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Game of Travel in Thailand – Battlefield Bangkok Store

My time on Koh Chang has come to the end. It was great 17 days. Little bit of work, but also I’ve found the time for relax – sun bathing, swimming in the sea or simply walking around…plus painting miniatures of course:). Mostly Blood Angels – I need 15 of them to be painted (almost finished, but still few hours to complete…).


After Koh Chang I moved to Bangkok for few days. In Bangkok i Had spelendid weekend as well. I’ve eaten some long missed western food (pizza!), watched new Star Wars movie (pew, pew, pew), paint more Space Marines and most of all I’ve visited great wargaming store – Battlefield Bangkok.


Welcome to Battlefield Bangkok!

I’ve been in Bangkok few times before (6 or 7 I suppose), but I’ve been to Battlefield Bangkok only once. It was two years ago – I haven’t even dreamt about running a blog about my travel or playing battles abroad. That was my second time in Asia and I’ve brought with me only 5-6 models to paint. I remember I bought back then: one box of Skaven Clanrats, Abaddon Black and Kislev Flesh Citadel paints. I’ve been there for maybe 15 minutes – restock all my essentials and off I went. How different were my recent visit…

First of all, I played another game of Warhammer 40000! Soon I’ll have more 40k than WHFB battle reports on my counter. And I do not complain about it at all – 40k battle is faster to play and I don’t need that many models for it (it’s not difficult my WHFB army – Skaven are well known of their numbers:) – perfect gameplay for playing while travel.

…and beside the battle, as always I had the time and opportunity to look around and have a chat with few people. And, well, to be honest, I wanted to make this trip worthwhile…

My taxi ride to Battlefield Bangkok lasted around one hour! The store is located at 71 Sukhumvit 101/1 and it was around 11 km from my hotel. So you can imagine 11 km in one hour! Bangkok and its legendary traffic! Bugger!

Actually, while there aren’t many stores dealing miniature wargames in Bangkok, but there are plenty of board gaming stores in different neighbourhoods. So, players can stick to their areas  and their local stores with no need to waste time in traffic. Or, unless you are playing for example Warhammer 40000, you don’t have other option than to go to Battlefield Bangkok.


Battlefield Bangkok inside.

…and it’s cool place – believe me. Plenty of games to choose from. Board, cards and miniature games.


Board games, anyone?

Big store with many tables to play for anyone. Few tables are suited for playing miniature games. Lots of scenery  to use and also some if you are short of some miniatures – there’s a possibility to use some permanent store minis (like I did – I borrowed few Dark Angels minis to complete my Space Marine army list).


Store’s miniatures showcase.


Scenery pieces are available:)))

And small coffee/tea and snacks stand to get some refreshments or food is here – just in case players  got hungry or thirsty in the heat of battle (cool idea!).

When I entered the store I was asked to remove my shoes. That’s right – no shoes allowed. Everybody inside were bare feet or only in socks. Don’t worry  – the floor is clean and shiny:). BB it the only hobby store I know with such rule in place. Welcome to Thailand and respect their custom:)

Inventory is diverse. From the game systems that I’m interested the most, I found GW products of course (plus obligatory Citadel range – brushes, paints and tools) Age of Sigmar and 40k. Hopefully, soon, there will be Horus Heresy minis to buy as well (if the rumours that Forge World models will go to open sale, are true:). So far there were boxes of Betrayal at Calth.


Games Workshop and Citadel stand.


Horus Heresy: Betrelyal at Calth. Grab it now!

I’ve bought myself Dark Angels Chaplain model. Pretty neat – like most of the new plastic HQ Games Workshop stuff. Unfortunately the price is as attractive as in Poland, but well…I wanted the souvenir!

I also noticed few Infinity blisters. Not too many, but still. In fact, there are few Infinity players in Bangkok. Every Sunday, they have a meeting, when they play the game regularly. If you want arrange the game – contact the store via their Facebook page. I’m sure they will be more than happy to help you. I wish I could meet some Infinity players and hopefully to play as well…but unfortunately I couldn’t make for Battlefield Bangkok in Sunday. Next time, maybe.

Next – Malifaux. Quite decent offer here. I was even thinking to buying one box, but if I get everything that I wanted – there will be absolutely no place in my backpack. So, no this time. Malifaux have to wait. There are Malifaux players in the area, however I was told that that recently Malifaux is pretty quiet. However, there’s the possibility to arrange the demo game. Also to be asked at the store.


Malifaux offer.

Beside that – there were other miniatures – Warmachine/Hordes, Heroclix, Saga, X-wing, Bolt Action and probably even some more. The store is quite spacious and it was pretty crowded so there is probability that I haven’t noticed some.


Ah! And there is Polish accent as well! Resin Bases from my favourite company – Micro Art Studio! How cool is that?! …and also other basing accessories like for example bases from Secret Weapon Miniatures.

Battlefield Bangkok is great store indeed. When I contacted them via Facebook, they helped me to arrange Warhammer 40k battle. Jack – one of the store employees, Chaos Space Marine player was my opponent in Bangkok and we had great 750 points battle (report, as always, soon:).


Battle between my Blood Angels/Dark Angels vs Jack’s Chaos Space Marines.


Me and Jack.

Chris, the owner of the store, was kind enough to answer all my questions about the wargaming community in Bangkok. BB opened in 2009 was the first store offering such wide selection of board and collectable card games. Slowly, demand for miniature games also was starting to be quite significant and offer grew and expanded on other fields of gaming – wargames. Starting from obvious GW stuff – right now is more diverse. I can only wish them good luck and hope that the business and will grow even further (and the store as hobby centre will attract even more gamers!).

Great store. Probably in May 2016, I’ll be in Bangkok once again, so there will be opportunity to visit Battlefield Bangkok once again and maybe get re-match with Jack’s Chaos Space Marines:).

Plans for the future: After Bangkok I moved to Jakarta for few days. We are going to celebrate New Year’s Eve here, and of course new place- new store to visit and another battle to be fought. This time – again Warhammer 40k  – Blood Angles vs Eldars.

Happy New Year 2016!


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