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Stop in Cairns, Australia at Wicked Goblin Games Store

Hello again. This time from Bongkok. After super nice time in Kuta, Bali, we moved (me and my wife) to Singapore for just few days, and today afternoon we landed in Thailand, where we are planning to spend next three weeks.

…but before I even start writing anything about Singapore or Thailand, I would like to get back to my short stay in Cairns, Australia.
The trip to Cairns was one of these unexpected journeys that you are not planning at all, and all of the sudden you are there. Cairns. Well, we should be on Bali, instead there. Is not that, I was not happy being in Cairns, but that was absolutely not our intention to go here.
The thing is, the Rinjani volcano has erupted just two weeks before our scheduled flight to Bali from Adelaide and all flights from Australia to Bali were cancelled,due to volcanic ash cloud throw into the air. We were offered the flight to Cairns instead, and we did not hesitate for even a moment. You know – Tropical forest, Great Bareer Reef and stuff – really there was no need to complain. We just extend our holidays for few more days.


…and as usual at this case I made Google research about some wargaming hobby stores in the area. As usual – there is Games Workshop store in Cairns. I think there is at least one in every major city in Australia, but I have avoided making intentional trips to GW stores – either Australia or  anywhere else. In every country, any continent they look similar – generic same looking stores. Thanks but no thanks. I prefer local independent retail stores.

So, I concentrated my efforts on finding at least one store were the offer is more diversified – not only Warhammer 40k and Age of Sigmar, but something more. I did not have much time – only three full days in Cairns – visiting rain forest mountains and Great Bareer Reef was our priority here, but somehow I found some time in our tighten tourist schedule to make small detour and visit one  store.

The store I’m writing about is called „Wicked Goblin”.


The Wicked Goblin Games

Located at 44 Lake Street (which is very close to the centre). I needed only 30 minutes walking from my hotel to get there. This is exactly what I expect to find – the store is near enough for me to visit it without any unnecessary fuss. And the opening hours are very convincing – visiting the store Saturday around 8pm- was the most perfect hour for me. After whole day of sightseeing, I could easily accompanied my wife to the hotel, and make a quick visit at the shop.


‘The Wicked Goblin’ has very diversified offer. Board and card games seems to be the speciality of the store. It’s not surprising at all – these are the products most attractive to most of the people these days. Easy to pick up and learn – every store should include these in the inventory. In fact, in this Saturday night, quite big event took place at The Wicked Goblin. Few dozen players of Yu Gi Oh card game were playing all evening. I don’t have any clue abut card games in general, but to be honest I did not even heard about Yu Gi Oh. You have to forgive me – I am one big card game ignorant:)…. Anyway, apparently Yu Gi Oh is a big deal in Cairns, and ‘Wicked Goblin’ makes a perfect gathering spot for all from the area every Saturday evenings.


Cad games like Netrunner are very popular here.

My interest, of course, was focused on miniature games, as always. And I was not disappointed at all – The Wicked Goblin offers many game systems I collect/play. First off all – Warhammer Fantasy and 40000 along with modelling and painting accessories. Not very huge stand – but all can be easily ordered. Games Workshop games are not major thing in The Wicked Goblin Games – tournaments nor store leagues are not organized here. Not even demonstration games. That matter is left for official GW store.


Games Workshop offer.

Instead ‘The Wicked Goblin’ holds regular events for wargamers or card players. There are regular store leagues and some demonstrations too. In fact, almost every day of the week is dedicated to different game – for example in Wargaming Wednesdays, you can expect something special like league or campaign. Or simply arrange the battle with group of friends and play there at one of many tables available. For full details – check ‘The Wicked Goblin’ webpage or Facebook page.


Tables like that are waiting for gamers from Cairns!

…and what miniatures you can find at the store? Beside GW, they have Infinity, Malifaux, Warmachine/Hordes, X-wing,  Bolt Action, Guildball. The most popular of all is Warmachine/Hordes.



Also Infinity has quite a few followers (around 30 players in the area).


Part of Infinity offer.

What surprised me the most – Malifaux is not a top game here. I had this feeling, Malifaux slowly is becoming one of most popular games everywhere. And apparently, despite its growing worldwide popularity – it is not the major game in Cairns (around 10 players). Well, that was a surprise, I must say.


Malifaux offer

Malifaux and Infinity are the games that I care the most as recently I entered both of this games. The offer was quite good – lots of blisters and boxes to choose from. Of course, prices were at usual Australian high level. Too bad. But, still I couldn’t resist and I grabbed one box of Coryphhe for Arcanists faction as souvenir.

At this point, I would like to thank Jarrah, the store salesman who was so kind and patient and answered all my questions. We talked, among other things, about how Age of Sigmar is doing in Australia. Or, at least Cairns… This it the topic, as Fantasy player concerns me the most. Well, let’s just say that destroying old fluff and total revolution brought by GW in whole Fantasy area, did not improve condition of the game significantly. Warhammer 40k is unbeatable and AoS is far, far behind it. This is me-  being a diplomat;).


Beastmen army showcase.


More painted miniatures showcase.

I always regret I have sometime that very little time, while visiting some store abroad. I wish I stay little bit longer, and possibly play a game. ‘The Wicked Goblin’ seems to be such a great place  – I wish I had some time to visit them during their regular Wargaming Wednesdays. It could be fun. Maybe next time.

Plans: Ok. That was about Cairns, but I was there about over three weeks ago. During that time many things happened, like for example – I played one more battle of Warhammer 40k (in Singapore)! This is especially exiting stuff for me – travelling way of life makes me a little bit of exile leaving outside of wargaming community. No permanent place, always on the run – so every battle I play makes my truly happy. Soon I’ll write my impressions from PI Gamers store in Singapore and battle report of my Blood Angels vs Raven Guard game.
Tuesday, we’re heading Koh Chang – island east of Bangkok. We are planning to stay there for few weeks, so as soon as I get there – I’ll set up my painting workshop and I’ll be back to work!

Until next time!

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