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Battle Report: Warhammer 40k – Blood Angels vs Eldars (1000 points)

In last post I wrote how I got to Fantasy ‘N Games Store in Jakarta, Indonesia. Really cool place with great community. If I can only had time, probably I could have played three battles, or maybe more. Unfortunately I arranged my time there so poorly , so I had only one free day to visit the stores, so therefore I was able to play only one game.

So. The game: Warhammer 40k. Opponent: Gerald and his Eldars. My army: personal detachment of Blood Angels (Sanguinary Priest, Tactical Squad and Terminator Squad) plus some local Blood Angels borrowed from Aldo, local gamer (many thanks!, you are The Boss!).

So, it’s time for next Game of Travel battle report, straight from Jakarta.


Brother Gamaliel was badly wounded during the battle on planet Baan consumed by dark forces of Chaos, but he managed to get to last evacuation transport from this wicked place before its destruction.

His last task in As.S1.A sector was to get rid of aliens from the planet designated as JK001 on the border of The Imperium. Eldar force were spottedon the surface there performing their xenos witchcraft on western continent. That’s was unacceptable – these aliens will be purged.

Farseer Galarnys were worried. Mon-keigh interruption was in most of unfortunately of times. The rite of  was almost completed, and Galarnys could proceed with his plot against this sector of the galaxy. The purpose of the rite were the mystery even for the closest and trusted Windriders in Galarnys detachment. One thing was sure – mon-keigh presence on JK001 was the kind of annoyance that had to be stopped.


Blood Angels

Sanguinary Priest Gamaliel (Warlord) (Valour’s Edge) joined one Tactical Squad.

10 Tactical Squad in Rhino (Sergeant with Power Fist, Melta Gun, Heavy Bolter, Teleport Homer)

10 Tactical Squad in Rhino (Sergeant with Chain Sword and Plasma Pistol, Lascannon, Meltagun, Teleport Homer)

5 Blood Angels Terminators (Cyclone Missile Launcher)

1 Predator (Twin Linked Plasamacannon, Two Sponson Lascannons)

5 Assault Squad (Two Meltaguns)


Blood Angles ready to go. Most of my minis are near to completion, but still many details to go. I hope to finish them until end of this week.

Eldar Force

Farseer Galarnys (Psyker Level 3, Ghost Helm, Shuriken Pistol, Singing Spear, Farseer Skyrunner) joined one unit of Windriders.

5 Windriders (Twin linked Shuriken Catapults)

5 Windriders (Shuriken Cannons)

3 Windriders (Shuriken Cannons)

Hornet Squadron (3 Hornets – Brightlances x 2 each)

Wrightknight (Ghostglaive and Scatterlaser)


Eldar force. Look at that Wraithknight! It’s from time of 2nd edition or something (sorry I’m not a big expert on Eldar;)


Mission: Eternal War – Purge The Alien.

Turn 1 (Blood Angels)

Eldar. They were no good. Every time Gamaliel encountered them – Eldar meant trouble. This battle will be no different, except this time Gamaliel was determined to deal with Eldar once and for all. Bloody xenos – infestation to The Imperium.

Gamaliel ordered to advance. Rhinos moved full throttle forward and Assault Squad jumped to the back of the building.


Blood Angels advance.

Predator manoeuvred slightly to get better shooting position. Twin Linked Lascannon fired the lasbeam at mighty and tall walking figure – Eldar Wraithknight hulking over the battlefield. Unfortunately the shot missed the target.


Predator fire!

Terminator squad were in the orbit of the planet waiting for the right moment to perform deep teleport strike into enemy lines.

Turn 1 (Eldar)

Eldar Jetbikes scattered around all battlefield. One squad moved to the west to support Wraithknight. Renaming two joined The Hornets and concentrated their fire on one of the Rhinos.

Shuriken Cannons and Bright Lances are powerful weapons. Bright concentrated beam of light cam out of the lance and hit the Imperial tank . The Rhino was destroyed with ease.


Wrecked Rhino..

Sergeant gave order to emergency disembark few seconds before explosion. Tactical squad ran for cover, but almost immediately they were hit with Shuriken Catapults of Farseer’s Windriders squad fire. Two Astartes fell dead.


Two of disembarking Space Marines were shot.


…and rest of the squad went for cover.

Meanwhile, on the west, Wraithknight fired Scatterlasers at Assualt Squad. Space Marines were hidden well behind the old Imperial fortification tower. Regardless, the laser beam covered all squad – and despite protection of Mk VII Power Armour, two of them were vaporised.


Two more Blood Angels dead.

Last squad of Windriders shot at the second Rhino (on western side) and the salvo damaged slightly frontal hull, but Space Marines inside were intact and they could safely continue the offensive.

 Last action – Windriders after firing, they moved back and took more strategic position.


Jetbikes squads moved to better position.

Turn 2 (Blood Angels)

Situation was not looking well. One Rhino was wrecked and Terminators were still in reserve on the orbit of JK001 – remaining Astartes were facing very dangerous foe. Eldar were vicious, but skilled enemies of The Imperium. The Warlock need to be taken down, here and now – his witchcraft were no good, that’s for sure. It was time to strike!

Assault Squad jumped onto the fortification building.


Assault Space Marines jumped on the top of the building.

There was limited space to land on he roof of the construction, but these Blood Angels were highly trained  in usage of Jump Packs and they kept the balance. The second jump took them direct into combat with Farseer’s Windriders. Eldar fired overwatch shots, but Space Marines were swift and they dodged every incoming shuriken but one.


Die, Xenos scum!

For the Emperor and Sanguinius! Death! DEATH to xenos scums!” cried remaining two Assault Marines and powered on their chainswords. They struck with precision – two Eldar died in horrible agony cut to pieces.

That was enough for Galarnys and his squad. The sight of his comrades dying. Long living Eldar, proud and strong killed by these crude mon-kiegh – that was spmething,  he did not wish to see. His heart were beating in amazing pace, his body was shaking, he couldn’t stand it any longer. He gave the order to fall back. Unfortunately for him, Astartes were in their peak moment – they continued the killing, turning it into true massacre. Farseer and Windriders were annihilated. Galarnys were mortally wounded, so the rite was interrupted. At least for the moment…


Space Marines proved Imperium superiority over xenos!

At the same time, on the west, Rhino moved forward and opened side doors. Tactical squad disembarked and opened fire at Eldar Windriders.


Blood Angels squad disembark and shoot.

Boltguns, meltagun and round of heavy bolter – that was massive salvo! However, Eldar jetbikes provide their riders sufficient save – only two Eldar were shot dead.

Predator remained in the same place – the crew carefully targeted The Wraithknight. The lascannons fired. Three beam hit the Eldar gigantic walker and damaged its frontal armour. Three shots – three hits. What a great accuracy!


Predator took aim at Wraithknight

Meanwhile, on the east, second tactical squad remain hidden and shot at Windriders squad at front of them. Two Jetbikes were hit, but the bolts bounced off the mesh armours.

Terminators still waited in reserve for the right moment to sent down on the planet surface.


Turn 2 (Eldar)

Farseer Galarnys was badly wounded, so Mesleth, leader of one of Windriders squads took command. The body of Galarnys will be recovered later – the priority for now – get rid of the Space Marines.

Windriders squads manoeuvred to get back from Space Marines – they were much more skilled in close combat than Eldar. Keeping in safe distnace and shoot them down with shurikens and lasbeams – that was the strategy.


Eldar Windriders withdraw.

Hornets opened fire at Tactical Squad hiding in the ruins, but this was perfect cover – not even one Astartes were scratched by the Brightlances beams.

First Windriders squad (near to Assault squad) withdrew at their normal speed and took a shot at Space Marines Fast Attack – shurkiens flew trough the air and one of brave soldiers of The Imperium fell dead pierced by deadly throwing stars.


Assault Space Marine dead killed by perfectly aimed shuriken.

Second Windriders squad also withdraw, leaving the space for Wraithknight. They also took a shot salvo (at Tactical Squad at the west). However, shurikens bounced off the power armours and there were no harm done. Not even slightest. Emperor protects.

At the last, but not least – Wraithknight. He charged with fury at Tactical squad led by Gamaliel. Mighty figure took a long leap and landed just over the Space Marines. He was way much bigger than his opponents – it seemed that nobody and nothing could hurt Wraithknight – he was Blood Angels’ doom.


Wraithknight charge.

Wraithknight started to stomp all over Space Marines …but Adeptus Astartes were agile and skilled fighters. They managed somehow to avoid most of the desperate attacks of Wraithknight. Only two of them failed to dodge the feet of the walker, despite they felt very little pain thans to Sanguinary Priest’s help – they fell dead. The squad stood strong – they did not fall back. Wraithknight was tied in combat for a little bit longer than anyone expected.


Wraithknight vs Blood Angels

Turn 3 (Blood Angels)

Finally! Terminators Squad were ready to strike! Teleporter homer of Sergeant Taulus started to beep, indicating the Terminators are ready to come. Taulus set up the homer  and gave the signal to the orbit.

Terminators arrived!


Terminators have arrived!

And they immediately were ready for fight. Cyclone Missile Launcher targeting system took Hornets as the target. Unfortunatly, Hornets were in quite some distance from Terminators, so there were no surprise all missiles failed to hit Eldar skimmers.

Once Terminators joined the battle, Sergeant Taulus ordered to leave their hideout and advanced towards Horents. Meltagun fired, but, let’s be honest aiming and marching forward is difficult task – even for the Astartes. So, the shot missed.


Tactical Squad leave their hideout.

Predator manoeuvred also to take a shot at Hornets, but lasbeam shot missed Eldar squad by miles.


Predator fire at Hornets.

Meanwhile, the last of Assault Space Marines decided to make risky move – charge Windriders Squad. Eldar fired overwatch sh0t and unfortunately for brave hero of The Imperium, they hit and mortally wounded. His reckless move were futile…


Last of Assault Space Marine shot dead during charge.

At the same time on western flank, the uneven fight between might Wraithknight and Blood Angels continued. Space Marines for Eldar Colossus were like ants. Ants that about to be stomped.

However, these ants did not want to die that easily. Space Marines dodged every Wraithknight’s attempt to stomp on them. Agility and speed. Enhanced DNA code of Astartes  gave them that.


Wraithknight’s stomps were dodged.

Turn 3 (Eldar)

This battle were lasted way too long. Mon-keigh were just refuse to die! Maybe their Emperor were truly watching over them, or it’s simply matter of luck… but they are just too stubborn to let go!

So, Eldar will help them to give up or kill them all.

First Windriders Squad turboboosted to move further from incoming tactical squad. The second squad  opened fire at Rhino – to be honest, this was the only target they can only shot at. The series of shurikens zziped thought the air and penetrated the hull of the Imperial tank. The explosion were as sudden as it was loud and bright. Driver and gunner were consumed by fire and Rhino was nothing more than wreckage.


Second Rhino destroyed.

At the same time, Hornets fired Brightlances salvo at incoming Tactical squad. Oh, brave warriors of The Imperium, they were like sitting ducks, on the plain sight. Nowhere to run nor hide – lasbeam just went trough the Power Armours with ease. Three proud Astartes were dead.


Three more tactical Space Marines dead – shot down by Eldar Hornets.

Wraithknight still tried to stomp over the Tactical Squad. And, situation here, were some kind of true miracle. Mighty colossal Wrightknight could not handle few human opponents. They, somehow, keep fighting – or, maybe to be more precise – they avoided to be killed.  The combat was still unresolved.


This fight is still on!

Turn 4 (Blood Angels)

At this point of the battle, Gamaliel still leading Tactical Squad tied in combat with might Wraithknight, ordered trough the vox to all remaining units to concentrate their fire at Hornets. That  was, beside enormous walker, main threat, that needed to be eliminated promptly.

Meltagun of Tactical Space Marines, Cyclone Missile Launcher of Terminators and Predator – they received the order and shot at Hornet Squadron. Two Hornets right away stood in fire – there were no possible way that this kind of firepower will do nothing. In fact, it was a miracle – that third Hornet survived this havoc.


Two hornets destroyed.

At the same time, on the west – Wraithknight changed his tactics. He seized to stomp and drew his Ghostglaive and swung around. One Space Marine fell dead. They stood so long, resisting Eldar Walker for so much time. But this one comrade of them, were too much – Gamaliel felt inside they will not have any chance, so he ordered to fall back. Sweeping advance from Wraithknight were murderous. He wiped out almost all of Blood Angels. Most of them were killed, only few survived, but their wounds were so severe, that they couldn’t continue to fight any more. Including Brother Gamaliel.


Wraithknight smite Space Marines.

Turn 4 (Eldar)

Finally!  Some progress! Only two Imperial Squads left plus Predator. Wraithknight was free of combat and he could engage other enemies. He jumped over few buildings and get as close as possible to Predator and fired the Scatterlaser. One glance hit damaged the side hull slightly. Predator  still intact – damage was not sufficient . At least, for now.


Eldar forces moving towards Predator.

First Windriders Squad moved right behind Wraithknight, and as well shot at Predator. Thankfully for Imperial tank, it was hidden behind ruins, that given it additional protection – shurikens did no damage.


Eldar Windriders moved to shoot at Tactical Squad.

Second Windraders Squad moved closer to remaining Tactical Squad ans shot 4 of them down.  Only handful of Space Marines were remain on the battlefield.


…and shot four Space Marines.

Last Hornet used turboboost to escape from the range of meltagun. Destructive weapon – that’s what it is.

Turn 5 (Blood Angels)

The sun over JK001 was slowly sinking behind the horizon, but the battle continued.  Blood Angels forces shrank significantly, but there was still slight chance to win this battle, to purge this planet from xenos threat and bring glory to The Emperor and Sanguinius.

To do that – Hornet and Wraithknight needed to be eliminated.

Terminator Cyclone Missile Launcher took aim at last Hornet.


Terminator’s Cyclone Missile Launcher fired.


…and last Hornet destroyed.

Missile was fired and it flew directly to Eldar flyer. The impact was immense. Cyclone rocket penetrated the hull and explosion went trough all over the Hornet, consuming crew and causing all engine and weapons to blow up. Hurray! One of the main goals achieved!

The next step – eliminating Wraithknight will be more demanding task. Tough construction, well protected. Only Predator and its lascannons could inflict sufficient damage to stop it.

Unfortunately lascannons beams, were stopped by Scattershield surrounding Wraithknight.


One more attempt to shoot Wraithknight

Last man of Tactical Squad go to hide inside the ruins. To be honest his  usefulness were almost zero. He was equipped only with boltgun – he was no good against Windriders or Wraithknight. So he went hid.

Turn 5 (Eldar)

Wraithknight and Jetbikes Squad proceed to advance at Predator, shooting with all they could at it. Shurikens were fired – and this time the salvo penetrated weakest points of the hull and hit the crucial part of Predator’s engine, causing the great explosion. Predator was no more.

Second Windriders Squad moved near to Terminators and fired their Shuriken Catapults. Well, Terminator Armour is famous of its reliability, and this time also saved Space Marines inside.

However, Blood Angels situation were turning critical.  Terminators were only unit capable to do actual harm to any of remaining Eldar…

Turn 6 (Blood Angels)

The chances were slim. It was completely dark on JK001. Terminators were aware taht they could do almost nothing here any more. The battle was lost and Eldar will keep JK001 for themselves, so the only option for remaining Blood Angels forces was evacuation. Thunderhawk was on the way.


Predator destroyed. Terminators were last squad on the battle.

Last shot of Cyclone Missles fired. Traget – Wraithknight. Well, but it was complete miss. Wraithknight and Jetbikes were closing down around Terminators.

…and now – anticipation for transport ships.

Turn 6 (Eldar)

Mon-keigh infestation was almost eliminated. The planet was recovered – Farseer Galarnys was badly wounded, but still alive. His body was already secured – so the mysterious rite could be finished later as soon as Galarnys will be back to his full heath. Hopefully, no mon-keigh, nor other species will interfere.

Imperial transport ships were cruising above the battlefield. However, Eldar wanted to give Imperium the lesson, they will never forget. Wraithknight and Windriders gather around Terminator Squad and opened massive fire. In usual circumstances Terminator Armours should protect Astartes inside. But this time, something strange happened – all five Terminators were hit by enormous concentrated cloud of shurikens. There was no save from that. Even Terminator Armour were useless. All five – dead or badly wounded.


All Terminators killed…First these two…


…then, remaining three.


No wonder…with such pathetic rolls for Armour Saves

Eldar won the battle. They secured the battlefield, but they allowed Imperial ships to collect dead and wounded. The lesson is taken – there were no need for further intensification of mutual animosity.

After battle

Eh.. another battle lost – what to do. To be honest, I learn how to proper play Wh40k from the scratch. I was always Fantasy player and Warhammer 40000 were just an addition. Right now I want to change that and I need battle like this. Lost or won…

…but anyway, the battle was great. Gerald, thank you for great battle. I hope to face your Eldar again soon:)


Me and Gerald after the battle.

My tactics was simple. Get as fast as possible to those annoying avoiding combat xenos and crush them with anything I got. No calculations nor sophisticated deployment. Just run and hit:) Was it smart? Don’t know, but for sure with little bit of luck I was really close to get rid of many Eldar on the tabletop. Including Wraithknight! Eventually I lost, but I gave these xenos hard time. And what’s most important – I had my dose of fun.

Plans. Koh Lanta will be my home for next 10 days, so I plan to paint in every spare moment I have. Tomorrow I plan to finish Blood Angels and then I go after something completely different – probably Malifaux or Infinity. Will see.

Until next time.


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