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Battle Report – Wolsung: Ash and Oak vs The Inventors

Last week I had great weekend in Gdańsk, north of Poland, right on the coast of Balitc Sea. Despite the weather conditions I had wonderful time there. As always, when I visit some new place I try to contact and meet local wargaming community…but this time all was exceptional…


When me and my wife have confirmed the exact date of our visit at Baltic Sea, I got this idea to write an e-mail to Micro Art Studio, producer of Wolsung Steampunk Skirmish Game, which HQ is located in Gdynia (it’s very close to Gdańsk) – all in the same metropolitan area. I could not missed that chance to visit them – being so near. Imagine my surprise I got positive response and they invited me to Micro Art Studio and agree for small interview with the boss (I even conducted two interviews, but about this later:)…

…I also got the opportunity to play small game of Wolsung with one of the game creators  – Łukasz Perzanowski. Oh, I got super exited! In fact, we have played 2 games – first, little tutorial for me (as I never played Wolsung before – I just study the rulebook) and second, full game – but I realize that Łukasz was easy on me in this one too:).

In one of the next posts I’ll share my impressions of my entire visit in Micro Art Studio headquarters, but right now I’d like to present my very first game of Wolsung, with photos and battle report.

For those not familiar with the game here there is little summary and explanation what exactly Wolsung is about.

Wolsung is a steampunk skirmish game located in a world little bit like 1890s Earth, but with few small differences.

  • First: it’s populated with dozens of magical creatures – elves, dwarves, orcs, ogres, halflings ( typical fantasy environment, but moved to XIX century:)
  • and second: along with industrial progress – steam powered machines vehicles and golems, we have creatures with magical abilities. It is all combined together – steam and magic – making really explosive mixture.

The gameplay is placed in the dirty streets of Lyonesse (which is Wolsung version of London), so if you are fan of  stories of Sherlock Holmes, Jack The Ripper or Spring Heeled Jack, you will love Wolsung Game as well. Secret clubs, far east Triads, Gangsters, crazy Inventors or secret agents of foreign powers. Just lovely!

So, let just get straight away to battle report.

Ash & Oak vs Inventors

After short demonstration game I had with Łukasz, we decided to play once more – this time with more elaborate scenario and more models involved. We decided each side will include 3 heroes and appropriate number of henchmen. I took the side of Ash and Oak Club of Extraordinary ladies and gentlemen (noble men and women of Lyonesse, standing on the guard of the order in the city), and Łukasz played with The Inventors (organisation of little bit megalomaniac scientists and engineers obsessed with developing new crazy inventions).


-Yes, dear Sir, I saw all this mess in the docks. Mess, rumble and and this noise like straight from hell. Some blokes are making there some ugly, very ugly business… Sir, you told me to report right away, anything that catch my eye, so here I am… – told little boy.

– You’ve done well – said smart dressed gentleman standing in the shadows – You’ve done very well… Keep your eyes and ears open and you will not regret… – he tossed copper coin to the boy.

– Will do, Sir – boy nodded, caught the coin,  smiled and ran away down the street. Meanwhile the gentlemen stepped out of the shadow. He straighten up his bowler hat and opened the umbrella. It was about to start raining and it’s a long way to Uldnesse district.

“Lord Zachary must be informed about all the fuss in the docks. Those damn Inventors are doing it again. Heaven knows what is it again – titan golem or one more drill machine to core of the planet…Whatever it is, we must stop them…again”  – gentleman thought and he rushed to the Ash & Oak Club house in Uldnesse.

Sir Zachary Fiercebatten – the president of Ash & Oak Club has been informed indeed. The Club have informers and agents all over the city – and when one of them brought information that Inventors started drilling in The Docks area, there was no other way – direct approach. He chose his best people to the task – to take over three power generators and stop drilling machine. After all unsanctioned artificial seismic activity is illegal…

Ash and Oak intervention group


  • Lady Petronella Ellendeanne
  • Sir Zachary Fiercebatten III (with his hound dogs)
  • Mary Fearless


  • Ogre Bruiser
  • Abinav Singh
  • Two Butlers
  • House Maid

…and The Inventors opposition


  • Thorvald Nielsgaard
  • Thomas Rockheart Jr
  • Alice Tinkerly


  • Security Golem
  • Clockwork Servant
  • Laboratory Golem
  • Lab Assistant

The Game

The game lasted 3 turns. The Inventors at the start of the game were in control of three power generators. Ash & Oak task was to take control of these generators before game ends. Victory conditions: if one of the factions are in control 2 or more generators at the end of 3rd turn – they win the game.  If Ash & Oak control at least one generator – it’s a draw.

This is the warehouse area of The Docks.


The generators are located – one in the blue warehouse, one in the green warehouse and two more (for purpose of the game count as one – twins:) on the yard in the front of the green warehouse.

You can see twin generators in the front of green warehouse and one inside of it.

You can see twin generators in the front of green warehouse and one inside of it. Third one is the warehouse on the left upper side of the picture.

Inventors started the game hidden in three warehouses, and Ash and Oak were divided on two attacking groups:

Left western group: Sir Zachary III, Mary Fearless, Butler and House Maid and Right, eastern group: Lady Ellendeanne, Bruiser and Butler. Abinav Singh started the game hidden ( his special ability of Infiltration).

Ash & Oak got have won initiative, so they started the game .

Turn 1

Ash and Oak were uncertain what exactly lies ahead. There was only silence. Two twin generators were shining with green bright light. So, House Maid were sent near to the blue warehouse. What were inside it – that was the mastery…

Poor lonely House Maid was ordered to advance...

Lonely House Maid was ordered to advance…

Suddenly the door to the middle yellow warehouse opened and Thorvald Nielsgaard was out. He looked at somewhat frightened House Maid. He smiled, and snapped his fingers releasing Lightening – trying to electrify House Maid – she was quick enough to dodge the voltage. Uff! Thorvald simply ignored that and concentrated his powers to create  Shimmer Field around him.

Thorvald Nielsgaard in front of the warehouse.

Thorvald Nielsgaard in front of the warehouse.

When Sir Zachary Fiercebatten III looked that Thorvald trying to zzap House Maid with electric charge, he got angry. He might be lazy and dissolute but he always was true gentleman. Never hurt the lady! He whistled at his faithful hounds and move for cover. Dogs right away rushed to the entrance of the blue warehouse.


Sir Zachary Fiercebatten III just released his bassets.

Laboratory Golem inside the blue warehouse carefully approached the door, but not outside. He was ordered by near Lab Assistant to stay inside and protect power generator.

Meanwhile in the eastern part of the docks Butler moved closer to twin generators.

Alice Tinkerly shouted: “Guard the Generators! Push them back!” and she jumped out of the yellow warehouse closer to twin generators. Right after that she concentrated to cast Command Spell on near Security Golem. Golem with Thomas Rockheart Jr. (attached to it by his magnetic boots) got out of the warehouse as well to protect the twin power generators. Inventors gather bigger group here. All of them were protected by Thorvald’s Shimmer Field. Twin generators were crucial for success of the project and they needed to secure it at any cost.


Guard the Generators! Push them back!

Lady Ellendeanne took the chance, and while Inventors concentrated their forces in the middle, she sneak around to the eastern green warehouse ( mostly thanks to her Inspire spell casted on herself) and she switched off eastern power generator.


Lady Ellendeanne switching off the power.

Lab Asistant came to the window of the blue warehouse and tried to throw Lab Flask at House Maid but he missed.

Lab Assistant throwing Lab Flask trough the window.

Lab Assistant throwing Lab Flask trough the window.

At this point Abinav Singh revealed his elevated position on the top of the one of middle buildings near to the twin generators. He tried to shoot at Thorvald’s Shimmer Field but he missed.

Abinav Singh.

Abinav Singh. Missed!

Small Clockwork Servant laughing silently at Abinav’s miss  (…what?) hid behind the middle warehouse door.

When Lady Ellendeanne  left the eastern group to switch off the green warehouse generator, Ogre Bruiser was left in charge here. He moved closer to the middle twin generators to secure the position.

Ogre Bruiser.

Ogre Bruiser.

Bruiser looked big and ugly with scar on his head and golf club in his hand, so Security Golem chose skinny fragile Butler for his first target instead. He hit him once,  smashed him second time and butler lied on the cobblestone without movement.

Security Golem hit  poor butler with his handy street lamp.

Security Golem hit poor butler with his handy street lamp.

On the left flank Butler advanced forward near to the blue warehouse and Shimmer Field.

Thomas Rockheart Jr was still on Security Golem attached to it with his magnetic boots. Bruiser was so close so he jumped at him from the back of the machine and he stuck him good ( inflicting 4 wounds to Ogre).

Ogre bruiser is too hard to die like a butler. He got only 4 wounds. Tough fellow!

Ogre bruiser is too hard to die like a butler. He got only 4 wounds. Tough fellow!

And finally last but not least Mary Fearless. She moved forward  and shoot at Thorwald  Nielsgaard. Shimmer Field was down thanks to her marksman shooting! Watch and learn Abinav!

Mary Fearless. Bang Bang! Forcefield is down!

Mary Fearless. Bang Bang! Forcefield is down!

Turn 2

Beginning of Turn 2. The Inventors stole initiative from Ash & Oak and therefore they are starting first. So far – Ash & Oak switched off one generator so it’s a draw.

Thorvald Nielsgaard was tied in close combat with Mary Fearless. It was  fierce struggle, but it looked like tie. Thorvald, having a breather for a second, casted Shimmer Field for the second time.

Thorvald Nielsgaard vs Mary Fearless

Thorvald Nielsgaard vs Mary Fearless

Sir Zachary’s Hounds pushed past fighting Thorvaald and Mary and ran to the blue warehouse.  “Hurry my faithful companions – go inside!” shouted Sir Zachary. The ran into surprised Golem…

Woof! Woof!

Woof! Woof!

Meanwhile Alice Tinkerly moved into green warehouse to face Lady Ellendeanne and try to switch the generator back. She also casted Command spell at Security Golem.

Lady Ellendeanne was looking at concentrating group of Inventors near twin generators and she realised she must do something to tip the scales in favour of Ash and Oak. She put Mind Control spell on simple, artificial brain of Security Golem. The machine taken out of Inventors’ supervision, swinged its arms suddenly at Thomas Rockheart Jr. surprised dwarf didn’t make it and fell down on the street with mortal wound.  That was unexpected twist of events!

Security Golem out of control! Thomas Rockheart Jr fell!

Security Golem out of control! Thomas Rockheart Jr fell!

On the other side of the warehouse area, Lab Assistant went trough the window and thrown another flask, this time , at Sir Zahcary Fiercebatten III, but he missed again. Not especially lucky day for this young lad!

Ha! Miss again!

Ha! Missed again!

Mary Fearless didn’t want to stay involved in the combat with Thorvald. He has superior strength and Reflector Shield. She could inflict more damage to Inventors with her Colt Navy. So she jumped out, moved as near as possible to twin generators (to secure position) and shoot at Shimmer Field. This time she failed to take it down completely.

In the blue warehouse Laboratory Golem killed one of The Hounds. Poor animal…

One hound left...

One hound down…one left…

Meanwhile, twin generator seemed to be secure for Ash and Oak. There was the Bruiser, Mary Fearless and Abinav Singh. From The Inventors side – only Security Golem was near by. Therefore, Abinav fromm his spot on the roof tried to shoot at the switch and this time it was a perfect shot! Good job, mister! Way to go!

Abinav Sing is switching off twin generators. Well done!

Abinav Singh is switching off twin generators. Well done!

At the moment – drilling machine was slowing down – due to the power shortage. Two of three generators were out. Inventors need to power it up, to hail success. So, small Clockwork Servant moved inside the green warehouse to help Alice Tinkelry deal with Lady Ellendeanne and switch the power on again.

Alice Tinkerly and Clockwork servant at the entrance to green warehouse. They want power back!

Alice Tinkerly and Clockwork servant at the entrance to green warehouse. They want power back!

At the western corner near blue warehouse, House Maid did nothing. She wasn’t in a hurry to attack powerful Thorvald Nielsgaard, so all she has done was a little distraction… Bosom and legs – it works all the time…

Long legs and nice boobs - perfect distraction...

Long legs and nice boobs – perfect distraction…

At the same time big Security Golem tried to put down Ogre bruiser, but his defence and parrying skills were flawless.

Distracted or not, Thorvald still was surrounded by Shimmer Field. So, the Butler decided to take it down with his handy pistol. And he managed to do it! Yay!

So, right now Zachary Fiercebatten III has a clean shot with his .577 Nitro Express Rifle, but Thorvald dived for cover and Zachary missed him by inches.

Turn 3

Two generators were off and drilling machine were slowing down. It was failure for The Inventors. They need to figure out how to turn at least one of the generators back – in the head of Thorvald Nielsgaard has formed desperate plan…

First, Alice Tinkerly switched on the green warehouse generator, and she attacked Lady Ellendeane, but she defended herself bravely with the umbrella.

In respond, Mary Fearless shot down the Clockwork Servant.

This poor little fellow is deactivated, but he helped Alice Tinkerly to secure one of the power generators. Nicely done!

This poor little fellow is deactivated, but he helped Alice Tinkerly to secure one of the power generators. Nicely done!

…and Thorval Nielsgaard got back on his feet and with despair he jumped to twin generator and switching it on again. Success! All three power generators were on! Drilling machine was speeding up!

Ash and Oak needed some plan. Still there was some time left to turn everything in their favour, but careful planning was crucial. First, Sir Zachary ordered his remaining Hound to ignore Lab Golem and go near the blue warehouse generator.

Inside! Run! ignore the machine man! Inside - shouted Zachary

Inside! Run! Ignore the machine man! Inside – shouted Zachary to his hound.

Lab Golem ran after the dog and tried to hit him, but agile hound evaded all the strikes.

...but the 'machine man' goes after the dog...

…but the ‘machine man’ goes after the dog…

House Maid also entered the blue warehouse and tried to switch off the generator. Unfortunately she was disturbed by Laboratory Golem, and she failed to do this. The vary last hope to take down this generator was in the hands of Butler.

Lab Assistant tried to stop him, by throwing the Flask at him. This time he hit, and Mercury Fumes surrounded the Butler.

Butler surrounded by Mercury Fumes.

Butler surrounded by Mercury Fumes.

Wounded by still intact Butler entered the blue warehouse and switched off the generator.  The Inventors seemed to loosing control of the situation here…

The Butler is switching off the generator!

The Butler is switching off the generator!

With one generator switched off, the Ash and Oak were back on track. Lady Ellendeanne evaded hits from Alice tinkerly, jumped to the switch and pushed it – turning the second generator off. The drill stopped for good!

Sweet Great Creator! It’s all lost! Fall back! Investors! Fall back! – cried Thorvald Nielsgaard and remaining Inventors ran off The Docks Area. Ash & Oak triumphed! Once again order was  restored in the city of Lyonesse.

So, that’s it. As you can see I won. I must say I had loooooots of luck with dice rolls (if only  I had similar rolls with my Skaven in Warhammer Fantasy I’d be unbeatable:), and I believe Łukasz was trying to give me nice start to Wolsung and was not playing with his full potential.

My impressions: awesome game! simple rules, but with many different possibilities and strategies. The gameplay was very fast and we engaging. It took us about 2 hours to play, but I can imagine without my continuous photo shooting and writing down the battle report notes, it could take around one hour or so. Definitely great play and I’ll need to repeat it soon – got to find some Wolsung opponents in the area first.

Once again, big thank you to Łukasz Perzenowski and all Micro Art Studio crew for this great opportunity to play and see all HQ. I’ll be posting more martial from there very soon.


  1. Yeah, always fun to get to play a game with the person who created it. I’ve had that opportunity a couple of times myself and it is special.

    Nicely painted miniatures and fun looking board too.

    Liked by 1 person

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