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Amethyst Wizard aka I’m home again!

Oh, my! I’m home again! Whatever that means, of course:) During past five years I was changing countries and cities so many times, that now It’s hard for me to find the most desirable place to live. However, Poland is the country where my friends and family live, where’s absolutely the best food in the world (Polish donuts rocks!) and if I like it or not – I pay taxes. So, let’s face it – Poland is my home, even though – I’m here for less than 6 months during the year.

I arrived one week ago, and I had plenty of things over my head. Arranging new flat, getting all my stuff from my mother’s attic, getting internet connection. And one week later – here I am. Rested, willing and happy to paint and write! The break made me even more enthusiastic about all this hobby deal. So, let’s rock n roll!

All is set up and ready for action. I already unpacked all miniatures I had with me in Asia. Ow, wow. There are plenty of them. And still, a few with no pictures taken – waiting to be shown to the world.

Like this guy over here. Amethyst Wizard from The Empire army for Warhammer Fantasy Battle (or Age of Sigmar if you prefer). I painted him during my last days in Thailand. I even managed to take few photos. However, I didn’t get opportunity to write proper post about him. But here I am and finally I have the time to finish few stuff I drag behind.


Amethyst Wizard along with Warrior Priest were supposed to be a starer for my Empire army. What was I thinking? I suppose, I was thinking I will manage another army for WHFB alongside Skaven and Lizardmen (and most probably Chaos Dwarfs). Sadly I realised – it’s impossible. Beside Warhammer Fantasy, I decided to go on with Infinity, Malifaux and Wolsung. And Warhammer 40000 of course. Too many minis to paint, too much money to spent, and of course – I don’t have that much space to go on with another army! It is time to make grown up decision. Time to sell some stuff. Starting from said Wizard.


For sell or not, I put real effort into the Wizard. Probably photos will not show it properly, but I spend quite some time on writing gothic letters on the scarf and inside the book. Writing on the scarf – one side: Mors (in Latin – Death) and on other side – Shyish (name of The Lore of Death). Well, as you can see Amethyst Wizards are close to Death, and passing of time, but unlike Necromancers they are quite ok, that eventually they will die. So, with that kind of attitude, they can legally proceed with their doings all over Empire. Their symbols are also connected with death – scythe, roses and hourglass.


The plastic kit had the hourglass as option, but I’ve decided to glue the wizard with the book instead. That, in my opinion, gave him for wizardry look.


Here in Poland, I have my photography setup ready. Lightbox, lamps and tripod. Plus for the first time, I used black background. I think it all look so so. A little bit better than with lighter background.

Base is from resin range of bases from PK-Pro. It’s something like grass/woods base. I was thinking to base my entire Empire army like that. Instead, they will directly to Ebay. Here’s the link. Warrior Priest will shortly join the wizard there.

Plans for the future: I have finally  everything ready to paint, so I’m going to paint like crazy now. And I have so many gaming plans for upcoming weeks, so I need few models to be prepared. First of all – some small WHFB 8th edition event, in which I’m going to participate – my Skaven need to properly based for this. Second thing – my friend is coming to Warsaw in few weeks, with his army of Dwarfs. We will play 5th edition game, and I would like to field a unit of Plague Monks against him. Maybe some Plague Canser Bearers, or even Lord Skrolk. Fingers crossed for my discipline in painting more Skaven:). And finally, last point-  the campaign of Warhammer 40k – my Blood Angles need to be assembled and glued. That will be at least few days off. Beside that, need to lunch off Infinity at last. So many stuff to do, so little time. Back to work then!

Until next time!


  1. Beautiful work. The top of the scythe and the highlighting on the black cloak came out particularly well. Shame you are not continuing with your Empire (for now…). I’ve got the ‘too many projects’ syndrome myself, including this set waiting to be assembled – and painted. Just can’t decide on which wizard to build. I might get started some day for a Frostgrave warband and paint up a couple of other imperials to go with it.

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    • I was thinking about using him for Frostgrave, but I decided another skirmish game will be too much. I have already Infinity, Malifaux and Wolsung running. so Ebay for this guy:) thanks for comment:)


  2. I agree with Subedai, the scythe and the highlights on the cloak are top notch. Not only perfectly painted, but he looks as disturbing as he would probably be on the battlefield!


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