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Games of Travel: Warhammer Quest video game review (PC)

Travelling around, it’s fine. New places, new people – super awesome. My hobby life is suffering though. I have some miniatures with me all the time, I have paints and brushes – so, I keep myself busy all the time. Thanks to this blog, and its auto motivating function, I paint quite a lot. Of course, I could do it even more, but there’s always lack of time. But I’m not here today to talk about painting again…

I don’t play miniature games very often, when I’m on the road. Usually it means for me, around 6 months break from any gaming activities. Actually, this is my 3rd time when I’m out of Poland for few months, and I played  tabletop game (Warhammer 40k to be exact) for the first time during my travels! For me, it is not enough. So, my only alternative right now are video games.

I do like video games. I don’t play so often though these days. I prefer to spend my free evening in other way (like painting for example). But, from time to time, I’d  like to run some game and play. The problem is, my travelling computer sucks. It’s old Acer Aspire One D270 notebook with 2 GB memory, so not many good games could be ran at this piece of crap. It’s basicly should be used for work (which I use for), but definitely it’s not good for games. But with no other alternative, I was forced to make my computer a portable game console. Imagine that, during last few months I have travelled few countries by buses, cars and planes. I spent many hours in airport terminals or in the bus stations. So, good video game, that can be handled by my, so called, computer, is a time killer.

Recently one game particularly, has caught mine attention – Warhammer Quest from Rodeo Games. Probably you are aware, what is all about – it’s computer version of 1990s Games Workshop’s board game. The party of warriors explore dungeons, killing monsters and searching for treasure. Hero Quest game like.


System Requirements

The game runs so smoothly on my computer, like a charm:) Warhammer Quest is one of the games that doesn’t require any special and boosted hardware. It should run without any problems on most, even not very fast computers. My Acer Aspire One  D270 notebook ( three years old!)  took it nicely and I do not have even slightest lags. Minimum system requirements are: OS: Windows 7+ Processor: Dual Core, Intel Core i5 (3rd generation Ivy Bridge)+ Memory: 4 GB RAM Graphics: GeForce 200 series+ Hard Drive: 2 GB available space. Anyway, that what is Steam Store thinks:)  I have no more than 2 GB of RAM and my integrated graphic card sucks, and not to mention 1.6 GHz processor – and, like I said – not even tiniest issue with the game. So, do not believe Steam;).


In era, when the games looks like movies, or even like real life, it’s hard to judge graphic effects of such simple game like Warhammer Quest. I’m talking about flat 2D dungeon scenery and little basic 3D characters.


But this game doesn’t need more to be enjoyable. I tell you more, the graphic effects should be like that, and suit the game perfectly. With the engine like that, WQ could be launched with no problems on my junk computer – perfect portable RPG  game.

So let’s leave graphics out of this – the game itself is a nice piece of art.


I will be honest. When I play games, any type of computer games, I have the sound off. The reason is simple, usually I play on airports (waiting for the play), on the board of the plane, or in the bus. Or just when I can’t sleep. And I don’t like headphones that much, so I turn the volume down. And let me be honest one more time – usually music and sound effects in the games are more annoying, than pleasing.

Exactly the same thing is with Warhammer Quest. I have turned on the volume, for the first time while playing, just to get the better idea for the purposes of this review. All I heard during the gameplay is looped melody. Between the missions and when there are no enemies around – melody is calm, peaceful. And when the enemies approach – tempo is changing and music become more emotional. Like in the heat of the battle. Nothing ear catching in my opinion. Better option is to turn the music volume off and listen to your favourite band.

Sound effects are also very simple – steps when your warriors walking, coins ping, weapon slash, spell cast etc. Usual simple RPG sound effects. Some people may like it. I, personally, find it annoying and I keep it shut:)

…and finally Warhammer Quest Gameplay

I have to warn you at the start, I’m not entirely neutral here. I love Warhammer fluff, and I love such simple strategy/RPG point and click games, like Warhammer Quest. In the 1990s I spent countless hours playing WQ board game with my bother, with my friends, or when I got nothing to do, I played by myself.

That was fun! I miss this game. I even thought about buying it on Ebay or Amazon, but the price for it these days are crazy (not for my wallet, it isn’t anyway). When about two years ago, I found out Warhammer Quest was released for iOS, I hoped soon, it’s going to be on PC too (I don’t owe any Apple device…). That was it, in my opinion! I was thinking – this is super cool stuff – it would be awesome game on the computer. I’m a big fan of games like Final Fantasy Tactics or Ogre tactics. The idea for this games are exactly like for WQ board game – the group of adventures fight series of battles, gets experience points and gets levels up (better stats, new skills). So, that was my impression anyway. All I needed to do, is to wait for PC version of the game. And look at that – two years later – here it is! (released in January 2015). And I finally get it:)

Warhammer Quest Adventures start here!

Warhammer Quest for PC is not very demanding game. Simple game of strategy and role playing. You are given the command the group of 11 adventurers (they are called warriors in WQ) looking for fame and gold. In order to get that, they chose to wandering across The Empire and looking for quests.

adventurersStarting the game. Not many options here. You can feel it was emulated from iOS version. It’s as simplest as possible here. All you need to do is to enter the name of your group (default is: The Wanderers), and choose one of  the three difficulty levels.

  • casual. Combat is easy and your warriors cannot be permanently killed.
  • adventurer. Combat is challenging but your warriors cannot be permanently killed.
  • hardcore. Combat is easy and your warriors CAN be permanently killed.

I strongly recommend to start from at least adventurer level. Casual is too easy and boring.

After choosing the level of difficulty, you are already thrown in the middle of the adventure – the quest called: Squashing Bugs.

Exploring Dungeons

The game is super easy. There are 4 characters willing to explore dungeon, fight monsters and hopefully at the end they will find precious treasure. It’s all exactly the same like in the board game (bringing back the memories:). Locations are discovered segment by segment. Corridors and halls. Halls are usually inhabited by some monsters. Killing those monsters will give you gold, items, and experience points. Typical RPG business here. Do not expect fancy storytelling here. It’s basic entertainment and very repeatable.

 dungeon-2Turn after turn, you will get the same action. Monsters appear – you kill monsters (or die) – get the treasure, gold, exp – move to the next location. Repeat. The last hall usually is filled with more monsters PLUS The Big Boss. – better, tougher, meaner and harder to kill enemy. And at the end of dungeon, there is fancy, shiny magic object.

Monsters. In dungeons you can find several creatures from Warhammer bestiary. Orcs, goblins, skavens, undead and many other filthy monsters are giving you the hard time and standing on your way to fame and wealth.

monstersAt the beginning, where the party is not experienced – you will encounter lots of rats, bats, goblins and zombies. Your warriors are all starting from Level 1, so the game gives you the chance to survive, and the enemies aren’t very challenging.

When your warriors will level up, the monsters also become more badass, so don’t expect the same weaklings like on the beginning. Lucky for you, stronger monsters guard rarer and fancier magical items.

Treasure. During dungeon exploration, you will find plenty of several items. Lots of junk, ordinary pieces of armour or weapons. Food rations, potions,bandages and of course something magical too. Inventory of one warrior is divided into 3 sections: common, uncommon and rare items. Uncommon items offer better bonuses than common, and rare gives you…hmm… sometimes unique abilities.

inventoryEvery each of these sections have 4 slots ( so each warrior can carry 12 items). But remember, that you are not allowed to carry two pieces of same type of equipment e.g. two hand weapons, or two armours or magical amulets. It’s possible though to have more than one potions, rations or bandages. These  – you can carry as much as possible – you will need lots of these, especially in the first few quests. Many of those items are available only for specific class – for example staff is only for wizard, and elven amulets for….surprise, surprise…elves:).

  • weapons. are needed to kill monsters (obviously:). Both – close combat and range. Some weapons inflict additional damage or attacks, or give you bonuses to strength.
  • armours. There are three types: armour, shield and helmet. All of these give bonuses to toughness and/or wounds. Plus sometimes additional that depend on class – e.g. plus to power points for wizards
  • potions. There are several types of potions. Potions of health, strength, battle etc. By drinking the potion the warrior, revives extra point of specific characteristics. Other type of potion could be for example potion of fire – which is used exactly just like grenade – throw it at your enemy, and watch it burn:)
  • rations and bandages. these are useful, especially at the beginning of the game, when your warriors don’t have many wounds. Generally you need those to regain health lost due to unexpected encounters during travelling trough dungeons.
  • rings, bracelets, and amulets. different types, different advantages. It could be ring of health (healing abilities) or orb of Power (power storage for wizards).
  • other. many,many other items, not classified elsewhere. e.g. stakes to kill undead, or dwarf fire bombs to throw at monsters.

When you lucky enough to survive the quest and you are out the dungeon, you need to go to the one of Imperial towns, for resupply and rest.

The Empire

The game takes place in The World Old, in three provinces of The Empire: Stirland, Reiksland and Averland.

the-empireIn each of those provinces, there are several towns and cities. On the map you will find similar names like Altdorf or Nuln – it’s possible to visit them too!. In every town, you can visit few places between adventuring.


  • Market. On the market you buy and sell stuff. Simple like that – buy new weapon, armour, food rations and potions and sell all unnecessary junk, you have found in the dungeon.
  • Adventurer’s Guild. Here you can review the list of all warriors. The skills, statistics and experience levels. There are 11 of them, but only four could be chosen for adventures. If you are playing, on hardcore difficulty level – remember, the adventurers are mortal, and if the die, they won’t be available any more.
  • Training Grounds. In training grounds, warriors can go level up, when they gain enough experience points. With new level, some of your warrior’s stats go up and he gets new skills. Train the new level, cost money though! (second level 500 gold pieces).
  • Temple. Your warriors can pray here, to get the blessing for the next dungeon. Blessing could be for example: additional attacks or ability of ignoring incoming damage ( blessing could be activated anytime in the dungeon, and lasts only for one turn).
  • Go adventuring. If your businesses in the town are done, you can go for adventure again! On the map of The Empire, besides settlements, you can spot dungeons marked. If you feel ready, and lucky enough, go there and kill some monsters!


In Warhammer Quest there are 11 available characters. You have to choose 4 of them before entering the dungeon. But before every adventure, it’s possible to change chosen four. So, you can mix your party whatever you like, and that’s awesome because characters have different skills, stats and therefore their tactics are unique. And I’m not quite certain, who is my favourite! I like them all:

  • Sarrtar The Raven. Marauder. Crazy, crazy fighter! Tough guy, marauderhard to kill – probably the best warrior in whole group (in malee combat). When he goes berserk – he gets so many attacks, that he is able to kill up to 4-5 monsters in one turn! After levelling up, he will get plenty base  attacks, even without his berserker skills. I gave him, the beast weapon possible and he became walking killing machine. Unstoppable:)
  • Sethayla Winter Sorrow. Wood Elf Waywatcher. If Sarrtar is waywatcherthe best in malee combat, Sethayla is the best with ranged attacks. Just imagine female elf Warhammer version of Hawkeye. Later in the game she receives few additional ranged attacks, so she could eliminate anyone who give you a trouble, without even closing to the threat. Just like that!
  • Okri Halfnose. Dwarf Ironbreaker. First of two dwarfs in the ironbreakergame. And I think he is a little bit worse fighter than his fellow, Troll Slayer. Just one malee attack (after levelling up – he gets more), but form my experience I can tell you – he miss his attacks a lot! And I’m not sure why – maybe it’s just my bad luck…
  • Balthasil Arcanus. Grey Wizard. At the beginning, where all the grey-wizardadventurers have not so many wounds – Balthasil is essential. He has the best healing spell – Healing Mist. Without this spell is almost impossible to get trough dungeon without any causality. So, he should be included in any adventure, at least for first 2-3 levels of experience.
  • Boki Star-finder. Dwarf  Trollslayer. Another walking killing trollslayermachine, rather worse than Marauder – he has less attacks, but much better than Ironbreaker. In the town, he can visit Trollslayer Shrine instead Temple. In the shrine , he could get temporally (for one dungeon only). bonuses to random stats, which is really cool. For a cost of only 75 gold you can get + 1 toughness for example!
  • Pieter von Raukov. Warrior Priest. Mediocre character and not very useful character. Not very warrior-priestgood fighter, not many wounds, the only thing, what makes him special is his prayers. Few times he saved my ass with ‘Call of The Brave’ prayer (ward save for all the party, if the prayer is succeeded). But usually he’s one of my last choices for adventure.
  • Faelir. Archmage. Good wizard abilities. His defensive spell: archmagePhoenix King Protection saved my poor ass few times at the early stages of the game (giving me a ward save). And offensive spell: Star Lance killed many, many monsters – long range, and lots of damage – it’s painful for everyone. But if I need one wizard for my final four – I would choose Grey Wizard.
  • Reinald Fury. Bright Wizard. He has good offensive spells, like bright-wizardfireball for example (perfect for taking off enemy archers or wizards), but on the other hand he has no healing or defensive spells at the beginning, so you have to be careful when the only choice for the party’s mage is Reinald. Better take two – Grey Wizard for healing and Bright Wizard for range attack spells.
  • Scarloc. Shadow Warrior. Second best archer, and not s bad shadow-warriorfighter too. But, If I had to choose one two of the elves for the party, I’d preferred Waywatcher. One range attack adventurer is enough,and Waywatcher has better Ballistic Skills and more Ranged Attacks (with every gained level). Shadow Warrior is always my second choice, when it comes for archers.
  • Ghark Bloss Guzzler. Ogre Irongut. Big, fat, strong and ugly ogre-irongutfellow. If he manage to hit the monster, usually what’s left is a bloody stain. With his strength, there is quite a possibility, we will smash it up. The problem is, he has only one attack. Even gaining level 4 – still one attack. It’s little, when you are surrounded by horde of let’s say, Skavens.
  • Kalib Mutza. Witch Hunter. Unique character – fighting with sabre witch-hunterand pistol. Unfortunately, he’s average fighter AND marksman, so is not very useful in dungeon, BUT…he is perfect against living dead. His skill “Bane of Undead”  makes him a major threat against all undead – from zombies to vampires – they wil perish like flies. Promise you that.


The graphic maybe isn’t stunning and the gameplay itself could be repeatable, but I really do enjoy it. It’s the perfect game for me – quests aren’t s long and not very demanding. Plot is simple and it’s rather very basic idea for RPG computer game, but let’s face it – I’m not playing Warhammer Quest for graphic or elaborate scenario. I’m playing it for fluff. I used to LOVE Warhammer Quest Board game. I have played it like crazy. And imagine that, right now I finally able to play anywhere and whenever I want!

So, in conclusion, the game is not for everyone. You need not to care much about graphics and sounds. You  also definitely need to be RPG fan and what is more crucial – Warhammer Fantasy fan. If you are fanatic about Warhammer World  – this is the game for you. In another case, you will get bored very soon by repeatable quests with no twists. But, if you are Warhammer geek – you will be in heaven;). Whenever you feel like gaming, when you are in the bus or waiting for a train or flight, and  – Warhammer Quest is perfect solution. Nice, basic, fast point-and-click turn based RPG game.

My version was: Warhammer Quest Deluxe (additional content) on PC. I don’t know how exactly the game looks on iOS. So there could be differences, that I’m not aware of.


PS. Before my next trip (Australia and South East Asia, starting from October 2015), I’m going to make a better research than right now. I’m planning to take few minis for one of the skirmish systems, like Malifaux or Infinity for example. I won’t need that many of them to play the game – and before I hit the road again – I will try to contact some players for said systems. So let’s hope I’ll get more live action, then this time. But now, I’m off to Palenque!

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