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2019 Update

Well, that was a busy year, hobbywise. As usual, I guess… I got into way too many projects (both-personal and commissioned), and I was forced to balance everything. Hobby, work, family, travels… wrrr… And at the end, I found no time and place in my head to update this thing. I had no intention to abandon the blog for good, and I won’t, but probably it’s intended no to be updated so often… Shame on me:( …there will be updates though. Mostly about my recent painting jobs. No time for reports or other stuff. Too many things on my head… From now on, mostly photos and such… So what’s new on my side: Skaven   Wood Elves Goblins Necromunda Gang Escher … I painted definitely more stuff in 2019. I added most of it to The Gallery section of the blog.  For more often updates please follow me on Twitter and Instagram. Thank you:)

A Tale of Seven Gamers – Stage One completed

Yay! I made it! I completed the first stage of local painting challenge we organized at the end of the October. The goal was simple: to complete 500 army points until the end of January 2019. To check all the rules of our game, check this link. …and I did it, no sweat;). The road was a bit bumpy. First of all, the models I pledged to the challenge arrived to me December 18th 2018. The second, Christmas season is crazy time for me filled with other obligations. So called, serious (you can call it: not hobby related) obligations. The third, I was between my journey to Thailand and my next trip to Vietnam.  Basically, that two weeks were all about cleaning, assembling, priming and prepering my hobby kit for another trip. And believe me, it’s really time consuming. Anyway, I beat those odds, and I’m here to brag with my creations. Glaxo Slimslom. The Goblin King Oh, bow before your King! The Everking of all goblins, The Ruler of Old World, The Liberator of …

The Greenskinz are coming!

The painting challenge, I got into, is about to start, so it’s time to reveal my intentions. I got several unpainted armies in different states of completion. All miniatures are stored in boxes, cases or drawers, carefully organised by theme. There, are Undead, Dwarfs, Chaos, Chaos Dwarfs,  Space Orks…and a few more… they all should get my full attention one by one, slowly making a pile of unpainted lead a little bit smaller, but no… what I do?! I add another thing to the pile…Here I am -a self destructive hoarder 😉 It’s helpless case, so I don’t even pretend I’m able to do something with that. Luckily for me it’s not the point here. Instead let’s focus on my next big thing: The Waaghnificent Green Horde To be honest I always wanted to do this. And recently a few thighs happened that triggered the start. First, I mentioned the challenge I’m in – click here do read more about it. This is about painting honour. No retreat. Second, personal matter. Horde vs horde. My …