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Blood Angels Sanguinary Priest painted. Yay!

The time has finally come. Holiday break is over and now I’m back to work (not a fun part), but also I’m back to painting miniatures and writing new posts on Game of Travel blog. Three weeks in Australia – it was a nice break. The time I could regenerate and get strength for painting my entire travelling set of models (full list of what exactly I’m planning to paint during my 6 months stay in Asia is here). As you can see I have pretty ambitious plans – and if I want to make it possible, I should paint from 1 to 5 models a week. Surely, it’s manageable. Starting this week here in Kuta, Bali.

And, wow, how I missed that! Over three weeks with no brush in my hand. How it’s even possible?! (well, it’s not entirely true – I was painting a little – I think, it was something about three hours… but it felt like nothing).

And now, let me present you Blood Angels Sanguinary Priest for Warhammer 40000. I was working on him for the last two days plus these three hours in Blue Mountains, Australia, where due to rainy day we were stuck in our hostel room (what’s better to do, when the weather suck? Paint miniatures, of course!).


I had no intentions to buy this guy. I was just passing by official GW store in Warsaw and I thought – To hell with that! I was nice to everyone today. I need a treat! – and I entered and purchased this model exactly. Never resist your impulses – that’s my motto;).

So here I was, Sanguinary priest in my hands and big, big painting plans scheduled for my travels, and I was buying one more miniature, but to be honest the Priest is so awesome model, I simply couldn’t resist…

It was one of the reasons why I started with Sanguinary Priest. Cool model, added at very last moment to my travelling kit. So, I wanted it to be the first model painted on the road. The second reason – last week I had awesome game of Warhammer 40k 2nd edition in Adelaide with one of the bloggers from WordPress.com) – owner of classic40k.wordpress.com and I did hope that I could finish the Priest to be ready for the battle. Of course, there was no Sanguinary priest in Blood Angels army list for 2nd edition, so I wanted to use him as a proxy for Captain or Chaplain.

The game was superb. I’ll publish battle report very soon. Unfortunately I did not manage to paint him on time (as I mentioned  – I painted for about three hours during my entire stay in Australia).

…but jut after few days on Bali – here it is! Painted and ready for action!


I used Citadel paints – as always. I stick to them no matter what – I used Citadel for so long, so I do not believe, my habit will going to change at any point.

For armour – I used Ushbati Bone. Washed with Aghrax Earthshade and toned up with Ushbati Bone (UB) again and 50/50 mixture of UB and White Scar. Edges are underlined with SW with just a drop of UB.

Coat – obviously – Mephiston Blood (MB). Washed with Aghrax Earthshade. Toning up with MB, following up by Evil Sunz Scarlet to get this nice lightening effects. Edges painted with Wild Rider Red.

Face – I use the same scheme for all human (and Skaven too:) skin. Kislev Flesh (KF) with light wash of Reikland Fleshshade. After that toning up with KF mixed with white with various proportions to light the face until the effect is satisfactory.

Blond Hair – this is tricky. As general rule I avoid using yellow paint. As base I used Balor Brown (BB) and wash it with Seraphim Sepia. Tone effect made with BB  mixture with just a drop of white.

Metal parts – Gehhena’s Gold for golden elements and Ironbreaker for silver/metal. Washed with Nuln Oil.

Base – resin base from Micro Art Studio.


Time needed to finish: 4/5 hours.

Will Sanguinary Priest will settle in my Blood Angels army list for good? To be honest, I haven’t even thought about it. Blood Chalice gives all models in the squad plus one to WS and Narthecium gives them Feel No Pain (this is pretty neat!), so why not? I’ll give him a try in few battles, especially he is such a a cool model!


So, Sanguinary Priest, my first model painted on the road, and right away, I remembered how difficult is to take proper photo without lightbox, tripod and lamps. I managed to stabilize the camera somehow (that was tricky!) and take the shot. Lucky for me, daylight in tropical area is way more better than in Poland, but I was forced to change the background from white to grey. White card was turning blueish on the photo No worries though – I heard from many people – grey is better for miniature photos. Anyway, I know – taking photos on the way will be a struggle…

Plans for the future: I will stay on Bali for three weeks. I plan to paint few models, and most definitely go back to regular writing. I have some reports to write from Australia, plus my usual updates about my paint jobs. Oh, gosh,  how I missed that! Busy time on Bali then:)

Until next time!


  1. Brilliant work! It was excellent to get a game against this guy, and great to see him fully painted now too! 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing your battle report soon 😉

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