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Malifaux project – Doppelganger of Neverborn.

Time goes by. I spent on Bali over two weeks already – only few days and I’m going to Singapore. I’ve been working and I had leisure time as well, but what pleased me the most – I still have found some time to paint the miniatures.

I should paint Space Marines. Looking at my last battle report – my Blood Angels vs Orks, where all my models where unpainted – Warhammer 40k models should be my priority. All the more, tomorrow probably I’ll have next battle of 40k and one more time unpainted army… Well, thankfully I finished my Sanguinary Priest – at least one model will look as it should be.

…but I refuse to paint any Warhammer models. At least for now. I have sufficient number of miniatures prepared to paint for duration of my 6 months travel. I decided, now I concentrate on something else. I simply do not feel like painting Warhammer 40k at the moment.

I prefer something else. Something like Malifaux model will be just right:).

For the start I chose Doppelganger miniature of Neverborn faction (actually this is the very first Malifaux model I bought – so it has special sentimental value for me).


Awesome model. Half naked gal (well, she is full naked to be honest:), but more than a half of her skin is off and the flesh is revealed. Kind off gross if you ask me (my wife after seeing the finished Doppelganger said: it’s disgusting…;). Gosh, how gore is that? In fact when I look at this miniature, I have one particular movie scene in my head. I’m talking about “Hellraiser” and the scenes on the attic when Frank were being reborn. Oh, gosh – I think I was about 10 years old or something, I was scared as hell and I’ll remember this clearly probably forever.


This is the reason, I chose exactly this base for Doppleganger. The wooden floor base from Micro Art Studio remind me of ‘Hellraiser’  every time I’ll look at this model. Well, I’m not little boy any more and I can’t be scared that easily right now;)

I had two problems I was forced to deal when I was assembling and painting Doppelganger.

First – during assemble, when I was removing the excess of plastic, I made slightly mistake, not to turning the strong source of the light. And sitting in half darkness, I cat off Doppelganger’s left hand almost completely. I was pretty sure it was unnecessary plastic part. How careless of me! In order to repair my mistake, I sculpted the hand from Green Stuff. And believe me, I’m far from calling myself great sculptor. It was a great struggle for me – right now – it is what it is. It’s not going be any better, but at least the model’s hand is ‘kind of’ saved (but I painted it with skin off to cover my lousy sculpting;).

Second – painting dilemma. ‘The towel’ that Doppelgangger cover the nudity suppose to be part of her skin (that’s what the box art suggest:), and I was seriously taking this under consideration. Eventually, I painted the skin as the towel – I found this more suiting to whole Doppelganger  idea. It’s the creature that change it’s appearance – and for that there’s no need to tear the skin off the back. Just use the towel and gently transform hiding behind it:).


As always, I used Citadel paints.

Skin – Kislev Flesh washed with Reikland Fleshshade, and lightened up with Kislev Flesh mixed with white.

Flesh – this was tricky. I used Mephiton Blood and washed it with Nuln Oil. Usually I wash red colours with Seraphim Sepia, but I thought for flesh Nuln Oil will make better effect. Lightening with Evil Sunz Scarlet (ESS) and mixture of ESS with white.

Towel – Administratum Grey as base and gradually toning up with mixture of grey/white. Shades made by little bit of Nuln Oil (just a tip of the brush).

That was not very demanding model – not many details. Just right to paint it in 2-3 hours.


…but I have the certain amount of fun, painting Doppelganger. Generally, all Malifaux models are awesome and painting them is pure pleasure. And I have more hidden in my backpack:

  • Pandora
  • Candy
  • Baby Kade
  • Poltergeist
  • 3 Sorrows

So, as you can see, it is entire Pandora “No Shelter Here” boxset! Plenty stuff to paint in upcoming months:)

…and Doppelganger itself will be nice addition to my growing Neverborn faction. First, Lilith and her monsters, and the second Master Pandora. The shapeshifter will suits here just fine:)

Doppelganger model is available to buy in Wayland Games Store.

Plans for the future: Next model in the line – Moderator Gal for Infinity. Suddenly I realized, I have plenty of girls to paint in next months. Malifaux, Infinity – almost only girls…and count those 20 Daemonettes of Slaanesh primmed and ready! They will be the icing on the cake:) Girls, girls, girls…

Tomorrow, I’m heading Singapore and there’s Warhammer 40000 battle I’m planning to play there with one of the local gamers. Awesome!

Until next time!


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