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Painting Fever. Part 3

Hello there! I’m back with another batch of freshly painted minis. I haven’t got much time recently to paint, but during last 10 days I haven’t been entirely unproductive.  Oh, quite opposite – I resisted temptation of launching Warhammer: Total War and I dedicated all my free time to miniatures.  And that was crucial moment, believe me. New TW has any indications to be time vortex for me. I see myself getting into world of video games, and be lost, like, forever. And beside miniatures, I have family too! So, at least for now, thanks but no thanks. I say no to Total War. I stick to metal and plastic  (and resin:). It is enough fun:).

What you see here is work I’ve done during last two weeks. Like I wrote, busy time right now – miniature painting has little bit lower priority at the moment. Despite that, I have this trio. Lady Ellendeane of Wolsung, Beastmen Shaman and Empire Catian for WHFB. That was the least I was able to paint recently.

…but one by one.

Lady Ellendeanne

If you follow my blog carefully, you might saw Lady Ellendeanne some time ago. Actually, I it is exactly one year ago when I finished painting Lady E. It was first miniature for Wolsung Steampunk Skirmish Game I’ve ever paint, so – yeah, this girl is pretty special for me. But well, apparently not special enough to keep her in such horrible state like she was until now. I mean, Lady Ellendeanne’s painting job was awful. I remember one year ago, I was trying to paint her the best I could, but probably I still was lousy at this, or maybe I was trying too hard, so Lady E. didn’t went well. To be frank, she was as far from well as possible. The only option – repaint her.


I’m not going to show previous photo of Lady Ellendeanne, it is too much for my eyes (If you persistent enough you can find her in blog archives). Let’s just focus on her new look.


Green fancy dress. Victorian style. Waaagh Flesh as base and every next layer is just mixture of Waagh, Warboss Green and white. Edges and final highlights – Moot Green with little bit of white. Lady E. looks awesome in green. Don’t you think? 🙂


The biggest problem was the face. I try to learn how to paint women faces properly. I mean, eyes, lips, chicks – allright. I’m getting better at this. But what about make up? I’m afraid, I’m still not ready to make it right. Sorry, Lady Ellendeanne – next time. During next re-paint;).


Resin Base is from Micro Art Studio.

The model is for Wolsung Steampunk miniature game, also from Micro Art Studio, but also available in Wayland Games, for instance.

Lady Ellendeanne will re-join my Wolsung’s Ash&Oak faction and she will bring the action in my next game (this Thursday!). Wish me, and her, luck!

OK, let’s jump to the next one…

Beastmen Shaman

I have strong sentiment for this model. Well, not for this exact one, but for the sculpt. In late 1990s when I was playing Warhammer Fantasy with Beastmen (who remember the time when simple Gors had 2 wounds?:), this Shaman was doing ‘behind the lines’ undercover operations by using Cloak of Mist and Shadows. Oh yeah, he was doing some nasty business with his Dark Magic, flying around, impossible to get caught…


Well, when I saw the model in Military Hobbies in Adelaide (October 2015), Australia, I didn’t hesitate for a second, paid 3 or 4 Australian dollars (don’t remember right now…) and grab him right away! All this 90s memories were back to me just like that. For a moment I thought – I should start Beastmen again. Yeah, I should totally do it.


…but, I came back to my senses of course, and I realised that probably it won’t happen. Not any time soon. But I had my moments, while I was painting this guy. And to be honest, this is all that matters:).


The miniature is simple. Comparing to the most recent plastic release  of Shaman, it’s way too simple. But as always, you can feel the era of 1990s sculpts and spirit of Herohammer. It’s still Beastman though. So we have – horns, fangs, and hoofs.


I chose green scheme for this one. Green cloak and hood. And horns also green. Few brown and beige additions, and here it is – Shaman ready.

Oh, OK. I added few extras – blood on the axe (I used for this – Blood of The Blood God paint from Citadel range), and free hand runes on the scarf. With these, nobody would say – it’s simple painting job;).

Base is resin Wasteland, once again from Micro Art Studio. If I ever start Beastmen, the whole army will based like that.

..but for now, no. I focus on my Skaven, and Beastmen are going on sale on my Ebay page.

…and finally, someone to stand against hordes of Chaos…

Empire Captain

I bought this mini in Malaysia, during my visit at Georgetown, Penang in Red Comet Store in January 2016. There was 50% discount on Warhammer Fantasy Battle models, and I barely resist to buy everything they had. This Empire Captain and plastic Beastmen Shaman, were my only choices, but I had hard time there. Really hard time…


Empire is my another unfulfilled dream army for Warhammer Fantasy. And I think about 4/5 edition – when Empire was full of options. Kislev, Halflings, Dwarfs, Ogres. That were awesome times! I would gladly have to possibility to collect those. No means though, maybe in the long run, but not right now.


So, beside everything, Empire Captain is also going to my Ebay. My Empire will need to wait.


Few words about painting scheme. Colours – red and blue. Altdorf. The Capital of the Empire. I choose these, every time I had the chance to paint Empire model. I really like this combination, and while they are Altdorf’s colours – they had additional special meaning. Easy pick, don’t you think? For me, it was. Few more Empire models will come this way – and there will be more red and blue. For the glory of Karl Franz.


Ok. That’s summary of my latest work. I wish I had better pace in my everyday painting struggle, but no can do. June and July are expected to be crazy busy. Plus I go for the road trip to Germany and France, and it will take me a few weeks. And probably I won’t paint a lot.

…but on the other hand. Next adventure is approaching. We bought tickets to Montego Bay, Jamaica for October. There are probably no stores or clubs in Montego Bay, but this will be only first stop – USA, Mexico… and more to come. Can’t wait!


  1. Very nice – I remember your first attempt at Lady Ellendeane, and I thought you did a good job back then… but this new paint job is amazing mate, the green is so rich! You really have improved so much dude – rock on!

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