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Battle Report: Wolsung – Ash & Oak vs the Inventors vs The Triad

Aaagh, and another ‘long time, no write’ break in the blog. Of course, I could try to explain myself and I would find a few good excuses (like: I was out on two weeks road trip in Germany and France:), but it’s not the point. The thing is I have still a few stories to write and I should do this no matter what. Vacations? Please… that can wait – neglected blog should never happen.

So, without further excuses – back to work. Time to get this thing back on track!

Today, I have for you another battle report. This time – Wolsung Steampunk Skirmish Game. The game I played at the beginning of June in Warsaw’s Gentlemen’s Club and what’s really special about this – it was the skirmish between three players. Tomek, Paulina – thanks for great game!

I played with my Ash & Oak vs Triad of Lotus Dragon (Tomek) and The Inventors (Paulina). No alliances. Everyone vs Everyone. Two heroes game. Scenario will be explained later in the text.


Annual Renaissance Fair in Quirinale. Lady Petronella Ellendeanne simply adored events like this. Colourful carousels, unique food stalls, people in medieval disguises. And kids! Kids, all races, running around and laughing loudly. Lady Ellendeanne and her close friend Mary “Fearless” Winterboough were strolling  slowly around Carnival Lottery stall operating by four Golems.

Oh, my dear Mary! I tell this – this is the jolliest of place. The weather is splendid, folks are happy and gay. This sight fills my heart with joy! This is the perfect afternoon – nothing will ruin this moment.‘ – said Lady Ellendeanne to her companion.

We’ll see about that‘ – replied Mary Fearless with doubt in her voice. In the crowd she noticed a few suspicious personas glowering at the Lottery stand. Maybe, she was just too cagey. Maybe it was all in her head, but it’s better to stay alert.

…and unfortunately Mary’s intuition was right. On the west, she noticed characteristic Shangase figures dropping their disguises and rushing for the Lottery stand. The Triad! Distrupting the peace of this place!

At the very same time, on the eastern corner – Golems emerged from the crowd! Inventors!

Triad of Lotus Dragon and Inventors at the same time! There was no coincidence here. They were up to something. If only Mary could figure out, what they wanted…

…of course! Lottery Golems! Triad and Inventors were after Lottery Golems! Golems were easy to reprogram to perform any duty. Shipping, unloading the crates of Black Lotus, for example. Or be involved in some illegal, forsaken Inventors activities.

Not, on my watch! They won’t!‘ – whispered Mary and shouted to Lady Ellendeanne:

Lady E.! Wakey, wakey! Trouble ahead!

Lady Ellendeanne was pulled out of her nostalgic mood in the matter of seconds. When she figured out what is happening here, her anger grew strong! Disruption of The Renaissance Fair. The major crime in her book. Whoever is responsible, she will find and punish them.

Mary! I’m so glad you haven’t listened me and you took your colt with you. It would make a perfect use right now. Let’s go!

…and both females along with their henchmen rushed to the Lottery stand.

The Sides

Ash and Oak

Lady Ellendeanne

Mary Fearless

Distant Relative. Cousin Jim from the countryside (along with his hound)


Ogre Bruiser


Ash and oak. From the left: Mary Fearless, Lady Ellendeanne, Ogre Bruiser, Distant Relative, Butler.

Triad of Lotus Dragon


Xen Jidao


Orc Trader


Triad of Lotus Dragon. From the left: Shadow, Phoenix, Xen Jidao, Orc Trader

The Inventors

Thorvaald Nielsgaard

Alice Tinkerly

Two Lab Golems

Lab Assistant


The Inventors. From the left: Alice Tinkerly, Thorvaald Nielsgaard, Lab Golem, Lab Golem, Lab Assistant.


The Lottery surroundings. Four Golems in the centre. The Triad is coming from the west, The Inventors from the east, and Ash & Oak from the south.

Scenario details

In the middle of the battlefield, there are four Golems designated to operate Carnival Lottery. Each Golem model is neutral at the beginning of the scenario and it can be reprogrammed to join any player’s faction. Golem reprogramming has difficulty level 1 (it means – one success roll is needed).

Game lasts 3 turns.

Victory conditions. Each Golem is worth 1 VP. Every killed hero is also worth 1 VP. Player with most VP at the end of the game, wins.


My opponents. Tomek, playing Triad of Lotus Dragon, and Paulina with her Inventors.

Turn 1


Ash and Oak to the rescue.

Who would suspect that Lottery Golems – these simple automatons, with limited pathways in their brains will cause so much fuss in the middle of Renaissance Fair? Nobody, I guess. And that’s probably why there was no security measures taken to protect them.

Crowd started to scatter in panic, while members of the Triad, Inventors and Ash and Oak stood against each other. Triad quickly moved forward and Shade took control over one of Lottery Golems. The machine buzzed with disturbing noise – Lottery announcement transmitted trough its speakers was replaced with Shangase traditional music. It was clear to everyone around – this Golem will not help drawing lots anymore.


Big trouble at Reneisanse Fair.

At the same time, Inventors took over another Golem, adding it to their numbers. Three Golems already – if you look closely, they look quite happy in groups. I mean, their ‘faces’ were still emotionless, but there’s something in the way they move and act when they are in larger packs. They just seemed enjoy company of other Golems.  Inventors, by gathering them from all area of Lyonesse, were freeing them from the chain of limited program (like assisting Lottery in this case), and giving them some sort of freedom.

…and Ash & Oak, the extension of law force in the city, were here to stop this mess (lucky for everyone, Lady Ellendeanne and Mary Fearless were around).

Lady Ellendeanne rushed forward and she gained control over the biggest Lottery Golem of all four (it was equivalent of popular Security Golem). Next, she moved back and casted Inspire spell on recently acquired Golem. The machine was part of Ash and Oak for now – to protect Carnival, to restore order and to banish troublemakers away. As soon as everything will be back to normal, it will be put again to its everyday duty.


Lady Ellendeanne taking control over first Lottery Golem.

Golem moved next to another mindless Lottery Assistant and by pushing couple of  buttons and levers, made him to help Ash and Oak. With two Golems on board, they will deal with Triad and Inventors anytime soon!

Turn 2

Unfortunately things were not going as smoothly as they seemed at the beginning. Maybe if Ash & Oak have the understanding for the machines (like Inventors for instance), things would not went south so quickly…

Lady Ellendeanne were convinced that Lottery Golem, once reprogrammed to join Ash & Oak cause will be on their side for at least a day or something (Let’s face it – Elven aristocracy were not quite clever when it comes to handling Golems. They had servants for that…). Imagine her surprise, when simple Orc Trader sneaked to big Golem under the control of Ash and Oak, pushed just one button to acquire it for The Triad.


Orc Trader gaining control over two Lottery Golems.

Furthermore! Lady Ellendeane was stunned and she managed to get back to her senses right in the moment before hulk Golem was in the front of her, swinging its large metallic arms. She tried to evade the blow, but she was too slow this time. Mighty strike in the back and Lady Ellendeanne fell on the ground heavily wounded. She was still breathing, but situation were critical. It was time to retreat. Back on her feet and she fell back as far as possible from the Golem.

…and rampaging Golem after hitting Lady Ellendeanne trampled everything around. One lonely Ogre bodyguard was stomped all over. He tried to dodge away, but bulky metallic creature was too fast, attacking with swift impact. Every bruiser gets his bruisers. It happens to the best.


Big Golem vs surprised Lady Ellendeanne and Ogre Bruiser.

At the same time, Lady Ellendeanne casted Mind Control on Inventors’ Lab Assistant. He lost his clear-headednes for slight moment and he started to truly believe, he is part of Lady Ellendeanne’s servant workforce, working in her fancy residence in Clairvale district. He realised the Lottery Golem right in front of him was not ok. In fact, he was very far from being ok. He pushed the button on the Golem’s panel and said command codes to put it under the control of Ash and Oak. After all it was his club. Or it wasn’t… wait.. something fishy was going on…


Lab Assistant apparently lost his mind…

When confused Lab Assistant got back to his clear mind, Golem was Ash & Oak’s. This poor lad made quite a mess here, and right now it was nothing he could do.

…and when The Triad and Inventors were fighting over two Lottery Golem  on the northern part of the site, Ash & Oak were controlling one Golem (the one Lab Assistant turned, which actually ran as fast as possible to the very eastern corner. Alice Tinkerly rushed after it, trying to reprogram it again, but, imagine that, she confused the levers and Golem remained unhacked).


Last moments of Lady Ellendeanne.

Back to Lady Ellendeanne. Poor Elven aristocrat, was barely standing, hiding behind the wooden fence. Phoenix was close though. First, he jumped to finish Ogre Bruiser. Just one swift strike with his sharp katana and already wounded Ogre fell dead. Almost a second later, out of the corner of his eye, he noticed hiding Lady E. A Fireball was released direct from his golemic arm, and while Ellendeanne was so badly wounded, she was unable to dodge the fiery bolt. Her body caught the fire instantly, and she died with loud scream of agony froze on her mouth. And Pheonix did not finish his performance. He turned back on one feet with the grace of the cobra and attack Ash & Oak’s Butler with deadly fury. Poor Bernard Oatanberry (that’s was the lad’s name) had no chance against finest swordsman of The Empire, and he died instantly.


Phoenix killing Butler.

That was truly exceptional deed of The Pheonix. He killed Lady Ellendeanne, Ogre Bruiser and Butler in just a few minutes. And when it seemed, no one would be able to stop him – Jim, underestimated cousin from the province, shot at Shangase warrior two times. And that were two direct hit at the Phoenix’s chest. Phoenix fell off the wooden fence with no sign of life. Oh, sweet revenge, why you came so late!


Cousin Jim killing Phoenix ( with small assistance of his dog)…

Situation of Ash and Oak became critical. With only Cousin Jim and Mary Fearless standing, their chances to stop two hostile factions were rather low. Only miracles would help them…

Turn 3

…but, as we all know, miracles do not happen very often. And fortune is a lady with swing moods, ready to take the side of your opponent.

At the moment, all three Golems in the Lottery stand were reprogrammed by The Inventors, and the fourth one, temporary was te property of Ash & Oak. The situation changed though, cause Alice Tinkerly was close to Ash & Oak’s machine man. This time she pulled the right lever, gave voice command and that way – all four Golems were Inventors’.


The Triad and The Inventors fighting over Golems.

…and Ash & Oak had absolutely no chance to  win this any more. Of course, Mary Fearless is not kind of giving up type of gal, so she drew her Colt Navy and sent a couple of shots at Thorvaald Nielsgaard. At least she will  stop some of these disturbing bastards! Thorvaald was hit in his arm, but it was nothing serious, thankfully to him. Cousin Jim tried to assist Mary, but on the other hand was a lousy marksman and he missed completely. His faithful hound released from the leech, jumped at Thorvaald with its sharp teeth. It bit him ferociously in the calf. Thorvaald cried in pain. Wound in his arm was bleeding dangerously, and now this bloody mutt! Luckily he remained alive.


Mary Fearless and Cousin Jim shooting at Thorvaald Nielsgaard.

The Triad of Black Lotus. They were eager to get at least two Golems. They put so much effort to plan all this heist, so they new the reward. Two Golems are the must!

Capturing one, was piece of cake. Shade sneaked from Golem’s behind, and push the right button on the control panel. Simply as that – Golem was back in Triad’s possession.

The problem started with second Golem. The thing was, that three remaining Golems were in three far corners of the site. One in the north, and two in the east. To get one of these, Xen Jidao must have figure out the flawless plan. And, as always, his plans involved mists.

Xen Jidao ran after northern Golem. He was still to far to get to it, but with a few gestures of his hands, he created the mist cloud near to the Golem. And next – he casted Mistification at Orc Trader, to allow him to freely teleport trough mist .

Once Orc Trader gained Mistwalking ability, he released the mmist of his own. That way he were able to move to the cloud created by Xen Jidao! He entered the first cloud and magically emerged near to the Golem on the northern corner! Shangase sorcery is truly powerful!

…and when Orc Trader had Golem in his arms’ reach, he simply took control over it. That way The triad achieved their minimum goal – two Golems. They could retreat to Pothill with thier heads held high.

Inventors were relatively happy also – two Golems were a precious loot. They will be nice addition to their Golem labour force.

…and Ash and Oak. That was not a good day for the at all. Failed to stop the intruders at Renesainsse Fair. Lady Ellendeanne was badly wounded. Many days will pass, until she will fully regenerate burnt flesh. But when she eventually regain her full health and strength, she will find Phoenix and make him pay!

Final Score:

The Triad  – 3 VP Points (two Golems in possession, Lady Ellendeanne eliminated)

Inventors – 2 VP Points (two Golems in possession)

Ash and Oak – 1 VP Point (Phoenix eliminated)


Many thanks to Tomek for scenario idea. It was quite cool to fight over the Golems. It was nice, quick battle but it didn’t go well for me. I managed to kill only one enemy model, I did not take control over any Golem. Well, actually, the game for me ended with a disaster:).

I can blame the fatigue. Right before Wolsung game, I played Infinity for the first time, and the amount of knowledge little bit overwhelmed me. My brain was filled with new stuff, and during Wolsung’s gameplay I just couldn’t think straight. Infinity is a brainer, I tell you that.

Ahh, lousy excuse, that’s true. I just messed my Wolsung game with poor tactical planning. There’s no other explanation. Next time, I try to perform better.

And, actually, there are many ‘next times’. At the moment I write this post, I have already played few more Wolsung games, so expect few more reports coming this way. I know, this game is not that popular, like Infinity or Malifaux, but I love it. It’s super awesome. Trust me, if you ever would have a chance to play Wolsung, go for it. You will fell into it. You can get the rules, models, and terrains on official store of Micro Art Studio, the producer of the game or in one of online retail stores like Wayland Games.

Cheers and until next time!

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