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The travel continues – Red Comet Store – Penang, Malaysia

The travel goes on.

I had some break from writing here anything connected with travel. Recently write only about my progress in painting. Actually, I paint like crazy in last two weeks. I had pretty good run and I did not want to interfere with it.

However, I still have one more place to write about. So, I get myself off from the paints and brushes for a moment and I’m going back to the place I’ve visited few weeks ago.

I have in mind one particular and special place for me. Georgetown, Penang Island in Malaysia.


Few years ago I’ve stayed in Georgetown for over a month and I absolutely fell in love in that city. To be completely frank, I’m not sure what has happened – I just love the place. Period.

Mixture of post-colonial and Asian households. Topitty top cuisine. And amazing people. Chinese, Malay, Indian and Europeans. Absolutely unique.

This time I’ve stayed in Georgetown only for 10 days, which had to be enough to overcome my nostalgia. Well, I know for sure I’ll keep coming back here – not only once but multiple times. And one day – I want to settle here for little bit longer than one month. Few years hopefully -to feel it, to live Georgetown like a local:).

Imagine my surprise when I found out that in Georgetown, there is hobby store. To be honest I haven’t expected that! Georgetown is not a small town, but well I know bigger with no community whatsoever.

So, look at that! One more advantage of moving to Penang! Wargaming community, hell yeah!

The store Red Comet is located in the biggest shopping mall here – Komtar complex. Conviniant location, that’s for sure. Komtar is also termianl for plenty of buses from all over the island, so let’s admit – it’s easy to get here. For me it was 15 minutes walking from my hotel. Hot like hell, here on Penang in January, but equipped in the bottle of water, I made it:).

Forth floor of Prangin Mall. Red Comet is not a big store. No place for even one table, only miniatures, games, paints and gaming accessories. Plus display and small painting station corner.


What offer can you expect in Red Comet? This is tricky question. No, really.

Generally in most of miniatures stores I visit, the basic inventory is Games Workshop models. Warhammer 40000 and Warhammer Fantasy (or you can call it Age of Sigmar these days:). Red Comet were also like that. However, in the Summer of Sigmar, they decided to slow down with Games Workshop inventory. Warhammer 40k is safe here. Nothing to worry about here. But it’s different story with Fantasy…



Red Comet staff (big up – Kitt, thanks for good time in Red Comet:) are bunch of dedicated players. They play many games, starting from WH40k and WHFB, and ending a Spartan Games – Planetfall or Dystopian Wars. And these guys, and many of other Fantasy players in Penang, when Age of Sigmar was released, they made classic rage quit. Most of the players simply refused to accept the fact of AoS existence! They were keep on going with Warhammer Fantasy! Simple like that!

And Red Comet decided to not continue Warhammer Fantasy offer any more! How curious and brave decision! In Penang there are plenty of Fantasy players, still! And, believe me they will keep on playing WHFB but there will be no model support from local store. In fact, at the moment there is big sale of all Fantasy models available in the store with… 50% discount! Oh, yeah, that’s right 50% !!!!. The sale last until total sell out of all Fantasy miniatures. Hurry up, folks, until it lasts!

I couldn’t miss that opportunity – I’ve bought two models for myself. Empire Captain and Beastmen Shaman. I’ve felt, I should have buy more. With such attractive prices? No wonder. Well, I have only one backpack, though. And it’s full of so called necessities – boring stuff like clothes or cosmetics… No place for more models… (if only I have more place, I’ll probably buy half of the WHFB offer:).


More models. Yay!

So, with no Warhammer Fantasy any more – there were some gap in Red Comet offer. The gap they needed to fill. They decided to get in into different niche and promote it all over the island. They focused their effort on Spartan Games – Firestorm: Armada, Planetfall, Halo and Dystopian Wars.



I’m not familiar with this games. Generally I do not follow 10 mm scale miniature games. They are not my cup of tea (miniatures are too small if you ask me). But I can admire Red Comet’s invention. They gave up on WHFB, and they enter some totally unexplored terrain. The games that needed to be introduced and shown to local gamers. There were need of demo games that could convince the community, the game are actually worth to play.

Kitt, the store manager, spent with me about 30 minutes, showing me the models, explaining the rules, trying hard to convince me that Planetfall (this is the number one for Red Comet right now) is cool and fun to play game. And I tell, you, if he put the same effort to spread the word among gamers in Penang, I’m sure Spartan Games products will become success here. Every three months Red Comet organise big event when they show all of their Spartan Games, when everybody are free to come, touch the models, learn how to play. For details, please contact them directly via Facebook (if I’m not mistaken – next event will be in March).

Beside Spartan Games promo events, there are regular weekly community meetings. Warhammer 40k and Fantasy (and no Age of Sigmar) are played in Georgetown. Red Comet Store has other venue equipped with proper tables and scenery. So, maybe there is no space in the store, but as you can see, they are prepared well:). Once again, for details, I recommend to contact their Facebook page. tables, but there is some designated place to paint. In fact, the store is also offering commissions and already painted models. Like these two beauties below.


Summarising. Red Comet’s small, but nice store with customer/gamer friendly attitude. I only regret I haven’t managed to play the game there. No worries, when I finally move to Geargetown, I’ll be able to play any time I want:).

Kitt, big thanks for the chat and introduction to Firestorm: Planetfall. Good luck with the business!


Kitt and me.

Plans for the future: So, this is last post from the series – back in time. Right now, I’m in Tagbilaran on Bohol Island, Philippines. Staying until Friday. Next – short stop in Manila and Thailand again. I think I must like Thailand – third visit within 3 months:). And when I reach Thailand – I’m going to paint like crazy!

Until next time!


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