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Malifaux again – Poltergeist and Sorrows

I’m back for good. I tell you that. Workplace fully set up – paint station, modelling corner, light box. All on one table. That’s pretty selfish of me. Taking over the only table in all studio, but…well… my wife has quite high level of understanding for my hobby, and she doesn’t mind at all.

This table will be my workstation for next 7 months. We have rent contract until October 21st, 2016. For the first time, since few years, when we are back to Europe in spring, we don’t have any fixed plans for autumn/winter season. Last year we knew, we are going to Australia/Asia, but this year is big unknown. Many plans in our heads, but nothing certain.

So, 7 months in one place. It means a little break from Game of Travel usual activity and time for ‘settle down’ mode. There will be more battle reports, some interviews and probably the same number of models show posts. Of course, I won’t be visiting so many cool places like during last few months, but for sure I plan to travel to some European cities.

…but now, I paint. And make nice photos too. These miniatures I present right now  – Poltergeist and Sorrows from Pandora ‘No Shelter here’ – Neverborn faction from Malifaux, were painted during last week of my stay on Koh Chang, Thailand (along with other minis as well. Will show them during next few weeks). So, having my proper mini photo studio here, is the best opportunity to shoot the better photos to all my doings.


So, Malifaux again. Most of my Malifaux miniatures are stores at my mother’s house attic few kilometres outside Warsaw. Once I find some time and drive there, I will be finally be ready to play Malifaux big time.


In Warsaw there is quite a Malifaux community. At least 20-30 players in the area, so I don’t think there will be any problem to find opponent to give some ‘newbie’ lesson game. My first tutorial game (in September last year) was superb, and I can’t wait to get some more!


With two masters ready – Lilith and Pandora, and growing numbers of Neverborn , I have plenty of options for start. Poltergeist and Pandora’s Sorrows have joined the ranks right now.

Awesome models. Very dynamic poses. A little bit boring to paint though. But, no worries. I tried to do my best here.


The ectoplasm bottom side of the models is green. For base I use Caliban Green. Every next layer is little bit lighter – first Goblin Green blending slightly into Moot Green. All is washed with Biel-Tan Green to smooth all blends and give depth to the darker areas.


Upper body is more corporeal. As base colour I used Karak Stone. Washed with Seraphim Sepia and highlighted with Karak Stone mix with white with different proportions (3 layers of highlights). I tried different technique of highlighting the body than usual. I applied every next layer, painting the skin to put emphasis on the muscles and myofibers beneath the skin. So, I painted not entire highlight area smoothly, but stripes. The texture of the body looks quite ok and it is exactly like I imagined for these models.


Bases – resin from Micro Art Studio. Wooden round bases were perfect choice for these ghasts. I painted greenish glow over the wooden floor around Sorrows and Poltergeist. What do you guys think?


Poltergeist and Sorrows are part of Pandora box, available in many online stores i.e. Wyrd official store or Element games.


Next week, I’m going for the rest of my Malifaux stuff. I’ll get plenty of options to paint. I’m thinking about Dreamer box. Or maybe Teddy will be a good choice instead? Will see.

Plans for the future: In next few weeks, I’ll be preparing to mini- tournament of WHFB 8th editions. Normally, I do not participate in tournaments (anymore), but the thing is, this is special event. All models need to be painted, based and WYSIWYG. That’s appealing, right? So, I’ll take my Skaven, camera and I’m going to spend awesome time. Probably I’ll loose most of the battles (if not all:) – with my lousy, casual attitude, but I’ll have great time. And that’s what counts the most. So, I need to paint few more rats and base most of my existing army. And this is a lot of minis. Believe me:).

Until next time!


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