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Letters to The Blood God

Hey again! Everything is splendid here. Working slowly over my new project (pictures soon) and meanwhile I have my another finished project.

Today, my beloved daemons of entire Warhammer Universe – The Bloodletters of Khorne!

I was big fan of Khorne daemons since 4th WHFB edition and Chaos box set. I was pretty new to Warhammer setting, and Chaos was…simply…wow!

All photos and illustrations were pretty big deal for me. Unfortunately, I was a young teenager with no funds to collect several armies at the same time (I was Dwarf guy these days), and Chaos was something out of my reach. Until release of 5th edition box – Realm of Chaos. That was a few years later, I got my first job and I can spend some extra money to get latest models of beastmen and daemons.

Especially, this illustration by Mark Gibbons caught my attention. Yeah, late 1990s were Chaos years for me thanks to this guy:)


Bloodthirster by Mark Gibbons

Oh, man! The Bloodthrister daemon was a big deal for me! I bought one, and then the other three Greater Daemons. …but the true affection of mine were The Bloodletters.


The models were the reason why I concentrated on Khorne for several months. Khorne Daemons themed army was my thing, and despite the fact there were not many options in that faction, I was sticking to it for good.

Two decades later – my all metal daemons sold, but the sentiment lasts. One casual visit at random wargames store and all of the sudden I have the box of plastic Bloodletters in my hands. What the…? 😉

The Plastic Bloodletters. Not as good as old ones but still awesome.


The skin

Comparing to the last models I was painting (Blood Angels Tactical Squad) the red skin of The Bloodletters Daemons is darker with many shaded areas that look almost black. To get that effect I used different red Citadel Paints. The base – Khorne Red mixed with Abbadon Black. Next Layer – pure Khorne Red. But subtle one, to get the effect of shaded recesses.

Now, the tricky part. To get proper highlights, I painted highlighted parts with Ceramite White with a little bit of Wazdakka Red. Gentle brush strokes with thin layers of that mixture. I was careful not to overdose this. When all the necessary areas were painted with white, I painted them with thinned Evil Moon Scarlet (it’s important that EMS is watered down a bit to cover the white areas but still to let all the layers beneath to be shown trough).


And voilà! We have nice red highlights that not look like pink. Plus they get along perfectly with shades in recesses.

Final step is to paint the edges, dots and horns with Wild Rider Red mixed with white. One more time – I was careful with not overdosing the paint. And Bloodletters work in 90% is done!

Easy job;).

The Swords

My idea was to paint the swords to catch the attention. The Bloodletters are dirty red, so to make the contrast – The swords should be bright and eye-catching. I’ve decided to paint them in fiery yellow-orange mixture. Like a flaming blades.


It was a simple technique of wet blending. I was patient while doing this. Transition from Mephiston Red on the bottom of the sword to Yellow/White top was made with several layers of different paints. The trick was to put the paint steadily and watch for transition areas to be as smooth as possible. When the paint is thinned and still wet, I could correct all flaws with the brush.

With skin and swords ready, all other stuff was just a minor additions.

The bases

Have I mentioned that I love Micro Art Studio bases? Several times already:). So one more time – big up for Micro Art resin bases. Bloodletters are based on Chaos Wasteland. The best setting for Khorne Daemons, don’t you think?


And I’d love to paint some more blazing lava. Hopefully in near future, I will have a bunch of Chaos Dwarfs to paint, and I can see them already on lava themed basing. This would be epic!

For now (sadly) I have no intention to collect Daemons. Neither Warhammer Fantasy nor Warhammer 40000. To many things on my head. So, these guys going straight to my Ebay. If you fancy them, they might be yours:).

Instead Daemons, I went full WHFB The Empire. In next post, I’m going to introduce all of you to my new army and post a few pictures of  first models.

Until next time!

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