to paint it at top notch level.


Oh, how wrong I was! 6 weeks may seem like the time I could paint whatever I want, but like always I forgot about usual stuff coming the way of the hobby – life, work, family, meals, sleep, other fun activates. Oh, why the day don’t have 48 hours with only 2 hours of sleep (necessity of sleep is overrated in my humble opinion;).

So, suffice to say – I didn’t make it. 4 working days before Toruń festival  -The Dragon was far from completion. At that point, I was sure – there’s no chance I will finish it. On the other hand, there’s was no retreat for me. I wanted to go to Toruń so badly. Of course, I could go without any model to show, but I’m not ‘give up easily’ kind of guy, so I did what had to be done and I did the best painting job possible in remaining time.


Luckily for me I started whole model from Sorceress  – Elsepth von Draken. So, the main point of the model, most eye-catching element – the rider, was finished at my very best. The dragon though… that’s different story… To finish it, I needed to implement speed painting techniques, that I don’t use that often. Mostly dry brushing (wings, belly, skin, and base) was a necessity…

So, after all this speed painting I went to Toruń, the model was nothing to brag about. Rather low level. Shame on me. After festival though, I had no deadline, and I could concentrate on the dragon, and take the time I needed. So, step by step, slowly, somewhere between the other miniatures, I worked on this dragon. And finally, here it is.

Painting Job

Red. It’s all red – the skin is Mephiston Red, with Evil Suns Scarlet as lighter layer. Few Shades into recesses  – Nuln Oil and Aghrax Earthshade mostly. Highlights – Wild Rider Red and Troll Slayer Orange (with the little bit of Yriel Yellow). That was long, long, time consuming brushing… However, if I thought the skin was ardours work  – then what can I say about scales…


The scales were detailed job with the most thin finest brush. The lighter shades on the top areas, and shaded in lower parts. As base Khorne Red. Further layers Wazzdakka Red (and every next highlight – addition of white). It took me ages to paint them.


So, yes. It is red dragon. Little bit less carmine than original, but you can call it my personal vision. I believe, dragons are fiery creatures – filled with blaze, so the skin is more like representation of fire inside. Red, orange and yellow…


The base. I bought round wooden pedestal base. The model is superb and I think the wooden base is absolutely a must. I attached the resin base (a knoll with giant piece of burned tree) to the wood and fill the gaps with green stuff.  The tree’s base is Mournfang Brown. Further layers – this is the mixture of base brown and Stormvermin Fur (and white in top highlights).

…and the egg between the branches… did you notice the egg? Bright fiery orange egg – little dragonling will hatch someday, and it’s going to be fire beats like its mother.


Wings (and underbelly). Ushabti Bone as base for wings and belly. In recesses I put the mixture of base colour with Pink Horror (with different proportions). In darker, deeper places I added little bit of Carrobourg Crismon as well. The lighter parts is simply mixture of Ushabti Bone and white (different proportions). I must say, the belly and wings were the most time consuming part after the scales. To make them look proper – it was slowly and detailed brush work, but to see them finished and look so, so – it is very rewarding. I wish I didn’t managed to finish them for Toruń Festival. They were more like speed dry-brush, than the brush work as it should be. Thankfully, right now it looks ok.


Hmm, what else? Maybe little bit about the rider – Elsepth von Draken? Oh, she is the beauty. I must say – I love Forge World’s detailed miniatures. You can adore the dragon, but on smaller models like sorceress herself, you can fully appreciate the details. Unfortunately, during cleaning the resin I broke the scythe is such a unlucky place, that it was almost impossible to repair it. I realised, it would be easier to form a gem from green stuff and put it on the top of the staff. Well, clumsy me, I need to be more careful with resin it the future.


If you have any questions about painting job, don’t hesitate to ask. I will be happy to answer all.


The Dragon is available to buy on my Ebay page. The model is awesome, but the painting process was the most important thing for me. I can put it on my cabinet’s shelf and enjoy the model, but on the other hand – I don’t need it for any of my Warhammer armies projects (for now Skaven as primary army, and few others in development:), so it was decided – Ebay it is. So, if you like it, go ahead. It may be yours:).

Ok. I was planning to paint another Forge World’s big model from my collection right after this dragon. Vermin Lord, that was the idea. However, for now, I’m fed up with larger models for some time. I will concentrate for smaller miniatures for some time – starting from my first Age of Sigmar model – Orc Weirdnob. Absolutely boss miniature. Can’t wait to paint it.

Until next time!


  1. Wow! What an excellent piece; really impressive! I actually think Elspeth looks better with the egg staff than a scythe. I have a couple of old metal dragons that I haven’t painted yet as I know the scales will take so long to do properly!

    What’s going to be the next big project to win the Festival at Torun? 😉

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    • thanks, I did my best here;)…scales… yeah, they tend to be annoying part of painting process…
      …and Toruń, next year? hahaha, definitely something smaller;)

      Liked by 1 person

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