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Next stop – Singapore. Gamers@PI Store

Well, despite the title of the post, Sinagpore is not my next stop. It was, that’s true, but it was around ten days ago. Right now I’m having great time in Koh Chang, Thailand.


Before Thailand, yes – I was three days (well, two nights to be exact:) in Singapore. I must say – I love Singapore. I don’t know exactly why – but the mixture of so many cultures stuffed in one place, makes me feel really good about this city. I really feel like home there. Some day – I will settle there, at least for few years – that’s my resolution.

…but anyway, during my short visit in Singapore I managed somehow to find and visit one hobby store. Google search always help in such situations. From few choices – I picked Gamers@PI Store. It was crazy visit, believe me. I landed at 4pm Friday  and right away after I get to my hotel (2 hours later), I took quick shower and rush to visit Gamers@PI.

There are few hobby stores in Singapore, but to be honest guys from Gamers@PI store were the only one to respond at my message. When I contacted the store and asked, if I can drop by and possible play a game of Warhammer 40k – they were super enthusiastic, invited me and arrange the opponent for my travelling detachment of Blood Angels.

And this is exactly what I like the most about the travelling. I arrive to some place and, let’s say strangers, are open, kind and without hesitation help me arrange the battle. How cool is that? (in that place I would like to thank Joe, Aaron and Li for such warm welcome).

The major issue about my stay in Singapore was, that I had so very little time. Friday I landed, Saturday I promised to my wife and Sunday I had flight to Bangkok. The only chance to get to Gamers@PI was in Friday. It was crazy few hours. Landing at Changi Airport, custom, immigration, train to hotel, checking in, shower and hurry up to the store.

The store is located at 220 Orchard Road in Midpoint Shopping Centre at third floor  (unit 3-01), near the Somerset station (very convenient for me – just to metro stations from my hotel – it took me 20 minutes to get there).


Paints, Games, Books, Accessories -all! 🙂

The Gamers@PI was founded in 2002 (it is formerly known as Paradigm Infinitum), so it is the place with quite a tradition. The evening I got there – it was pretty crowded. Two battles of Warhammer 40000 were going on, one session of old school traditional RPG ( I haven’t seen this for some time!). Beside few guys were playing video games, there were painting station set up and one guy was painting Adeptus Astrates Legionaries from opened Betrayal at Calth box. Let’s add some ordinary customers and we have quite a crowd!


31 Millennium Imperial Fist WIP…

The offer. Majority of the inventory is Games Workshop. A little bit of Warmachine/Hordes.



Dropzone Commander, Battle Mech and X-wing. Lots of painting/modelling accessories  (Citadel Paints, Vallejo Paints)…


…and as usual at such places – board and card games (obligatory products for many hobby stores. Boards games attract these kind of clients that normally do not play miniature war games. Understandable:)

…and last but not least RPG books as well. For me personally, this is total old school. I haven’t played traditional RPG for many, many years – something like 15. 🙂



The store is running regular events. Campaigns, leagues from time to time. Major game system: Warhammer 40k. Almost every night there are some players playing the battles. The night I was at Gamers@PI three battle were played plus… the clash between my Blood Angels and Aaron’s renegade Raven Guard. There are plenty of tables and scenery pieces to play (I might be wrong, but I think there are 5-6 tables available to players).


One of the tables. My Blood Angels vs Raven Guard battle is about to start here any minute…

From time to time they organize painting contests. I really like current one. It is called ‘The Hunt for Cypher’ and it is all about Cypher from Warhammer 40k universe and sculpting, converting and painting your interpretation of Cypher. The first price is 25% discount for any single product form store’s offer. So, there is quite a reward to grab. If you want to look at the models taking part in the contest just take a look at PI@Gamers Facebook page and follow the tag #huntforcypher.

The showcase of painted miniatures at the store is great. I especially liked this Forge World’s Keeper Secrets. Great painting job (I’ll paint mine as soon as I get back to Europe:)



I was also very pleased, seeing for the very first time ‘Horus Heresy: Betreyal at Calth’ game. I could take a closer look at the miniatures. In fact  – I borrow one tactical squad of 30k  Astrates and Contemptor Dreadnought to join my Blood Angels in the battle against Raven Guard of Aaron. I really like the quality of plastic here and I can’t wait to put my hands on mine Horus Heresy box waiting for me in Poland.


Horus Heresy is here!

At the end: traditional most crucial for me (as Fantasy player) question form me to Joe, one of the salesmen about Age of Sigmar. Well, Singapore is another place where fluff revolution that took place in Warhammer Fantasy did not improve sales and condition of the game. Still, most of the players around choose Warhammer 40k as major system and Warhammer: AoS is way behind it. Tough luck.


Age of Sigmar showcase.

Please visit Gamers@PI website and Facebook page for news, promotions and actual store events.

At the end I’d like to thank Joe for the patience and answering all my questions. Big up to Aaron for nice chat and superb battle (batrep this week!). And very special thanks to Li – for nice chat and great photos of his exemplary work (I hope your Cypher will be a winner:).


Me and Aaron.


Me and Li

My plans: I will be staying in Koh Chang for next ten days. I plan to paint few miniatures and write battle report from the battle I’ve played in Singapore. The  neighbourhood for all these is more then all right. Just take a look:)


My hotel in Koh Chang. the best place for painting minis:)

…and after Koh Chang – Bangkok, Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur. All in 10 days or so. I already contacted few stores. Super excited about all this!

Until next time!


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