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Reverend Moira aka what is wrong with Infinity models?

Another Infinity models is ready. This time – rather controversial miniature. Reverend Moira.

Corvus Belli miniatures are kept in certain aesthetics. Some people like to see them as opposition or alternative to Games Workshop models. Well, in many ways I agree with that opinion – Infinity with all graphical concept refer to good old and very popular manga style. When you visit Corvus Belli web page or take a look inside any of books – you’ll get the idea. The future offered in Infinity is somewhat different than dark grim 41st Millennium of Warhammer. Infinity’s is rather plastic and clean. Full of  pretty girls and handsome boys. It looks little bit like pop video – where everything is so clean and shiny. Even war on distant planets;).


Please, don’t get me wrong – I love Infinity miniatures. For me they are the best for making break from any of GW models. Infinity are different, but great to paint. Demanding, but rewarding. My Nomads Bakunin faction is slowly growing – many minis left to paint, and in my head I already started to plan ahead… what faction should I get next. Oh, yes, Infinity is sort of my thing. And I haven’t played it before, can you believe it? I only can imagine what will happen when I start play it. I’ll be into it as deep as possible. My wallet will weep…

However, some Corvus Belli sculpts are… let’s say… at least weird. Can’t give you many examples right now – I would have to made a research, but there’s no need to investigate far – take a look at the miniature I painted recently – Reverend Moira.

Her pose – rather controversial (why is she mooning? 🙂 and for the SF nun she wears indecent clothes (nun in throngs – she looks like some kind of teenage fetish wet dream or something;). And of course – big gun! Do you know “Nude Nuns with Big Guns” movie? No? I haven’t watched it, but I’ve peaked at the trailer. Looks awesome! …but I do not think nunsploitation fit to Infinity fluff.


And ‘mooning’ pose looks stupid. What exactly made her to show everybody her almost naked butt? Or, maybe, let me rephrase, who forced her to wear almost no clothes to war? (rhetorical question – answer is: miniature designers and sculptors;). Smart girl would cover her butt – when the time comes and bullets are flying around, you can be pretty sure that some stray bullet will go were it shouldn’t have.

And the funny thing is – Corvus Belli offers plenty of sensible female models wearing proper combat suits. We don’t need to seek far – take a look at Reverend Custodier from the same faction. Proper armour, pants, coat – everything is at the place where it should be. Reverend Moiras seem to be Custodier’s naughty version.


Reverend Custodier.

Well, despite all my doubts, it’s still highly sculpted miniature. Usual number of details. Top quality job. And it is part of Bakunin Starter Box set. So, for all Bakunin Nomads collectors, it’s pretty obvious choice for Reverend Moira model. And, well, maybe I’m exaggerating, and it’s not that bad? And, to be honest sexy female fantasy or SF characters are present almost everywhere. So, maybe it’s that what people want? After all, wargaming, it mostly ‘male’ hobby and Reverend Moira fits the target perfectly…


Bakunin Nomads Jurisdictional Force Sectorial Starter Pack, that includes Reverend Moira is available in Corvus Belli online store, or in many independent retail stores like Element Games.

For base, I used  designed for Infinity  – one of resin Urban bases from Micro art Studio offer.

Slowly I’m reaching the ending point, when I will be able to play Infinity with fully painted army. How exiting! Two-three models and I’ll be able to create 200-300 points fully painted and based force, and I could go for it full Infinity throttle!

Plans for the future. I have three Infinity models left with me. Sin Eater Observant, Reverend Custodier, Sniper Moderator plus Reverend Moira (however I’m not going to paint her right now, because I’ve noticed she lack one part – her coat. And I would like to cover her bottom with something:). So, no time to waste – back to work. I’m in the pretty good run, and It would be a shame to stop it now. 10 days to go – and here I come grey, cold Poland!

Until next time!


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