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Fading Suns of Corinth Warhammer 40000 campaign. Turn 1


Few weeks ago, I joined to a group of friends to play Warhammer 40000 narrative campaign. Fading Suns of Corinth sector is the story of mysterious Necron activity and the clash of few armies attracted by the riddle of Corinth. Soon the campaign is about to start. The first battle is already scheduled for April 10th. So, it’s time to start the preparations.

The scenario

The story is at very start. Eight armies came to the sector to check Necron plot. My Blood Angels were forced to deal with Dark Angles. 1500 points.

Blood Angels are trying to set up a base site on one of the planets. Unfortunately for both sides, Dark Angels chose the very same site, but arrived a moment later. Attack was commenced, and the battle was on.

Blood Angels defend their base. 50% of the army set up normally in the deployment zone. Second half is in the reserves and enter form the second turn with usual reserves rules.

Dark Angels do not deploy in normal fashion, but all army start in reserves. 50 % of the force makes reserve rolls starting from first turn entering from their edge of the table, and rest enter from the second turn (making reserves rolls) from any edge they wish beside Blood Angles deployment zone.

Victory Conditions

Blood Angles need to stop Dark Angles from getting to their base. For every unit of Dark Angles destroyed or outside Blood Angels deployment zone, Blood Angles get 1 Victory Point.

Dark Angels get 1 Victory Point for each unit inside Blood Angles deployment zone at the end of the battle.

Secondary Objectives: Slay The Warlord, First Blood.

General rules: Night Fight, Reserves, Random Game Length

Both armies are allowed to use their force head commander.


Well, and what should I do here? Blood Angles advantage is assault the enemy, not holding the line. The thing is, I’m not that experienced player as I wish to be, so my idea for the battle is kind of blurry. Plus, never played against Dark Angels before, so I don’t know what to expect. Will there be multiple heavy power squads? Or maybe mostly Ravenwing bikes riding here and there, trying to secure positions in my zone?

No matter what happen, I should prepare not to defend in old fashion way, but advance and bring the pain away of my base. I wish not to hide behind covers waiting for those bikes (or whatever else might appear) to override me. Dark Angels Victory Conditions are clear – get to my zone. Not necessary destroy my units. They may avoid confrontation. So for me, the sooner I tie with enemy in combat the better. And Blood Angles have means to do that. Baal Strike Force detachment gives my Space Marines +1 to Initiative (Red Thirst), so they will be slight faster than their opponents, and should be enough to cut them down, before they strike back. Furious Charge – +1 to Strength. Another advantage.

The only thing I should worry about is Supreme Fire Discipline of Dark Angels (they using their normal Ballistic Skill characteristic while shooting on Overwatch), and to be honest I don’t know how to counteract this. Blood Angles are born to fight in close combat, and I just need to pretend that Overwatch Dark Angles won’t hurt me that much and proceed with with this tactics. Charge at everything with every squad I have, hoping the casualties will not be too high, and I’ll be able to make successful assault.

Blood Angles force  (1500 points)

What units I chose for the tactics above?

Unfortunately my Blood Angels are under development at the moment. Not too many units to choose from, and most of them are not even assembled. Actually, one of the reasons I joined the campaign to motivate myself to build proper Blood Angles army. I never had the power to work over them for too long (there always were some other projects). So, with these restrictions, I made this army.


My Blood Angles. Still need some work 😉

Base Force (695 points)

Deployed in regular way in my base.

2 Tactical Squads + Rhinos


Only one Tactical squad is ready.

Furioso Dreadnought


Grey plastic…Dreadnought…

Predator (with twin linked Lascannon and two Sponson Lascannons)


…and Predator…still in the box.

These squads, already in the base, will wait for incoming enemy. Hopefully I’ll be second  and wait for first Dark Angles came from reserves and try to take control the battlefield. Rhinos will get my Tacticals to the enemy, Dreadnought will also try to close combat ASAP, while Predator will try to take down any approaching vehicles.

Reserves (808 points)

Captain Sendini (Terminator Armour, Storm Bolter, Thunder Hammer)

Chaplain Adeodatus (Jump Pack)


Love this model. I need to paint him soon.

Terminator Squad (5)


My second  painted squad – Terminators.

Death Company with Jump Packs (6)


Death Company – assembled and magnetised.



…and finally Stormraven.

For the campaign, each player is allowed to choose 4 characters from their Codex. One of them is designated as head commander of the army. He is not allowed to be used in every battle, only in the crucial moments of the campaign. Setting up the base is one of that moments. So, for me it was obvious to send Captain of the 5th Company to action. At 1500 points it may be not perfect choice for HQ, but the game and whole campaign suppose to be fun, right? 🙂

I’m still didn’t decide if Terminators will go inside Stormraven or arrive by Deep Strike. Probably the second option is better, giving me the opportunity to get to the enemy as close as possible.

Death Company can also get inside Stormraven or arrive by Deep Strike. It’s about to be decided.

My reserves hopefully will arrive soon. Two HQ choices needed to be transported to close combat as soon as they arrive. Hopefully Death Company led by Chaplain Adeodatus will make Dark Angels suffer.

All army will be deployed as Baal strike Force Detachment providing my army Red Thirst rule (+1 Initiative during charge).

Painting Challenge

The most interesting part of whole campaign will not take part on the battlefields though. Oh, no. The action will be in the solitude of my room at my work station. As I mentioned few times before, my Blood Angles need some love. No doubt about it. So far I painted – Tactical Squad, Terminator Squad, Terminator Librarian and Sanguinary Priest. It’s not even half of the force I’m going to use against Dark Angels.

Therefore, the campaign will be my next motivational tool.

There are 6 battles scheduled ahead in next few months. I was thinking how this could make me to proceed with painting my army and I decided that every next battle I need at least one new squad/vehicle/character painted as addition to what I have painted at the moment.

So, for example, in first battle I’m going to use two painted squads (Tactical and Terminators),  so in next battle I need at least three painted units/vehicles/characters. If, by any chance I decide not to use my already painted models, it’s still my obligation to have three units (vehicles or characters) painted. So I will need to paint two additional choices instead of one.

In my third battle – I’ll require 4 painted slots, in 4th – 5 painted slots and so on. Final goal is to in last battle deploy fully painted army no matter what. I have plenty of time. All I need is constant reminder of the challenge and good portion of focus. I can do it.

My next model I plan to paint is Rhino for my already finished Tactical squad. In that way they will look fully ready.


Rhino. The next model to paint.

What do you guys think about whole idea? Such challenges drive me the most – give me necessary boost and work organisation to achieve my goals and avoid chaotic work over too many painting projects.

…and now… anticipating the battle!

Until next time!


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