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Battle Report: Warhammer 40k – Blood Angels vs Dark Angels (1500 points)

It’s been some time since the last battle report I wrote and I must say, I really missed that:).

The next battle – Warhammer 40000 Blood Angels vs Jan’s Dark Angles 1500 points was part of our local narrative campaign – Fading Suns of Corinth Sector. First of the series of 6 to 8 battles.

The story so far: Ancient race of Necrons set up their mysterious machinery that require massive amounts of power. Star after star was drained of the energy to fuel up the device. Mystery of fading  suns of Corinth caught attention of wise men from all over Empire. Several Space Marines chapters were sent to investigate. Greenskins followed them, hoping for  good fight…and Chaos… they have their own secret agenda there…


My Blood Angels faced Dark Angels in the first turn of the campaign.

1500 points. Battle Forged Armies.

Blood Angels defend in this battle. 50% of the army set up normally in the deployment zone. Second half is in the reserves and enter form the second turn with usual reserves rules.

Dark Angels do not deploy in normal fashion, but all army starts in reserves. 50 % of the force makes reserve rolls starting from first turn entering from their edge of the table, and rest enter from the second turn (making reserves rolls) from any edge they wish beside Blood Angles deployment zone.

Victory Conditions

Blood Angles need to stop Dark Angles from getting to their base. For every unit of Dark Angles destroyed or outside Blood Angels deployment zone, Blood Angles get 1 Victory Point.

Dark Angels get 1 Victory Point for each unit inside Blood Angles deployment zone at the end of the battle.

Secondary Objectives: Slay The Warlord, First Blood.

General rules: Night Fight, Reserves, Random Game Length

Both armies are allowed to use their force head commander.

Background story

‘Brother Captain!’ yelled Seargant Marius trying to outshout sound of Stormraven’s engines ‘The base is set up! Our forces will be fully deployed  in next four hours!’.

‘Perfect. Thank you, Marius! Carry on!’ said loudly Captain Sendini.

Designated as Chief Commander of Blood Angels expedition to Corinth sector, he chose second planet of Corinth 12 system as the base of strategical operations. Perfect location to launch raids against any threat might occur in the sector. Blood Angels forces were deploying at the moment in their new base…

‘Brother Captain! Reports are incoming! Multiple hostile contacts north of the base site!’ reported Sergeant Marius all of the sudden.

‘What? Here? Who, on Throne of Terra, are they? And what they are doing here?’ asked back Captain Sendini.

‘Unknown, Sir. So far, report are unclear, but whatever they are – they are closing fast to the site.’

‘Land Stormraven right away! Brothers, prepare yourselves! We deploy now!’ ordered Captain Sendini.

Stormraven engines roared and the flyer speed up. The deployment needed to be stepped-up. Something tricky was happening down there and Blood Angels want to be prepared for whatever lurks in the dark of the night.

Blood Angels Force


Base force

10 Tactical Squad (Sergeant with Power Fist and Storm Bolter, Heavy Bolter, Melta Gun, Rhino)

10 Tactical Squad (Sergeant with Power Sword and Bolt Pistol, Heavy Flamer, Grav Gun, Rhino)

Furioso Dreadnought (Blood Talons, Melta Gun, Storm Bolter)

Predator (Twin Linked Lascannons, Lascannons Sponsons)

Reserve Force

Stormraven “Fury of Angles” (Twinlinked Lascannons, Twin Linked Multimelta, Hurricane Bolter and Stormstrike Missiles)

Captain Sendini of 5th Company (Terminator Armour, Storm Bolter, Thunder Hammer) (Warlord – Trait: Descent of Angels)

5 Terminators

Chaplain Adeodatus (Jump Pack, Crozius Arcanum, Bolt Pistol)

6 Death Company Squad (Jump Packs, Chain Swords, Bolt Pistols)

All army is in Baal Strike Force Detachment.

My army is unfortunately unpainted here. My Blood Angels are in the beginning of army building process, so they look so not ready. Sorry for that – but in such friendly and informal competitions like this campaign I can’t expect from everybody to have painted models. And beside that – it’s great opportunity to make from this painting challenge:) (link here).

Dark Angels Force


First Reserve Force

Captain Astoran of 3rd Company (Artificier Armour, Power Fist, Plasma Pistol)

10 Tactical “Zachariel” Squad (split in two Combat Squads) (Sergeant – Plasma Pistol, Plasma Cannon, Plasma Gun, Rhino)

10 Tactical “Aswaren” Squad (split in two Combat Squads) (Sergeant – Plasma Pistol, Plasma Cannon, Plasma Gun)

6 Ravenwing Bike “Tamariel” Squad (in two Combat Squads) (Veteran Sergeant – Power Fist, 2xPlasma Gun)

Second Reserve Force

Librarian Abrahor (Master Level 2, Terminator Armour, Storm Bolter, Force Staff)

2 Ravenwing Land Speeders (each: Multi-Melta, Assault Cannon)

5 Deathwing Terminators “Ishakael’ Squad(Assault Cannon, Chain Fists)

5 Deathwing Terminators “Cephesus” Squad  (Assault Cannon, Chain Fists)

Army detachment: CAD

Ravenwing Bikes and land Speeders are part of Ravenwing Attack Squadron Formation.

Deathwing Terminators and Librarian Abrahor are part of Deathwing Redemption Force Formation.

Turn 1 (Blood Angels)

It was dawning. Small detachment of Blood Angles waited with anticipation for visual confirmation of hostile contacts. It was assumption. It must have been enemy. Some vicious Xenos race most probably. The fact they arrived at the exact moment, when Blood Angels were setting up their base here, was more than clear. They had no friendly intentions.

Blood Angles divided base defence force into three smaller battle groups. On the west – solitary Furioso Dreadnought were designated to hold the flank. On the east – two Tactical Squads, and in the middle of the base – Predator.

The force were small, but the was no way to predict at which point enemy will try to enter the base, so scattering the squads around the base was essential.


Waiting for enemy to come…

Now, no other choice, but wait…

Turn 1 (Dark Angels)

Nobody could expect that. With the first light of dawning sun, from the north some fading silhouettes started to approach the base. There was something similar in them… and when the visual contact was finally reached, it became obvious that this will not be usual skirmish fight.

The silhouettes – they were Dark Angles Astartes! They were coming, and they started fire at Blood Angels!

Dark Angels enter the battlefield in two groups. Western group – Tactical Squad divided to two Combat Squads and two Squadrons of Ravenwing Bikes.


Dark Angels western force.

Eastern group – Tactical Squad (half of them in Rhino, led by Dark Angles Captain) and second half outside transport (they ran into forest to get perfect firing spot).


Dark Angels on the east.

Once enter the battle, Dark Angels set up their positions and started to fire. No question asked, no hesitation. Only bolts.

On western flank, Bikes and Tactical Squads open fire at Furioso Dreadnought. Equipped with Plasma Guns,  they had the means to penetrate the hull of this armoured walker. The means are not enough though – the accuracy is what they lacked this time. Both shots missed Dreadnought this time. Better luck next time. Dreadnought marched forward intact.

Turn 2 (Blood Angels)

When Capitan Sendini received information about Dark Angels presence on the surface, he ordered to send additional units to the ground ASAP.


Battlefield – turn 2.

First to fight, and first to die, as always – Death Company, under the commandment of barely sane Chaplain Adeodatus. They landed first, dropped down using their jump packs, on the east near the Dark Angels Tactical Squad hidden in the forest. They opened fire – but trees provided the sufficient cover to Tactical – no one got even slight wound. Chaplain Adeodatus was prepared his Company to assault any moment soon.


Death Company has landed.

…but meantime more Blood Angels proceed towards Dark Angles. Both Rhinos moved full throttle ahead. Dreadnought ran as fast as possible to get to close combat, before destructive plasma beams will melt his hull.


All against Dreadnought.

…and finally Predator – steady manoeuvred and aimed  carefully all of its cannons at Rhino, where Captain Astoran were embarked.


Predator aiming…

The lasbeam blasted straight to the front of the Rhino and penetrated the hull right in the middle. The engine was hit directly, causing huge explosion! Both, driver and gunner were killed at sight. 3 Space Marines from Tactical Squad also died in flames. Captain Astoran and two Marines managed to jump out the tank before the blast occurred. Lucky for them.


…and Rhino is wrecked.


Removing first causalities.

Turn 2 (Dark Angels)

Dark Angles fury is terrible. Especially when Deathwing appears from thin air teleporting straight into the heat of battle. Enemies of the chapter stand no chance against these heavy armoured and fearless Terminator Space Marines.

Do Blood Angels are resilient enough to make a stand against legendary Deathwing?

First squad of Dark Angels Terminators led by Librarian deep struck right in front Death Company. Second squad behind the Blood Angels Tactical Squad.


Deathwing has arrived!

At the same, eastern flank, Captain Astoran and rest of the Tactical Squad crawled out the wrecked Rhino, and moved toward Death Company.

Tactical Squad hidden in the small forest opened fire at Blood Angels Tactical (disembarked from Rhino few moments ago). Heavy Plasma heat blast covered almost  all of Blood Angels Marines. The temperature rose rapidly at the level so intense, that nobody in the area could feel safe. Power Armour against the heat provides no save. 5 Blood Angles died in horrible spasms. Two more were shot with bolter. Total of seven. Almost entire squad were annihilated.


Plasma blast!

At the same time, Terminators gave all the lead they had to Death Company. Storm Bolters and heavy rounds of Assault Cannon – that was massive salvo at the elite fanatical Blood Angels Squad. The cloud of bullets hit Death Company hard. The casualties should be considerable. The power armour of two Astartes cracked in few places. Bolts caused heavy wounds, that in any other case should be mortal. But Death Company are known of their insane ability of Feel no Pain and ignore of such injuries. Their crazy eyes simply burnt with even greater rage.

Second Terminator Squad, fired all they had at Rhino. Transport vehicle hit from the back, was more vulnerable here – so no wonder, few hits turned out to be critical. The Rhino stood in flames.


Blood Angles Rhino in fire.

In the middle – Three Ravenwing Bikes rode close to Predator and shot their plasmas. Plasma heat is very destructive to any of vehicles, even such armoured ones like Predator. And if it hits one of the crucial parts like the engine it could case massive explosion.

And look at that, the worst case scenario for Blood Angles just occurred. Plasma hit direct into one of the exhaust pipes, blocking the fumes and causing chain reaction. Engine blasted and Predator stood in flames.  It was perfect hit from Ravenwing marksmen.


Blood Angels Predator destroyed.

And finally, last, but not least – the western flank. Here, lonely Blood Angles Furioso Dreadnought proceed toward Dark Angels line. Two Tactical Combat Squads and three bikes of Ravenwing fired at enemy walker.

Dreadnought covered with bolts and plasma blast from all sides, slowly moved forward. The hull was badly hit in few places, but no critical damage was inflicted. Dreadnought was closer and closer. If it gets to close combat- Dark Angles situation will start to complicate on this flank.

Turn 3 (Blood Angels)

Enemies beware! Captain Sendini has arrived! Stormraven “Fury of Angles” with Captain and his Terminators on board entered the battlefield in the middle section. Beloved son of Sanguinius, Sendini will finally unleash his wrath!


Battlefield. Turn 3

In the middle, Stormraven flew over the Ravenwing bikes.Captain Sendini with Terminators decided to stay inside the flyer for now – this seemed like a reasonable decision. Taking out  the enemies with cannons and missiles, finish them in close combat slaughter later.

Stormraven’s lascannons, hurricane bolters and typhoon rocket – they all were targeted at Ravenwing bikes. However these experienced bikers jink their rides to avoid the shots and only one of them was killed in this massive hellish salvo.


Stormraven with Captain Sendini comes in!

Even some help from Tactical Squad, which just disembarked from Rhino that approach from behind of wrecked Predator. No, Ravenwing avoided all bullets, laughing at helplessness of Blood Angles and their lousy ballistic skills.

Eastern side. Remaining two Tactical marines moved to the forest. As soon as they took proper position, they aimed at Captain…. and actually they made quite a good call, cause one of the bolts wounded Captain of The Dark Angels in the shoulder. It wasn’t something to worry about, but still. Way to go!

Meantime Death Company jumped in the air and fell upon Deathwing Terminators hidden in near forest. Driven with rage they totally forgot that using jump packs in the wood could be dangerous. Chaplain Adeodatus right before the landing,  lost his balance and tripped over one of the branches. I know, clumsy behaviour for the proud Astartes, but it can happen even to the best. He was still quick enough to regain his position and stand ready to fight against Dark Angels.


Death Company charge!

‘Hey, Blood Angel! How about you stand against me, Brother Abrahor of Dark Angles? You will at least know who killed you!’ – shouted Abrahor, Librarian in Dark Angles Chapter, issuing honourable challenge. Chaplain Adeodatus did not hesitate even for a moment and charged with fury. Abrahor simply stepped aside and dodged all poorly prepared attacks of Adeodatus, and struck back with grace. Power Staff hit straight to the chest, causing failure of all systems in the power armour. Adeodatus electrified by the charge, fell down with no continuousness.

However, in the same time Death Company was cutting down all Terminators of Deathwing, well protected by their armour but way to slow to strike even one of raged Blood Angels. Chainswords were piercing trough the armour and the flesh. No Dark Angel survived this massacre. Only Librarian stood alone over the body of Adeodatus, seeing all his brothers killed by the raged enemy.


Death Company vs Deathwing Terminators.

Western side. Here, Furioso Dreadnought was alone against two Combat Squads of Tactical Dark Angels and three Ravenwing bikes.


Dreadnought – alone versus everyone.

So far, he managed to survive all concentrated fire. The final moment of truth was about to come. Dreadnought gained speed and running with fury, he charged one of the Combat Squads.They stand on the overwatch of course, and tried to shoot him with plasma guns. No way! All beams missed the charging walker! He hit Dark Angles with great impact, swinging his Blood Talons left and right. 4 Space Marines was shredded apart! No way they would survived this.


Dreadnought Furioso in action!

Turn 3 (Dark Angels)

Land Speeders finally arrived! Sound of turbines echoed over the battle, when they hoovered right over Deathwing Terminators and behind Stormreven, and right away shot all the missiles at “Fury of Angles”. Pilot managed to jink all but one melta beam, which hit direct at one of the hurricane bolters sponsons.


Land Speeder enter the battle.

On the west, Dreadnought simply finished last Space Marine daring to oppose him, and turn back to catch the next Combat Squad, which rushed forward to get some better position inside Blood Angels base site.


Onde Squad finished. Right now Dreadnought goes after the second…

Meanwhile, Ravenwing three bikes group turboboosted to join the second group of bikes, and all together turn around Blood Angles Tactical in the middle, and came from their behind.


Ravenwing bikes Squadrons are fast and manoeuvrable.

Blood Angels Squad were surrounded and stood in open field, with no cover to hide behind. From one side Ravenwing bikes shoot their bolters and plasma and from the east Plasma Cannon Marine took careful aim, hitting all squad directly. Screams of agony were heard even inside Stormraven, where Captain Sendini’s fury were growing stronger and stronger with every second. He will revenge death of his battle brothers!

Meanwhile on the East, Deathwing Terminator Squad were trying to shoot remaining three Blood Angels Tactical Marines hiding behind the trees. No way, the forest provide sufficient cover to not get killed. Terminators attempt were futile.

At the same time, Captain Astoran (and Sergeant of the Tactical Squad) finally  get into close combat to feel enemies of the chapter dying, crushed by his mighty Power Fist. However, we all know how unwieldy weapon the power fist is – if the foe is grabbed, there’s no chance he could survived this. The strength of the grasp is too high and deadly. But sometimes is easy to avoid to be grabbed, all you need is dexterity. Apparently Death Company Marines stricken by Black Rage had high levels of adrenaline and agility to dodge Captain Astoran’s attacks. He managed to catch and crush only one Death Company member (imagine that – Astoran hit 3 of 5 attacks and rolled two 1s to wound. bad luck, huh?). At the same time Death Company marines were filled with frenzy – like unstoppable train they continued their dance of bloody slaughter. Sergeant stood no chance and he was ripped apart by buzzing chainswords.


Captain Astoran and Librarian Abrahor versus Death Company.



Turn 4 (Blood Angels)

“Fury of Angles” descented to the ground level. The time was getting crucial. Being under heavy fire of Land Speeders, it was the time to drop of Terminators Squad. Captain Sendini ordered to hover near to the Deathwing Terminators squad, back ramp opened and Blood Angles Terminators jumped off the Stormraven ready to assault Dark Angels.

Captain Sendini led the way, swinging his mighty Thunder Hammer. Bolts were swinging in the air – Deathwing stood their overwatch firing all they had at charging Blood Angles. One of the charging Terminators was pierced by bullets in several places. Terminator armour failed to save his life. Another Astartes life was gone.


Deathwing on overwatch.

“By the Blood of Sanguinius!” cried Sendini and smashed the first of the Dark angles with the hammer killing him instantly. Nobody is safe when Blood Angles are striving with their Red Thirst. Sendini unleashed the fury inside him and alongside with his brothers Terminators brought doom upon Deathwing. Only one Dark Angel survived  charge of Blood Angles, while two Blood Angles Terminators fell ( one during overwatch and another in close combat).


Deathwing being wiped out.

Western Flank. Furioso Dreadnought followed Dark Angles Tactical Squad. After annihilating one Combat Squad, he was anticipating to deal with more enemies. He charged at them avoiding all plasma charges aimed at him, and entered the close combat. Blood Talons were tearing apart Space Marines daring to oppose him. They tried to throw grenades at raging Dreadnought, but all attempts failed. Dreadnought in combat was unstoppable.


Furioso Dreadnought in action!

In the middle, Stormraven after dropping Terminators Squad, fired all it has at one of Ravenwing Squad. Pilot was jinking to try to avoid all blasts from Land Speeder, so gunner had difficult job to target bikes. Bolts, Stromstrike missile and melta beams missed Ravenwing. And only fire support of near Tactical Squad made the difference. Salvo of bolts killed one of the bikers.


And on the east,  Captain of Dark Angles alongside with his battle brother Librarian Abrahor were hoping to get rid of Death Company threat. But no, Death Company still somehow survived attacks of Astoran’s power fist, and continued to inflict their attacks. Abrahor were literally surrounded by them! …but thankfully to his Terminator armour he remained safe.

Turn 4 (Dark Angels)

Captain Sendini and his Terminators left “Fury of Angels” right on time. Stormraven  was under constant heavy fire of both Land Speeders and it was certain that it’s going to be destroyed sooner or later. Pilot of “Fury” was tried his best to dodge the melta blasts, but there were too many exploding beams around. There were no escape. Two blast hit wing turbine and flyer started to peak down to finally crashed causing massive blow up.


Aim, shoot…


…and Stormraven is down.

In western flank, Dreadnought continued to annihilate Dark Angels tactical. They tried to throw Krak grenades at him, but in the heat of close combat, it’s hard to aim properly. Furioso killed two more Marines in return. One man left.

In the middle, remaining Ravenwing bikes were riding around last of Blood Angles tactical squad. They were firing all the time, bolters and plasmas. Common fact is that plasma guns tend to be unreliable weapons. If plasma weapon overheats, it could even kill the wielder. Such rare situation happened exactly when one of bikers shot at Blood Angles. Plasma energy bursted and went trough Power Armour, burning Dark Angel’s flesh and muscles to the bone. Horrible death.


Watch out. Plasma gets hot!

His comrades managed to kill one Blood Angel Marine though.

East. Captain Sendini personally crushed the skull of last Deathwing Terminator, and ordered consolidation to his Terminators Squad (actually only one survived Termiantor). They moved toward the Captain Astoran still struggling against Death Company.


Captain Sendini consolidate!

…and it was true struggle here. His Power Fist it must have malfunctioned. There was no other explanation (actually there was – Jan third time in the row rolled two 1s to wound🙂 to his  lousy attempt to get rid of Death Company.  At he same time, Abrahor, trying to cast Mind Worm, opened the portal to the warp, and something unpleasant happened.When the miscast is occurred, Perils of Warp lurk for unaware psykers to grab them into Immaterium. Abrahor  was affected by Mental Purge, damaging his mind and body in significant way.

Meanwhile, Tactical Squad hiding in the forest shot down one of the Blood Angles Tactical trying get into fight.

Turn 5 (Blood Angels)

Battle was closing to the end. Remaining Dark Angles were trying to get to Blood Angles base, and Blood Angels were try to kill as many foes as possible.

In the west, Furioso Dreadnought simply stomped over the last Dark Angel Space Marine. This flank was clear of any enemy presence.



In the centre,  Storm Bolter round of Rhino turret killed the Ravenwing biker, and rest of the squad failed to remain calm. Too many of Dark Angels died today – in such conditions, they totally lost it and turned their bikes around. Not a common sight among brave and proud members of Ravenwing.

East. Captain Sendini and last Terminator charged the Tactical Squad in the forest. Blood Angels Tactical joined him in assault. Together they tied in combat this potentially dangerous team (they were still in possession of plasma weapons), but they failed to wipe them out entirely. Only one Dark Angel fell in this combat, crushed by Sendini’s hammer.

His counterpart, Captain Astoran continued his bad luck run. Only one Death Company member were killed, and remaining three took advantage, that Abrahor got weaken by Mental Purge. They surrounded him, and attacked almost simultaneously. They swung their Chainsword with swift, and Abrahor had no chance. Too many attacks, too many enemies around him – even Terminator Armour did not protect him this time. Abrahor fell.


Liblarian Abrahor is dead.

Turn 5 (Dark Angels)

Dark Angles were loosing this. No doubt about that. Western flank were secured by Blood Angels (one Dreadnought to be exact), and few fight continued in other sectors of battle.

In centre, Ravenwing Bike Squadron rallied and assaulted at Tactical Squad. The rode fast and accurate. It was almost impossible to respond – the attack of Ravenwing is agile and deadly. One Blood Angel died, and no Ravenwing were harmed.


Ravenwing in close combat.

And finally, the east, Land Speeders had no proper target in the area. All Blood Angles were in close combat. Death Company were still opposing Captain Astaron. His frustration grew and grew to the insane level. He should have killed his opponents hours ago, but they still dare to stand against him. But this will end now! He concentrated, and strike with fury – this time the attacks were just right! Death Company were no more! They finally found their destiny. Their fatal doom!


Captain Astoran finally victorious!

Meanwhile Captain Sendini and his battle brothers, killed rest of Dark Angels Tactical Squad.

The battle was ended. Captain Astoran accepted defeat and he did not want to immerse his brothers even more. He ordered retreat.

…and Captain Sendini’s mind was puzzled. He was not exactly sure why Dark Angels attacked here. They were after all loyal subjects of Emperor. Or maybe they were not? Anyway, that was another mystery of Corinth Sector to be solved.

The End.

Victory Points:

Blood Angels: 11

Dark Angels: 3

Oh, yes my Blood Angles got many VPs, thanks to killing quite a few squads – two Tactical, two Terminators. And let’s be frank – not too many Dark Angles left to gain points by securing positions in my deployment zone.

Jan, thanks a lot for great battle!

On the other hand, the amount of bad luck that Jan got, was extraordinary. Two many rolls were rolled this day:) (better for me:).

This way I won the first battle of campaign. Not sure who I’m going to play against in next turn. Give me Orks, I want Orks. Please, Orks?

Once again sorry, for so many unpainted models on the battlefield, but such campaigns have their own home rules. And playing with unpainted minis are one of them.  promise, It;s going get better – after all this campaign will be my painting challenge:)

Until next time!



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