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Bright flame on the wind

Small break on the blog. Sorry for that. The last week was crazy busy for me. I was prepering for two events. First, good old Herohammer battle against Dwarfs and second, small tournament of WHFB 8th edition. My Skaven needed some few tweaks – bases, banners, or just simple corrections of my old painting job…

…not to mentioning – whole regiment of Plague Monks were simply unpainted. Yeah, busy week… but it all turned out perfectly – I  lost all battles, but my minis did well. All painted and willing to die… sorry, fight. Reports will come to Game of Travel soon.

Now, everything relaxed a little. No hurry, no deadlines, no need to paint Skaven anymore (at least for now). I can paint whatever I want. I have few ideas, but first… the model I painted right before Skaven rush. Warhammer Fantasy Bright Wizard.


Part of two miniatures blister I bought some time ago. First wizard – from Amethyst Collage, you can see here. And the second – Bright Collage of Magic, painted about two weeks ago, right before I sunk into world of The Horned Rat. I even shot some photos of the wizards, but I didn’t find any time to sit and write few words about him. So it’s time to get back to some other stuff than Skaven.

These two wizards supposed to be my base start for my Empire army. I planned to concentrate on 4/5th edition army book, when Empire was bright and diversified army full of different regiments, races and it was really fun to play. I even figured out in my head, how to start this. Followed the army list from Revenge of Doomlord scenario from Undead army book. Cool idea, no doubt about it. Infantry, cavalry, war machines. Even Kislevites! …unfortunately – I got not enough time (nor money) to run Empire army full time.


So, this guy will join some other models from my collection on Ebay, and will be put on sale. I had my dose of fun painting it, but there’s no way I could keep everything I paint. It’s started to be too much miniatures everywhere. It’s time to sell some to get some minis I REALLY need.


Few words about painting itself. It was challenging process but really entertaining.

The whole model is a mixture of red, orange and yellow. After all Bright College is all about fire. Fiery orange hair and beard. Flaming sword and staff, red robes and bright red coat. Based on resin base of PK-Pro painted as scorched ground. This model with this fire scheme gave me nice opportunity to practice painting flames and different shades of red.


Painting fire is tricky. Before the wizard, I was permanently making some rookie mistake – I used usual blending palette and colour order. From the darkest to lightest. Well, painting fire is actually quite different. Brightest colours are inside the fire and this order is correct: yellow, orange, red. Not opposite. Remember that;).

First of all. The sword. As fire is the hottest inside so I began with Yriel Yellow, blending smoothly into Troll Slayer Orange and next into Wild Rider Red. All covered with watered Seraphim Sepia. The sword itself is not burning. I assumed the fire is magical and the metal may be hot as hell, but it remain its basic structure. I add a little bit of soot (Nuln Oil) though.

The torch on top of the staff. Inside the metal torch I put pieces of burning coal. Burning inside and black on the top. For the coal and the flame of the torch I used the same colours as for the sword. However on the top of the flame, I added smoke black. The metal construction is black from the flame in the same way as sword. Soot – Nuln Oil, and little bit of Abaddon Black (drybrush).

For now it’s my last Empire model I painted, and will paint in near future. Still have Knights of the Empire and Imperial Cannon, but they will have to wait some time.

Plans for the future: Today I started to paint Warhammer 40k Harlequin Death Jester. Lovely model, but the diamonds on the leg are true pain in the butt. This will be great challenge, to make it right. Death Jester is prepared forr small painting competition we organized among small group of friends. The main prize – bunch of craftsmanship beers. The trophy worth fighting for, if you ask me! So, back to painting! Beer, awaits! (hopefully:)

…ahh, and long term plans slowly started to crystallise. If nothing unexpected happens – July we move to Spain for some time. Super exiting about this!

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