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Malifaux: Big Boy Nephilim and his younger bros

I bought my first Malifaux box at the beginning of August. It was Lilith – The Mother of Monsters set. I painted Lilith almost immediately and at that actual moment I remember I was thinking: Hey, that was quick! I should paint more of Malifaux models in about week or two and play the game!

Yeah…what a wishful thinking:) The post about Lilith is from 15th August, so probably I painted her few days before that.  Let’s see… over two months and I finally painted all miniatures I wanted to be prepared before I even think about playing Malifaux. Yeah, one week my ass…;).

So, two months later – I finally finished the miniatures I planned to paint before I leave Poland.  Honestly, what was I thinking? I wanted to paint 10 models for my starting Infinity Nomads force (failed to achieve that – om;y 4 painted) plus few miniatures for Warhammer Skaven Army. There is no way I could keep up all these three projects at the same time. I mean there is – but not in two months.

Better late than never, like they say. Mature Nephilim and two younger ones ending for now my short adventure with Malifaux.  So far I’ve painted:

  • Lilith
  • Barbaros
  • 3 Terror Tots
  • Cherub
  • 3 Waldgeists
  • Mature Nephilim
  • 2 Young Nephilim
My Neverborn band!

My Neverborn band!

I think it’s a good start to play the game. And I finally get one this Tuesday! It was only small tutorial, all about learning the rules and gameplay, but it was really great time. In next post I’m going to present all my Neverborn models and write my initial impression of the game. And right now I’m going to show you my freshly painted Nephilims.

Mature Nephilim

Mature Nephilim

Nephilims are are mean and wicked creatures. They hate all humans and they lives are dedicated to fight against them by all means. They are starting as small (cute almost, if you will not count these sharp teeth and claws/knives:) Terror Tots. As the life of Nephilims are rather harsh – not many Terror Tots are lucky enough to live their mature age. Terror Tots as the smallest and most fragile forms of the life in Neverborn society ladder are bullied as hell by older Nephilims. So, because of that there are very few Mature  Nephilims and these are big, angry alphas, who do not tolerate others. If you ask me  – they are perfect killing machines to get rid of Guild and other humans from Neverborn realm.


All Nephilims look kind of the same – grey skin, horns, hoofs and wide membranous wings. They look very similar to human concept of daemons or devils. No wonder – humans are not very fond of encountering Nephilims…

And look at these three…

Young Nephilim

Young Nephilims

The difference between young Nephilims and mature one is significant. The big boy is like spending his own life on gym, and younger ones are skinny and agile. Hard to imagine that they could some day get full growth with all those muscles, height and such awesome wings.


For skin I used Administratum Grey as a base and Drakenshof Nightshade as wash. After I put few layers of more grey  and 50/50 mix of grey and white on edges and raised areas. Bases are as usual resin from Micro Art Studio. Love their products and I keep using them for many of my projects.


Nephilims are nice models. The big guy is super cool. In addition I have plan to use him as Daemon Prince for my not started yet Slaanesh army in WHFB and WH40k.

The only problem with Nephilims is that they were so monotonous to paint, and  the whole process took me little bit more than I expect (I got so bored with painting skin;). Well, for now I have no Nephilims in my schedule in near future, thankfully:).

In my tutorial game I decided to use only Nephilims models. They looked nice on the tabletop –  mono themed band – I like such the most. I give you insight how it went in my next post:).

Plans: Well, next week at this time I’ll be on the plane on my way to Australia. I have  so little time left and so many stuff to arrange before the departure, that I’ll not have any spare time to paint more miniatures in upcoming days. Still I have one battle report from my game against Dwarfs in WHFB 8th edition and I’m about to write my impressions from Malifaux game I had this week. Beside that – I’ll be packing my stuff and closing any matters here in Warsaw. I’ll be back to painting miniatures as soon as I settle things up in Australia.

…and BTW – next Friday I’ll in Brisbane and later Sydney and Adelaide. Anyone from there? Any gamers? I’d love to meet and chat or maybe play a game. Give me a shout. It would be a pleasure for me.

Until next time!


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