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The Eater of Sins.

Busy, but exciting month behind me. Few games, few miniatures done (just waiting to be photographed and presented here), and then I’ve realised that I still have one more (the very last) model, that I’ve painted in Thailand, back in early days of March 2016 (or even in February).

I’m referring to Sin-Eater Observant for Nomads, Infinity, one of the last models I plan to paint to support my Nomads, Bakunin force. At least for some time. My other projects require my unwavering attention. (disclaimer: Infinity players do not read that!;). Blood Angles is number one priority right now.

…but let’s stick to Sin-Eater Observant for now.

Next week, I’ll finally get my first tutorial game of Infinity. Found the guy willing to spare few hours for me and teach the mechanics in actual gameplay. I was prepering myself for some time now. Reading rules and watching tutorials and battle reports, but there’s nothing like the living tutor to show you what Infinity is all about. So, next week, Wednesday or Thursday, I go to Infinity classes:).

I was prepering for this moment since summer 2015, when I bought my first few Infinity models and started to paint them,. Right now, I have around 200-250 points of  Bakunin, and Sin-Eater is my latest addition to it.


I believe, armoured Sin-Eater with Heavy Machine Gun sounds like fun for the first game, but on the other hand could be too expensive option (34 points) with 2 Support Weapon Cost of 4 total. It could be hard to fit him for such small points, but shoot! The model is so nice. Big scary fellow with even bigger gun. What else could be better in war?

…and let’s face it – painting Sin-Eater Observant was nice different deal, after all those Nomad girls in tight clothes. I always am for gender equality, even in SF miniatures games;).


So, maybe I’ll use Sin-Eater in my upcoming game or not. I don’t know how many points or models I will be using, but I’m glad that Sin-Eater will be in my case, ready for deployment.

While painting Sin-Eater Observant, I was improving my OSL skills. Slight glowing lights from the gloves diodes and the visor are recurring effect in many Bakunin Nomads models. So, I had the opportunity to paint  this many times, but I’m pretty sure that even in case of such simple effect I could get better and better.


Sin-Eater had unusual shape of the visor. More like horizontal gap trough all helmet. To made OSL effect, I used Temple Guard Blue as base colour for the visor and area around. The thing is to made the glowing light effect more natural, the glow need to be concentrated inside the gap and outside it is fading. To represent this, I mixed TGB with white. Further from visor, the glow is disappearing. So, for 3 layers of mix – TGB and white, I added more white in every next layer. And here it is. Still might look better, but it’s improvement. I tell you that. And what do you think?

General colour scheme of Sin-Eater is the same as most of the Bakunin models (I followed the scheme from official referral photos of Corvus Belli). White armour and coat. Pants are dark grey with some metal effects. Gun is black.

Speaking of gun – I could have painted it better. Now, when I look at the photo, I see the edges are too dark and there is not enough contrast comparing to rest of the HMG. You just need to take my word for it – in real life it looks better.

Base is from my favourite base producer – Micro Art Studio and it’s Urban designed for Infinity resin bases range.

Sin-Eater Observant is available at official Corvus Belli online store or in one of retailers like Element Games (our affiliate partner).

What’s next with Infinity?

For now. Small break. at least few weeks, and then… time will tell. For sure, I’ll continue to work on the models I already have – Reverend Moiras, Cassandra Kusanagi, Morlocks. And then – I’ll expand… TAGs, I’m coming for you!

Plans for the future: This week – time for Infinity. Pretty exited about this. I promise, you will hear from me as I plan to write my first impression of the game. Beside that, I continue to paint models for my Ebay page. I’ve sold some already, so it was pretty encouraging, and I have the proof it was good idea to start selling painted models (that I don’t need). And then – back to Blood Angels!

Until next time!

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