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Welcome to The Old World – Warhammer Fantasy Tournament

As general rule I don’t participate in tournaments. I am little  bit fed up of the idea of winning the game at any cost. The same army list as cheesy as possible, everything must work out like in the most precise clock. I had to win no matter what.

‘Victory is life’ as Jem’Hadar used to say. Yeah, it was pretty important. I stopped to take part in tournaments, around 6th editions of WHFB, as I got little bit bored with playing the same armies, same models, using same list all over again. Thanks, but no thanks. Not any more. I took a break.

I needed quite few year to change my approach to any of miniatures games. I realised that victory is not the most important factor (sorry, Jam’hadar…). Having fun is. And by having fun I mean, painting my entire army, telling the story and playing different army lists with wide diversification of models. And, believe me I never been so happy with the hobby as I am now. I paint my minis, I write battle reports and  my hands are finally not tied with urge of win. I can do whatever I want. Imagination, not rules, is the only limit. Hey, it’s almost like in Age of Sigmar, but better;).

So, imagine the surprise, when I, with my no competitive attitude, I decided to break my ‘no tournaments’ resolution. When, my friend Andrzej announced next Warhammer Fantasy Battle 8th edition tournament for April 16th 2016, I felt I’m in. I simply read the rules, and it was no turning back, I knew I will have great time there. Just read it and tell me what you think.

First of all,

Warhammer Warrior’s Code:

  1. Only Games Workshop models (as GW is not supporting WHFB any more, the least reasonable point of the code. Definitely out of date… but ok, we will still play GW game, so let’s leave it here).
  2. Only painted models (in most of Polish tournaments, unpainted models are allowed, and painted armies just get additional points… but here, look at that – paint or die! Love this rule:).
  3. Models need to have painted bases (same as above).
  4. Every model in the army need to be fully assembled (I’m not even sure, why on earth someone would participate in such event if you don’t assemble your miniatures. duh…)
  5. Army Lists should be based on Warhammer Fantasy Battle 8th edition rules and Army Books (excluding End Times).
  6. WYSIWYG is required on EVERY model (woah! I absolutely adore this point! I try to put in order this rule on every army, every model, every game I play, and I’m really glad this rule is on here:).
  7. Moving Trays are required (reasonable requirement if ask me).
  8. Unit fillers cannot exceed more than 20% of the regiment, and must represent something comparable to the unit’s models.
  9. No proxies.
  10. Conversions should be presented to the umpire for approval before tournament.
  11. Stick to Fair Play rules and respect your opponent.

Warrior’s Code made me think about participation. Requirement of WYSIWYG and painted models tempt me a lot… and then I read the specific rules for the tournament.

We will play Warhammer Border Patrol 600 points battles. Take a look, what is it.

Border Patrol

  • During preparation of Army Lists, players should ignore percentage limits.
  • No magical standards are allowed.
  • Only one character is allowed and he/she must be from Hero choice.
  • This character is the leader of the patrol (units are not able to use his Inspiring Presence though)
  • No Lords allowed.
  • No Battle Standard Bearer allowed.
  • The Leader can have only one magical item worth up to 50 points.
  • At least one Core choice unit is required, with following limitations: (20-40 infantry, 6-12 monstrous infantry, 10-20 war beasts, 10-20 cavalry). Next Core units are allowed to be used without these restrictions.
  • Only one Special or Rare unit is allowed with following limitations: (max. 20 infantry, max, 6 monstrous infantry, max. 10 war beasts, max. 10 cavalry, max. 3 monstrous cavalry)
  • No monsters allowed.
  • Only one war machine is allowed.
  • Swarms cannot have more than 4 bases.
  • Other army restrictions are off.

This is wicked! That kind of the tournament I would love. After really short inner struggle, I was in. I can have fun here, such restrictions should prevent really serious power gaming (reality of course happened to be rather different, but it’s the topic for separate post, I guess) and this event will finally bring me to base my Skaven army as it should be long time ago.

My Army List – Skaven 600 points

I really wanted to prepare something special for this tournament. Some new unit, I didn’t use before – well, what about Plague Monks? I needed to paint 20 of them and two weeks before I had zero models painted. At first I thought I will have lots of time, and there is nothing to worry about. Two weeks is plenty of time to prepare bases and paint Plague Monks in normal usual ‘above tabletop level’ way. However, it happened as always – there was not enough time, and unfortunately has to end up with good ol’ speed painting. Life.

Two weeks of basing and Clan Pestilens and I made it. Nothing fancy. Nothing to brag with, and eventually I have to sit over those and make them right. For now they have to be enough.

That is exactly what I chose for the tournament.

Plagrot Cyst – Plague Priest (Level 2 wizard, Two hand Weapons, Poison) 117 points

20 Plague Monks (Full Command Group, Two Hand Weapons) 165 points

20 Clanrats (Full Command Group, Light Armour, Shields, Spears) 120 points

20 Slaves (Some rusty weapon…) 40 points

Doomwheel 150 points

TOTAL: 592 points


My army.

I say…screw the competitiveness. Let’s have fun! Three small regiments provide little crowd on the battlefield. Nothing more. Oh, maybe, Plague Monks can mess up a little, but to be honest… no, too few of them.

Only Doomwheel has the potential to make a difference, but you know how Clan Skryre is with their creations… too chaotic and unpredictable. So, just finger crossed:). I can’t do anything else.

The Tournament -Welcome to The Old World vol. I

This event is supposed to be as first of many, that promotes Warhammer Fantasy Battle. Not Age of Sigmar or 9th Age, but still kicking WHFB. There are many players around, that they are not willing to give up on this game. I think as long as they is community – the game will go on.

Personally, I believe it will never die. The players might resign from Warhammer, move on to Malifaux, Infinity or whatever new is on horizon, but only Warhammer Fantasy has rich, developed, 30 years old world with plenty of scenarios to play. And, whatever many players say and think, it’s still has potential, especially right now, when no new rulebook or supplement will be published. We have what we have, and there’s no risk that HQ will ruin that with some new unexpected FAQ or errata;).

So, as long as there are handful of Warhammer players, Old World will go on.

Like during ‘Welcome to The Old World’ tournament for instance.

We all met in Warsaw wargaming club ‘Adeptus Mechanicus’. Really cool place that gathers local community among those popular games, and those little bit less known. There are regular meetings, tournaments, leagues in Warhammer 40k, Warhammer FB, Age of Sigmar, X-wing, Bolt Action, and let’s face it – anybody can play whatever they want.


Club is located in grounds of Airbus Military EADS PZL at Al. Krakowska 110/114. For details, please visit Adeptus Mechanicus webpage or their Facebook group.


We have at our disposal 8 nicely arranged tables with plenty of terrain pieces scattered around. All thanks to Andrzej, who was setting up all this the day before.

There was 12 participants. Following armies took part:

Skaven x 3 (!!!)

Dwarfs x 3 (!!!)

Vampire Counts x 2

High Elves x 2

Orcs and Goblins x 2

13. player without the pair was Andrzej himself, ready to field his Chaos Dwarfs. Unfortunately he was on the bench during all tournament.


Andrzej’s Chaos Dwarfs

Each and every player were about to play 4 games. Those with the highest number of Victory Points would be paired with other winners, and those with worse statistics will play other, let’s say, mediocre players;).


After 4 games – player with most VPs will be declared a winner. Simple as that. Unfortunately, after 2. battle I needed to make off. So, no medal for me, this time:).


Even though, two battles I played were awesome and I had splendid time. Border Patrol idea for the tournament were superb idea.


…and now I’d like to present you the battles I fought from my personal (Skaven) point of view:).

Background Story

Border Princes – Varenka Hills in flames

Lesser Brother Plagrot Cyst of clan Pestilens were sent to patrol Southern region of Border Princes  known as Varenka Hills (or whatever might man-things called this region of above kingdoms these days) by Plaguelord Skrolk himself. Reports indicated increased activity of many armies of above – Undead of few Vampire Counts families, Lords of Ulthuan, Dwarfs of Barak Varr, hordes of Greenskins and other Under-empire Clans. All here – at Varenka Hills. Something unusual definitely was going on, and Clan Pestilens did not want to be excluded from this.

Is it some ancient mysterious artefact were discovered? Or maybe manifestation of Chaos Gods revealed itself somewhere deep in the hills area (perhaps one of the Nurgle Princes)? Whatever was happening, Lesser Brother Plagrot Cyst and his small patrol had orders to find out.

Battle 1. Dwarf-things! Curse-curse on them!

Brother Plagrot had his orders. First of all, do not tie in useless countless skirmish with too many enemies… However, the temptation of spilling some red, thick blood of weaklings from kingdoms above was strong. Some pointy ear elf-thing, or annoying dwarf-thing. He want it so bad… The opportunity was about to come sooner than he expected.


Skaven army deployment.

Small force of Dwarf Engineer Yadri “Kingly-Stone” Grimlisson from Barak Varr were also in Varenka Hills. When Plagrot’s patrol were crossing some abandoned man-thing village, they spotted Dwarfs on the other side of the settlement. The confrontation was unavoidable. And Plagrot did not complain  – quite opposite. Despite his orders, he wanted to fight. Dwarf-things will die today. Die for good.


On the other side of the village, Dwarfs started to set up their firepower.

All Skaven units and hellish Doomwheel – Clan Skryre invention rented to Clan Pestilens for two loads of warpstone moved forward.


Skaven move forward, and all of the sudden Miners attack from the flank (as you can see, Doomwheel is behind the house – look for waving banner:)

Not quite sane, Plagrot had only one thing on his wicked mind. To stab, and spill the blood of those cursed dwarf-things. Slash their corpses, crush their skulls, cry in the glory of Horned Rat! In his frenzy he didn’t notice small tunnel in the right flank of his patrol force. Right in the side of rolling Doomwheel, small party of Dwarf Miners popped off the hidden tunnel and almost right away charged at it.


Doomwheel about to be attack!

Their mighty double-handed axes chopped off substantial part of wooden construction, and Skaven Warlock Engineers decided to withdraw. And imagine that – short legged Dwarfs caught in purse Doomwheel. Impossible, right? But it really happened. Even Plagrot couldn’t believe his own eyes.


Doomwheel fled and caught by pursuing Miners.

Meantime, unit of Clanrats and Plaguemonks were under constant fire from Organ Gun and Thunderers. Many brave (for real!) Skaven died this day, but thanks to the Horned Rat blessing of breed and fertility, they soon will be replaced by even braver and stronger generation of warriors.


Skaven march for glory…???

When, Plagrot saw destruction of Doomwheel, he turned the unit of his faithful brothers Plague Monks and faced Miners. From the back, Slaves approached. Eventually Dwarfs were charged from the front and back, only to be found in hopeless situation.


Miners surrounded form the front and back.

Surrounded from both sides, they lost their morale and flee as fast as possible. Caught and cut to the delight of Plagrot.


Miners surrounded and wiped to the last Dwarf.

At the same time, Clanrats, being fired round after round and despite heavy losses managed to reach Dwarf defence line. Dwarf-things should not be underestimated. That is the lesson to learn for all Skaven. Dwarf Thunerers held their ground and killed bunch of attacking rat men, and they weren’t able to prove themselves as worthy opponent.


Thunderers vs Clanrats. Soon to be chased off…

Sadly for Skaven patrol, Clanrats tuned their tails ad ran as far as possible.

Plagrot suspectedtreason. Dwarf-things were killing his Pestilens brothers with too greater ease. That was not supposed to happen! He ordered to march against Thunderers and Organ Gun.

…and Dwarfs were just standing and shooting. When Plagrot Cyst finally managed to charge at defending dwarfs – they were only handful of Plague Monks still alive.


Brother Plagrot Cyst, handful of Plague Monks and Slaves tried to make a difference. Futile attempt…

As could be easily predicted, Skaven were driven off with easy.

Lesser Brother Plagrot Cyst’s patrol was chase out. Disgraceful defeat…

Summary. As mentioned before, only Doomwheel could made a difference. However, Miners beat him in close combat on -1 combat result (and before that I rolled 2 for the strength of Lighting…). Doomwheel was destroyed and rest… let’s leave it without the comment. Oh, wait , one more thing – I got one the lousiest spell form all deck – pestilence Breath. Yay, more bad luck for me:)

Battle 2. Short legs, short live…

Oh, Unholy Vermin Lord…Oh, Father of Filth, Great Nurgle… why have you abandoned me in the time of need? – Brother Plagrot was starting to question the wicked ways of his divine patrons. While licking his wounds, he gathered the survivors of the encounter with dwarf-things and thankfully Doomwheel somehow was repaired by its Engineer and it was ready to roll.

…and well, just right everything was patched up, Pestilens patrol encountered the second  party from Barak Varr. Unit of Longbeards, Troll Slayers led by Rungni “Fire-Beard” Belgondsson, The Dragon Slayer and Gyrocopter, was another patrol from nearby Dwarf keep, ordered to investigate Varenka Hills.

Varenka hills were full of old settlements, and even older ruins remembering the times of Nehekhara. In such ruins, Plagrot Cyst’s Skaven was camping, completely unaware of incoming Rungni’s patrol.

Skaven Slaves and Clanrats were outside the camp looking for provisions, while Dwarf came. Gyrocopoter was flying around camping Plague Monks. And they could do nothing but shout with anger at it. Longbeards and Troll Slayers were coming, and there was only followers of Clan Pestilens and Doomwheel to defend. Even Plagrot was out the camp.


Dwarf-things incoming! All back to the camp!

Driven by insane frenzy Plague Monks seemed not to worry about the odds and marched forward to meet their ancient foes. Doomwheel also rolled, but its slightly damaged wooden construction was most probably malfunctioned, because it rolled right into the charging Troll Slayers.


Doomwheel charged by Troll Slayers.

Doomwheel ground two of them, but they were skilled and determined fighters. They destroyed it completely – Skaven Engineer was killed, rats chased away and the wheel just trampled…

…at this moment Brother Plagrot Cyst with Clanrats and Slaves got back to the camp. When he looked around, he turned furious! Dwarf-things again! Unbelievable! Dark Gods are mocking him! Enraged, he gave order to march.

Plague Monks charged at Longbeards, but without inspiring leadership of Plagrot (who temporary joined the unit of Clanrats), they were no match for Dwarf veterans of many wars. Dwarfs killed about the dozen of Skaven and Plague Monks all of the sudden lost their determination to fight and started to flee. Longbeards pursued, but they did not catch them.


Plague Monks fighting Lonbeards

Few moments later, Troll Slayers were already in close combat with Skaven Slaves, and Clanrats charged Longbeards. Gyrocopter were just flying around releasing the enemy  steam form the cannon.

Clanrats were fighting Longbeards, Slaves were clashed with Slayers, while Plagrot casted most horrible of all Spells of Pestilens – The Plague. Many Lonbeards died because of this spell, and this lethal disease spread with the wind, killing few Clanrats as well. And when everyone was suspected The Plague went out, suddenly, some of The Slayers and Slaves started to die in horrible agony! That was massive unexpected twist for both sides. Plagrot was proud. Maybe now, Father Nurgle will be pleased with this sacrifice and give him victory.

Unfortunately, the hope often deludes the foolish rat! Longbeards broke Clanrats from combat with ease, and Palgrot was stripped from his wishes and hopes in the matter of seconds.

Slayers killed all Slaves. However they also found death from the hand of Skaven. The last Dwarf standing – Rungni “Fire-Beard” Belgondsson said the words of the prayer to Grimnir and ran after Plagrot and Clanrats.

While Plague Monks lost their nerve totally and fled out of the battle, then Plagrot managed to rally Clanrats and persuade them to fight against dwarf-things some more. Clanrats stood no chance against Longbeards, but Plagrot hoping to take at least a piece of revenge over dwarf-things of Barak Varr. He and Rungni, the Dragon Slayer clashed in the challenge. Rungni couldn’t strike final blow against already wounded Plagrot, who doged all his attacks. And Plagrot Cyst scratched Dragon Slayer in several places with his poisonous weapon. In the matter of minutes, Rungni “Fire-Beard” Belgondsson was started to get dizzy, and he slowly losing his conciousness. But before he fell, he struck the final Deathblow at Plagrot and smashed the Skaven’s head with his mighty axe.


Rungni “Fire-Beard” Belgondsspn vs Plagrot Cyst

The short saga of Lesser Brother Plagrot Cyst of Clan Pestilens was over. There were no rat to remember his deeds, no rat to write down this. Everything was forgotten and lost. Clan Pestilens did not found out the mystery of Varenka Hills. And what was exactly? Who knows…

Summary. Well, I did it once again. Doomwheel exposed to charge distance (plus once again I rolled 2 for lighting strength) and it was taken care quickly of by Troll Slayers this time. We played Meeting Engagement scenario and I rolled Slaves, Clanrats and Plague Priest to be in reserves. 3 of 5 in reserves! Really!? On plus side, I drew Plague from spells deck and even managed to cast it successfully:) I also killed Dragon Slayer in the challenge (I try to forget the part that he killed Plagrot with his final deathblow. Yeah, never happened…).

Final Thoughts

Second battle was my last. I had to run. But there was still battles to be fought. Each player had 2 battles ahead. And after 4 battles – one winner with most VPs was announced. And look at that, it was one of Skaven players (yay!). Congrats to the winner!

Second trophy, for the best painted army went to Kris and his Orcs and Goblins. Amazing job, you deserved completely!


Kris’s  best painted army.

And me? I lost two battles, but I had extremely good time. I met few familiar faces, few new friendships started. Yeah, definitely good time:). Good work Andrzej! I hope you will proceed with volume II and III and even further editions! Fingers crossed!


Andrzej, organiser of the tournament and sole umpire. Good work, man!

Old World will never die!


  1. Great stuff – I love it that people are keeping WHFB alive around the world. I agree though it makes no sense at all to only allow GW models — I don’t think a could enter a tournament that had such a rule as all my armies (except maybe Space Marines) have models made by other companies.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hoagy says

    I saw the Warhammer Code once and took an instant dislike to it. I always used the proper models if I had them, but after that I started freely using proxies (even cardboard cut-outs for a friendly home game).

    As far as I am concerned, 8th edition will go on. I tried 9th Age, but wasn’t too keen on it for several reasons. The new designers (whoever they are) have their own bias on the game, and no special characters!

    I rushed to make sure my two armies (High Elves and Vampire Counts) are as complete as possible before GW trashes them completely, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to sell them off. I would have been looking at starting a third army if GW hadn’t pulled the plug.

    8th edition was a fine game (admittedly not perfect). We need to ensure that it stays alive.

    Liked by 1 person

    • using proxies is always personal decision. I try to use WYSIWG whenever possible. it adds additional depth to the game IMHO. but I never force my opponents to do the same. however form time to time – tournaments like that, with strict limitations are good for every party:)

      I have the same feeling bout 9th age – it’s not Warhammer anymore. I prefer to stick to older editions of proper WHFB, even if rules are sometimes broken…

      Keep Old World alive!


  3. Border Patrol sounds like a lot of fun, very similar to the Flash rules that we use for small wfb tourneys here (although 12 participants sounds like a dream, grin!)
    The lower point values and extra restrictions do help limit the really broken combinations a bit, but I think the biggest bonus in my local experience is simply that a lot of the guys still interested in playing 8th edition are way more interested in having fun than in winning. I see a lot more fun theme-filled lists than I used to, which is awesome.

    Liked by 1 person

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