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Game of Travel – my map

This is the map that summarise all my posts I’ve written about stores, clubs I have visited during my journeys. It is going to be available to view in sidebar menu, so even when this post will disappear – still you can click this link and see the map.

The map is not showing all my travels – since I’ve started my blog in February 2015 and I’ve been travelling since January 2013, not everything is covered here. The blog has begun when I was in Costa Rica, during my journey across Mexico, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Belize (and my trips to Asia are not included). All the time I carry with me (in my backpack) small box with miniatures and paints (actually two boxes – one for minis and one for paints:) and I paint whenever I find suitable place.

The other thing – right now I live in Poland until October 2015 and I do not travel lot. This is rather stationary life of mine right now you can expect just few changes on the map at the moment. Of course, there are some pros and cons of such situation.

Cons: I do not travel – so no new countries, places, so obviously I don’t meet any gamers beside my area. Can’t wait to get back to be on the road again. This give me big thrill and motivation to run this blog.

Pros: I have all my collection here in Warsaw. I can paint, I can play almost any time I want. I don’t have to worry about new minis or about resupplying my paints and brushes. All is within the reach. Therefore I can write more battle reports (love that!)

As you can see, there are more advantages than disadvantages, but I can handle all (even the fact – I don’t have many opportunities to play), just to feel the wandering spirit again. Well, I don’t complain here. I have plenty things to do in Poland – and everything is arranged for my next big trip which is starting very soon.

This time Australia, New Zealand and later few countries of South East Asia. I know it’s going to be awesome.

…and the map will be updated:).

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World wanderer, miniatures collector and painter.

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