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Bakunin Sniper

Ok. Back to Infinity. Actually few weeks ago, when I was still in Thailand, I painted three Infinity Nomads miniatures. So, be aware this is no recent miniature. One of the three – it was this Moderator Multi Sniper.


The Sniper of Nomads Jurisdictional Bakunin Force is kind of not usual model, when you think about usual Infinity sculpts. My first impression is always like – dynamic poses, sculpted fragile, with so many elements so difficult to pin, glue and assemble. And this guy? Crouched, hidden behind the cover. Easy to get it together, easy to paint and easy to transport (unlike many other miniatures from Corvus Belli!).


I bet it looks cool  on the battlefield. Deploying this guy on the rooftop of the tallest building, watching for all area, controlling every enemy move. Very cinematic. The only problem is that he’s nothing like this Hollywood sniper bad-asses with crazy awesome shooting skills. He’s just simple mediocre Moderator. He will not take total control over entire battlefield. Too bad.


About painting job. I went to different direction than offered by referrer official photo from CB. My moderator is blond. After painting few Blood Angels, I got used to painting blond hair, so it’s the time to make this colour flawless. I’m going to paint more and more blond guys and gals in near future to get better in this. The Moderator with his blond fuzz and wide chin looks like Eastern German Olympic National team member. Of course, any similarities were unintended:).

Rest of the colour scheme is the same like all of my Moderators.

Armour – white. As base Administratum Grey, highlighted with mixture of AG and white. I applied enough layers to make the surface look white. The trick is to mix the paint with water and put few thin layers instead of one thick. The Armour gets that way smooth look and you don’t see any unnecessary brushstrokes on the model. I added also little of OSL emanating from small power diodes in the armour and the gloves.

Skin – Kislev Flesh washed with Reikland Fleshshade. Lightened with thin layers of KF and mixture of KF and white.


Cover. My first idea was to paint it with some metallic paints, as it would be made of steel or any other metallic compound. But later I got this idea, that if the cover would be made of concrete, I could add some weathering effects, damp path, rust and bullet holes. So, as the base colour – Mechanicum Standard Grey, washed with Nuln Oil and Aghrax Earthshade, drybrushed with Administratum Grey. Next, I added some stains of old rusty water and oil. And few scratches and bullet holes. That way – the cover look as proper as it only can be! Providing protection for the sniper:).

This is my sixth moderator for my small Bakunin force. This is sufficient number, I suppose, they provide me enough orders to dominate the skirmish. My Infinity is slowly growing strong. Beside Moderators, two Reverend Custodiers, Reverend Moira, Prowler, Sin Eater Observant and Zero. Good Starting point, I think. I will follow next with more additions to the force – more Reverend Moiras, Daktari, Riot Girls, maybe Kassandra Kusanagi. So many options, so many models to choose. And I tell you painting Infinity miniatures is a real pleasure:).

Now, time for a game:). The community in Warsaw is strong. It’s going to be easy to find tutor patient enough to teach such a newbie like me:). In about two or three weeks…

The Moderator Multi Sniper is available in Corvus Bellis official online store and in many independent retail stores like Element Games.

Base is designed for Infinity resin product from Micro Art Studio. Urban base. Simple but perfect for any Infinity miniature.

Plans for the future: Soon I’ll post remaining two Infinity models that I painted in Thailand, and will follow with more current projects. And what is at the moment? Mostly Skaven. Two events ahead: 2000 points battle of Warhammer FB 5th edition against Dwarfs and 8th edition mini tournament  (600 points with only one hero choice). I need some new stuff for my rats! Plague Monks and Lord Queek The Headtaker – Dwarf killing machine:). I have time until April 16th. Totally manageable:).

Until next time!


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