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Pink Moderator gal. Bakunin Nomads. Infinity The Game

…and another miniature painted. I left Bali behind me – right now I’m on Koh Chang in Thailand and my next travelling painting station’s product is Moderator Girl from Nomads Bakunin, Infinity The Game (with combi rifle and lollipop…ekh…marker). Below I give you my thoughts about the miniature and describe a bit how exactly I paint it and what paints I used.


Like I mentioned the last time – I brought many girls miniatures with me to Asia. Especially my Infinity selection includes plenty of girls to paint – this exact Moderator, Reverend Custodier, Reverend Moira, Zero… quite few…Infinity offers plenty of great detailed, fragile women models to paint – these are so entirely different than the minis I used to paint most of the time – Games Workshop offers bulky, big, even huuuge models. Even Sisters of Battle or Daemonettes of Slaanesh have bigger bodies than this skinny girl…


When I started to paint Infinity models, I needed to made the transition in my head – painting GW is relatively easy, even detailed minis. And these Infinity stuff…well…it is way more demanding. My first model – Reverend Custodier – it took me about 5 hours to finish it. I was super careful, putting thin watered layers of paint, slowly painting details, but for most of the time I was little bit shaken and scared that I’m entering completely new area. And that feeling was slowing my efforts down.

At this moment I had painted four Infinity minis in my life and this Moderator is my fifth. The progress is significant. I knew what expect from this mini and I just sat to paint. Three hours later – it is done (including base). Not bad, not bad at all…;). I got more confidence  and also painting scheme is nothing new to me. It helped a lot.

This Moderator is part of two models the blister available in Corvus Belli official store (producer of Infinity The Game) or many independent retailers like Wayland Games.

I used Citadel paints as usual. Old habit of mine, that probably never change.

Hair – lovely pink hair, like in the official Corvus Belli reference photo. As base I used Mephiston Red (MR) with a little bit of White Scar. I lighten up the strands with MR adding more and more white to get pink colour. I did not wash the hair with any type of shade.

Armour – for white/grey parts I used Adrministratum Grey as base and gradually I was adding white to make it lighten and look more like white than grey. I had some issue to deal with spacing between pieces of armour, On the right arm connection I put too much glue (in the place where the orange part is right now). Of course I managed to save the day somehow and it doesn’t look that bad, but it could be better. The model is so perfectly sculpted – I should avoid making mistakes like that.


Skirt  and boots – Mechanicus Standard Grey, gently washed with Nuln Oil.

Pants – Incubi Darkness.

Metallic Parts – Ironbreaker washed with Nuln Oil, and lighten up with one more touch of Ironbreaker. Easy. I do this almost with every miniature I paint. Sometimes to emphasise the brightness of metal surface, I use Runefang Steel, but I thought in case of Moderator, the shiny parts are too much. Ironbreaker did just fine here.

Lights  on the armour – Temple Guard Blue slowly lightened up by mix with white.

The  base is Micro Art Studio designed for Infinity – Urban base. All my Bakunin models have this bases. It is perfect match for those Infinity models.


Including this Moderator, my Bakunin force  includes so far: 3 moderators, Reverend Custodier and Prowler. I plan to finish all model that I brought to the trip with me, and finally be able to field whole painted force around June 2016 and play this game, for heaven’s sake! It has been too long:) I have some time left – so I’ll make it for sure:).

Plans for the future: I’ll be staying in Koh Chang for another two weeks. Few minis to paint during that time, and after that I’m heading back to Bangkok. There’s one lovely store there called – ‘Battlefield Bangkok’. I’ve been there two years ago – now I’m planning to go back there, see how it changed, hopefully play a game or two and describe everything on the blog.

Until next time!


  1. Nice job mate – I’m not a huge fan of anime but can certainly appreciate a well painted mini. That white armor is spot on, and I love the subtle OSL you have going on here. Lovely 🙂

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