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My little travelling Skaven Swarm

I’d like to summarize what is currently happening in my life. Right now, me and my wife are on the road. We started our trip in October 2014 with first stop in Cancun, Mexico. So far we visited Mexico, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. We will be travelling until May 2015, and we are going back to Poland.

My Stormvermins in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica.

During this 7 months I have limited possibilities to buy new wargaming stuff – I have only those 28 mm  miniatures, paints and brushes I took from Poland in October. And what I exactly I took?

13 metal Stormvermins from Warhammer Fantasy 5th Edition
1 metal Skaven Warlock Engineer WHFB 6th Edition
1 metal Warpfire Thrower WHFB 5th Edition
1 metal Ratling Gun WHFB 6th Edition
1 metal Clan Rat – 4th or 5th Edition WHB
1 plastic Skaven Clan Moulder Pack Master from Island of Blood
1 of plastic Island of Blood Rat Ogres


Wolsung Skirmish Steampunk Game Oak & Shield Lady Ellendeanne
Wolsung Oak & Shield Sir Zachary Fiercebatten III with his dogs

So far I managed to paint:

11 Stormvermins
1 Warpfire Thrower
1 Pack Master
1 Engineer
1 Clanrat

I also have bunch of different size brushes and around 25 Citadel paints.

Skaven Clanrat also in Puerto Viejo.

Right now I have around 3 months to go and almost all of my brushes are dead. No problem with paints – still have all the essentials. But brushes – I need new ones! Desperately! And I’m dangerously running low with miniatures. According to my internet research, the only place where there are shops with miniatures and supplies is Mexico. Lucky for me, I will be in Mexico City in few days – for sure I’ll buy whole bunch of miniatures:)


Stormvermins in San Jose, Costa Rica.

That’s it. I will be updating in the progress of painting my minis frequently. And for sure I’ll make a little show off what I’ll buy in Mexico City.

PS. Proper basing will be made in Poland. I have some little idea for bases for my Skaven army:) But this is the story for next post…


  1. Wow, sounds like such an adventurous trip. Hope you have a great rest of your trip. Joining your journey to read more about your travels 🙂


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