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Reverend Custodier of Infinity

Settled for a while now. It’s been a month already since I got back from Asia and it’s starting to be some king of fading memory. It’s always like that – sitting in Poland, hidden in my room with the cup of tea in my hand. Watching the rain outside, and talking to myself: what the hell am I doing here? Cold, wet and grey. My everlasting Polish impression. I miss bright colours and sunny hot days. Remind me, why exactly I returned here?

Oh, wait I remember – one of the main reasons I’m here again is that I’m miniatures freak. I can’t be apart from them for too long or I go crazy (friends and family are also here:). So, Poland again.

…but I have few more stuff I painted in Thailand. Like this Reverend Custodier model for Nomads, Infinity. Painted her some time ago in my last days on Koh Chang, but so far I had no opportunity to shoot proper photos and write a few things about her.


It’s my second Reverend Custodier model I painted in my whole life. In fact the first – was the beginning of my adventure with Infinity miniatures. I remember, I spent so many hours trying to adjust to those super detailed minis. They look neat – pleasure to paint them, but they are little bit different than most of Games Workshop stuff I usually painted.


This one, comparing to the first – was piece of cake. Painting scheme was already in my head, so there was no need to look at referral photo all the time. And I figure out all steps needed to be done. Most of Bakunin Nomads have similar colours, so one more was starting to be just another face in the crowd.


The armour as usual white. I use Administratum Grey for the base, and gently apply layers of lighter hues, by adding white paint in diffident proportions.  In recesses I put little bit of Nuln Oil, watered down to get more smooth and not so dark blending effect. The same way I painted the coat.

For orange parts I used Wild Rider Red as base, next I put Troll Slayer Orange, and applied Seraphim Sepia . After that I mixed Troll Slayer Orange with Yriel Yellow and painted just the tips to give the highlights.


Hmm, what else – dark pants and boots (Mechanicum Standard Grey with Nuln Oil wash. Highlights a edging made with MSG/white and Administratum Grey). …and gun (Abaddon Black, slightly blended into light grey (once again Administratum Grey and all covered with Nuln Oil)

For the eyes and the wristlets I added some slight OSL from the power diodes and eyes (Temple Guard Blue washed with Drakenhof Nightshade).

Base – from Micro Art Studio. Urban base designed for infinity.

I assembled the model in little bit different position than referrer photos advise. Custodier aims the gun at someone coming from her side. My version is aiming a bit higher, like something incoming from the sky or higher ground. I simply put one of the foot on the kerb and whole pose has been changed in the way I prefer. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best.

Reverend Custodier is available in Corvus Belli website or in other online hobby retail store like Wayland Games (Game of Travel affiliate partner).

I had plans for Infinity for next week, but some other events occurred. Warhammer Fantasy (as always), and Malifaux. Infinity has to wait. I have painted over 200 points, which is perfect for tutorial or even normal but not so demanding battle. I believe in two or three weeks I’ll be able to get in Infinity for real. Who knows, maybe until my first battle I’ll paint something else. However, for the first time since I don’t even remember when I do not feel obligated to paint Infinity. My core army is ready. Now it’s finally time to play.


Plans for the near future: Next week is going to be all about Skaven and nothing more. In Friday, it’s grand return to Old World. Skaven vs Dwarfs. 2000 points. 5th edition of WHFB. I need 30 Plague Monks (work in progress) and Queek Headtaker (black prim). Will I make it? I have to, no other choice. Good bye sleep and other useless activities. Hello, 24/7 painting. Horned Rat needs me.

Until next time!


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