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Game of Travel – Australian and Asian Chapter. Summary

The time has come. Next week – 15th March – I’m going back home. It was great five months, during I’ve travelled many countries, I’ve met many people and played many games, but like all good things, the travel has to end at some point.

The original plan has changed a little – the idea was to end the journey in May 2016, but due to some unexpected social/family/work issues (nothing to worry about though!) we were forced to shorten our stay in Asia.

So, two months before scheduled departure, I’m going back to Poland. Another chapter on my blog is ending. Time to proceed. But before I move on, I’d like to summarise my far east journey.

My Journey in Numbers

5 months

I left Warsaw 21st of October 2015. Flight via Doha and Singapore to Brisbane, Australia. I’m going back to Warsaw 15th march 3016. That makes almost full five months of travelling, painting miniatures and meeting gamers somewhere out there.

6 countries

During that time I’ve been in six countries. I’ve started my trip in Australia. I’ve visited Brisbane, Sidney, Katoomba, Adelaide, Kangaroo Island and Cairns. Next – Indonesia (Bali and Jakarta), Singapore, Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur and Georgetown). Thailand, where I’ve visited Bangkok, Koh Lanta nad Koh Chang, and finally – Philippines (Panglao, Bohol and Manila). Of course, whenever it was possible I was looking for stores and opponents to play any game .

8 stores

…in 5 months. Wow! It was nice. I’ve met plenty of awesome fellow warmongers around. I’m always happy to see, that wherever I go I see people with the same interest – collecting, painting miniatures and playing games. This is rather obvious – wargamers all around the world, but it never seized to amaze me that the commitment for the hobby can close and unite folks anywhere on the the planet.

Started from Australia. I’ve been in two stores out there. First was –Military Hobbies in Adelaide, and second – The Wicked Goblin in Cairns. At first, I wanted to look for stores in Brisbane and Sidney, but the thing is Australia was my proper holiday time. I barely have been painting during three weeks over there – I have been mostly focused on leisure, chasing kangaroos, hugging koalas, snorkelling on Great Barrier Reef, and walking around The Blue Mountains. No time for hobby…


No time for hobby…



My next stop was Singapore. I was there only two days, and to get to Gamers @PI store I needed to hurry up. I had only few hours – and literally, I had to run at some point to get there before closing hour. It was totally worth it. I’ve  met awesome guys there and even had the chance to play quick game of Warhammer 40k.


After Singapore I’ve flown to Bangkok, Thailand. Well, Bangkok – the city where traffic is never ends (to be honest – it’s completely normal in many Asian Cities – I had the same in Jakarta (even worse!) and Manila. But only in Bangkok I’ve spent almost an hour in the taxi 8 km ride to get to Battlefield Bangkok store.


Jakarta’s Fantasy ‘n Games store was the next place. Small store, but I had one of the best respond there for my proposal of playing a game. As I had very little time in Jakarta (only two days), I was able to find the time for only one game of Warhammer 40k. If only I could stay little bit longer – I had some options to play one or two more 40k games, Age of Sigmar battle and Malifaux. Next time, hopefully!


Next – Malaysia, one of my favourite country I’ve ever had the pleasure to visit. I got to two stores there. First – Kuala Lumpur’s finest hobby place – Wira Games and Hobbies, where I have learnt what could mean dedicated store owner (Mr Chang, respect!). And second – Red Comet in Georgetown, where guys decided to drop Age of Sigmar completely (I got 50% discount on fantasy models! Nice!).


red comet

And finally, Manila, Makati district and Neutral Grounds. One of the stores from chain of NG all over the Philippines. Big salute to Ian, fellow blogger, owner of Pinoy Wargamer.


5 games

During last 5 months I’ve played only 5 times. I made some nice friendships and contacts in Australia and Asia, and I only had more time, I probably will more. I’ve played only Warhammer 40k. All of my five games. It wasn’t intentional – it just happened. And let’s face it – Warhammer 40000 is most popular game system worldwide. Everybody were so open and willing to play. Wargamers all over the world – you are the best. And 4 of 5 games I used borrowed miniatures. Big thank you for that.

First game, I’ve got in Adelaide, Australia where I’ve played with Kym, owner of the blog We’ve played 2nd edition of WH40k (top edition!). Blood Angels vs Space Orks (read battle report here).


Blood Angels vs Orks in Adelaide, Australia

Next was game in Singapore in Gamers@PI. My Blood Angels vs Raven Guard. Small points (750) but the game was great. Battle report – here.


Blood Angels Terminators vs Raven Guard. Singapore

Third game. In Battlefield Bangkok – Blood Angels vs Chaos Space Marines. Battle report.


Blood Angels vs Daemon Prince. Bangkok, Thailand

Forth game. In Jakarta’s Fantasy ‘n Games against Gerald and his Eldars. Top game and I was so close to wreck The Wraith Knight! So close! (battle report here).


Blood Angels offensive in Jakarta. Indonesia.

And finally – 500 point battle against Space Marines in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The battle was really fast – more like a clash, so no battle report from this. I made it’s shorter version just to get you guys the idea how fun it was – it’s part of this post.


Execution of traitor Liblarian in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The balance – 1 win and 4 defeats. Not so good, but what a hell the fun I got from these games was top.

And every next game my models were more and more prepared for battle. I brought with me one squad of Tactical, one Terminators squad and Sanguinary Priest. I managed to finish them all, right after last battle. If you look at my reports closely in chronological order, you can see all the progress. And talking about painting minis…

Painted Miniatures

As this is painting blog, there is no way I could make a break of painting minis for 5 months. And let’s be honest – travelling and painting – this is awesome. My backpack is little bit heavier, but what a hell, I’ve taken with me lot of miniatures to paint.

I have been equipped perfectly. I had enough paints and brushes, and sufficient number of minis to paint for entire stay in Asia. Now, once I return to Poland little bit earlier – I can tell for sure – it was more than enough.  To this day I’ve painted 42 miniatures. Warhammer 40k, Warhammer Fantasy, Infinity, Malifaux and Wolsung.  42! How Cool!


Sanguinary Priest. Painted on Bali. November 2015

plague priest

Skaven Plague Priest. Painted in Thailand. December 2015


Zero – painted in Thailand. January 2016

mr cheng

Mr Cheng – painted in phillipines. February 2016


Baby Kade and Candy. Thailand. February 2016

I could regret that I haven’t paint all. I have still unopened box full of Skaven Plague Monks and Slaanesh Daemonettes. If I have stayed in Asia for two more months  -probably I would have done that. Especially Plague Monks are my major regret.  I need them to prepare Clan Pestilens Skaven army list any time soon. So, right now they are on the top of my painting list.

Yeah, I have been painting a lot. Basicly, for a most of any spare time. No video games, no films, and, sadly, only 5 battles… No worries though – I love paint. And every next mini made me better painter.

Please check my recent entries (in last 5 months) to see what exactly I’ve painted.

What’s next?

To be honest, I’m not entirely sure. Right now – I’m back to Poland. But for how long? I don’t know – most probable scenario – 6 months and in the fall, we will head somewhere. There is some unclear plan to move to Barcelona for some time. Always loved that city, and there seem to be pretty strong community of gamers, right?

…but living in Barcelona mean that there will not be a lot of travel. At least not long distance trips. However, there are plenty of countries to visit in Europe. Like Norway or Italy. That’s right – going to visit Oslo next weekend and Bologna in April. Hell yeah. Any players out there?

Still, I have to show few of my recent works here. In next few days there will be few updates in that matter.

So, that’s it – my last 5 months in numbers. It was pretty crazy time, but really fun. Big shout out to all fellow gamers I’ve met. It was a pleasure!

And for now – cheers from Koh Chang, Thailand. Next week at the same time I’ll be in cold Poland.

Until next time!



  1. Good to see our game again — reminds me I started to write a battle report also but never finished it!

    Hopefully I’ll see you again next time you’re in Australia… or when I’m in Europe 😉

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