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Blood Angels Terminators (Finally!)

Edit (24.02.2016): I updated photos in this post. Old ones had too much blue in the background and it was distorting whole colour scheme of miniatures. New ones are better imho.

The Day has come. After almost a month, I’ve finally finished painting Blood Angels. Terminators Squad – they were first (simultaneously I worked on Tactical Squad – just few final touches to go) so, Ladies and Gentlemen – let me present you. My first Warhammer 40k Blood Angels Chapter squad – Terminators.


Well, to be entirely honest – I started these Terminators in July 2015. I was hoping, I’ll be able to finish them in a week or two… but something came out. Right now, I’m not sure what exactly – but if I’m remember it correctly – I was forced to postpone Terminators, because all of the sudden – I needed some Skaven for upcoming battle. Classic change of priorities:).

So, few months later. Few thousands km away – I’ve decided to get back to Terminators. The squad you are looking at is the one from Shield of Baal: Deathstorm Box. I got all Blood Angels from the box in one of the Facebook miniatures sell/swap groups for fracture of their actual price. I can tell you that – it was real bargain!

In July 2015 – I’ve put red layer  and washed them with Aghrax Earthshade and that was it. No more work. I’ve hidden them into the box with unclear pledge, that someday I’ll will get back to them.

I must admit – my thoughts were circulating around Terminators. The plastic box with them hidden inside were almost al the time at my sight, so I felt constant remorse and the feeling that I should have finished them long time ago.

I think that was main reason why I’ve brought these Terminators with me to Asia. To get that remorse from my head;)… well, that’s, of course, not true. I simply love Terminators models. I’m aware, people these days do not use Terminators as their first elite option when constructing Army List (especially when it comes to Blood Angels:), however I’m huge fan of Terminators. Really, REALLY huge.


My first contact with Terminators in action was in 1993, when I got from my friend a copy of Space Hulk video game for  my Amiga 600. It was crazy awesome game with so, so graphic for the time it was released. And it was all about terminators exterminating Genestealers in the abandoned space ship. And this “Aliens” like atmosphere! Amazing. Of course, there was Space Hulk board game – but think about that- in Poland, in 1993 – it was almost impossible to get that:). But Space Marines gene seed was planted. I was in.


When, few years later, I was about to choose my first codex for 2nd edition of Warhammer 40k, my choice was obvious – Space Marines. It was only the matter of choosing the chapter. When I’ve got Angles of Death Codex in my hands, I knew I will end up with Blood or Dark Angels. Right now, I’m not exactly sure why I chose Blood Angels. Maybe I like red more than green? Or maybe I simply like angels and vampires? 😉 Doesn’t matter. From that moment I was Blood Angels guy.

…and Terminators, probably thanks to Space Hulk game and its incredible horror like atmosphere, were my number one in every game of Wh40k I had. In 2nd edition they had 3+ Armour Save taken on 2d6! Try to beat that! I loved  how Terminators were doing in the battles, and despite everything I will  remain deploy them and use in every battle. They  are just too cool to not to use them.


My new Blood Angels army is slowly growing. Now, I have Terminators. First Tactical squad is 99% ready. Plus Librarian in Terminator Amour and Sanguinary Priest. Back in Poland, I have some more squads  plus heavy support to paint. So, in upcoming months, probably I’ll be developing Blood Angels to get fully paint 2000 points army. But if I’m going t paint them in such slow tempo like Terminators and Tactical squad (almost a  month of work) , it will take eternity to complete this task. Well, I need to pick up the pace…

Of course, I haven’t painting everyday, and all days long. I’ve changed the place, country few times. Still tons of work in my day job. I got sick for almost a week and during that time I was not in the mood for painting. Constant muscle ache, running nose and fever – they are not your friend when you want to paint:).


So, this last month with Blood Angels, were little bit too long. It should have been more like two weeks. And the thing is, it’s totally doable. I just need to concentrate more.

About the painting scheme. Generally I like weathering effects on all Space Marines models. Especially vehicles. However, I prefer to have my Blood Angels more clean look. At least for now. Maybe after few battles I add more weathering, rust or oil leaks here and there. Will see.


Colours. Nothing fancy. Just typical Blood Angels stuff. Base – Mephiston Blood washed with Aghrax Earthshade. Next layer Evil Sunz Scarlet. Edges and highlights – Wild Rider Red, plus some Troll Slayer Orange for detailed edging. Storm Bolters and Power Fists – Abaddon Black and Administratum Grey for edges.

Sergeant’s Power sword – Calgar Blue toned up to white.

I had some issues with lettering for Banners. To be honest, I’m not quite expert with painting letters – so, as you can see – the letters are put so lousy and they are quite uneven. It’s not my speciality. My control of the brush is just not good enough – I just need more practice probably. So, with every next Space Marine, I’m hoping to get better with this part.


Bases. I admit. I’m big fan of Micro Art Studio and their products. For all my Blood Angels squad I plan to use Tech Bases. These look really cool – kind of like Terminators on Space Hulk (now I’m back again to 1993:).

All arms (plus Cyclone Missiles Launcher ) are magnetised. Chainfists and Assault Cannon/Heavy Flamer are other options. Not painted yet. I was eager to finish the squad  – so the weapons alternatives  will be finished some other time (when needed – probably).

As addition, I used Forge World’s shoulder pads. Really, really cool bits.

Another thing. For the first time I used more dark colours for the background of the photo. I think models look better that way (the advice I got from few painting FB groups). I might stick with this dark grey background for good.

So, Terminators are ready. I already have tried them in few battles, but they were not ready and definitely they were underachieving. Now, when they fully painted – they will show their true potential for the glory of Emperor and Sanguinius.

Next in line are Tactical Space Marines. Just teeny tiny final touches and they are also done. I’ll post photos in my next entry.

Plans for the future: Terminators completed. Tomorrow, I’ll finish Tactical Squad. And right away I hop to something completely different… I feel like Infinity recently. So, probably it’s time for another Nomad Bakunin miniature. Which one? Will see about that…

Next week, I’m heading to Philippines, Panglao island for another 3 weeks. Another exiting place, where I can paint with absolutely nobody bothering me:).

Until next time!


  1. Dude, these look great! Well worth the wait – nice and crisp, and the lettering looks good to me! My only suggestion would be to drill out the gun barrels, but I’m guessing you don’t travel with a hobby drill 😉

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    • thanks:) and I had the same suggestions from few people. tbh, I should have thought about it before I left Poland. now, like you said – it’s too late. no drill:)

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  2. Awesome work – they look excellent. I agree with your sentiments about how cool terminators are… they have a long history of awesomeness. And, despite not being fully painted, they seemed to hold up fairly well in the battle we had;;; next time, now that they are fully painted, they will no doubt do even better 😉


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