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Wolsung 2nd Edition Inauguration Weekend. Day 2 (Campaign)

As promised few weeks ago, today I have for you second part of my story from Wolsung 2nd Edition Inauguration Weekend. The event was held in Gdynia 23/24th July 2016, and it was full of so many attractions, so I decided to split my report for two separate posts.



Group photo.

First part – from day one – the tournament – you can read here. Today, it’s time for something quite different – the campaign.

Quick reminder. Wolsung Skirmish Game is a mixture of Victorian steampunk and fantasy. All the action takes place in the city of Lyonesse (version of XIX century London), where several factions fight for influence. Simple as that. Recently I fell for this game, and even though it’s not main stream, it will get the right place on my blog.

First day was great. Four exciting games full of action and friendly atmosphere. Plus… I won the second price and the trophy for best painted club. It couldn’t got better than this.

…but then. The second day of the weekend. Tired but still thrilled, we were all ready for the campaign. Whole thing was kept in secret from us to the very last moment, so we could not see what will come out.

So, Sunday morning everything was revealed and we could get more Wolsung.

The main scenario. Assassination of Aquitaine Miss Ambassador.


The harbour. The place of Assassination Attempt.


Close ups..


The Attempt. A massive explosion shook the air. Miss Ambassador regained consciousness on the cobbled street. The armoured limousine was engulfed in flames and Jean-Pierre, her faithful ogre bodyguard, was lying huddled nearby. He did his best to stop the bleeding from a wound in his abdomen with one enormous hand while reloading his huge revolver with the other. Miss Ambassador also curled up behind the wreckage, trying to find an escape route. Smoldering bits of wood, metal and brick littered the street. The previously crowded sidewalks emptied in the blink of an eye. Gunfire noises came from all around. Suddenly, sirens could be heard in the distance.

‘Alven Yard, finally! I hope they get here in time.’

The players were divided into two groups – Royalists defending The Ambassadress and Nihilists, who are trying to assassinate her. Fate pointed my place in Royalists group along with Inventors (x2) and The Triad of Lotus Dragon. On the opposite side of Nihilists they were: Ash and Oak (x3) and Scylla.

Goal of the Nihilists was to assassinate Miss Ambassador (or simply strop her form getting to the car), while Royalists were about to stop them and transport her to her limousine safe.

Next order of the scenario – to choose one hero, from all heroes submitted to the event. This particular hero will take place in the main scenario only (he/she can’t be used in other scenarios), unless he/she is eliminated. In that case, in subsequent turns, he/she can be exchanged for some other hero submitted for the campaign. No henchmen in this scenario.

I chose Zachary Fiercbatten III (and his hounds). Other heroes on The Royalists side were: Thorvald Nielsgaard (Inventors), Mizuki (Triad of Lotus Dragon) and Lord James Fouley (Independent/fielded by Inventors).


Sir Zachary Fiercebatten III ready to protect The Empire.

On the side of Nihilists: Archibald Armstrong (Ash and Oak), Zachary Fiercebatten III (Ash and Oak), Archibald Armstrong (Ash and Oak) and Roberto Vendetta (Scylla).

Of course, these heroes were choices for the starter. If someone would die, it is replaced by another on the start of the next turn.

All heroes were starting the game as concealed in the crowd, so there were treated as neutral character until they ended their activation near enemy model.

…and then, listen to this. According to the scenario rules we will be playing only FIRST turn (of three), and after that every Nihilist will face their rivals – Royalists in secondary scenarios. Two of five to draw by the players. Each scenario had special win bonuses to acquire for use in second turn of main scenario. Bonuses like – special, delicious pie healing all wounds or electric pulse toppling a rival hero.

And then, after first round of secondary scenarios, we were all back to main one. Turn two. Pushing the plot forward. And once again, after the second turn, we were designated to other battles to gain bonuses for round three main scenario.

Gosh! That was really unique. Disturbed timeline? That was one of the coolest idea I’ve ever played! It was like in Tarantino movies. You see – something happens in the docks, Miss Ambassador, crowd, assassination attempt. And suddenly, you are back to some previous events happened few days ago. Really awesome!

In this scenario, every hero gained special ability -‘Ladies first‘ – to push Miss Ambassador 2 inches in any direction. She was too scared to move by herself, so Royalists and Nihilists were helping her do so.

Special ability of Royalists: ‘I’ll defend you with my own chest‘ – every Royalist hero can redirect shooting damage frmo Miss Ambassador to him/herself. It’s the duty of every humble servant of The Empire.

Special ability of Nihilists: ‘Kick the ankle‘ – enemy model is toppled.

So, to summarise:

  1. Turn 1 of main scenario
  2. Secondary scenarios ale played to gain bonuses for main game
  3. Back to main scenario. Turn 2.
  4. Secondary scenarios…
  5.  Final turn of main game.

The objective was to transport Miss Ambassador to her car in three turns (Royalists) or stop The Royalists and therefore bring doom to the Empire (Nihilists).

VPs for this scenario:

1VP for every enemy hero killed.

4 VPs when Miss Ambassador has 1 Wound left at the end of the game (Nihilists).

6 VPs when Miss Ambassador is more than 2″ from the car at the end of the game (Nihilists).

2 VPs for reducing car to 1 Wound (Nihilists).

6 VPs for getting Miss Ambassador to the car (Royalists).

2 VPs when Miss Ambassador is 2″ within the car at the end of the game (Royalists).

And now, let’s see how it went…

Nihilists all of the sudden emerged from the crowd shouting their slogan:

Death to The Queen!

They tried to surround surprised and scared Miss Ambassador of Aquitaine and cut her off from any help. At the same time Royalists, were  rushed to Ambassadress in a hurry to save her. The limousine was still not here, so the main goal for the Royalists were to protect  and wait for the car.


Miss Ambassador is sorrounded.

And finally, when the car arrived, Nihilists were already near the Ambassadress. Poor Lady! She was all alone. Royalists scattered around the harbour. There was no one to save her.

…but wait! Courageous and honourable Royalists hurried to the rescue. They escorted her to the car. Everything was happening so fast. Shots, dead bodies everywhere – Miss Ambassador badly wounded and confused. Royalist were here to protect. The only problem was, that these bloody Nihilists were literally everywhere.

Miss Ambassador was so near to the limousine. The car door was open and the driver was ready to hit the gas. And then, Archibald Armstrong, one of those treacherous Nihilists, ignited the magnetic pulse form some strange device he found on one of his escapades to Kayaks (or maybe that was Giant Robots arena…) and Sir Zachary Fiercebatten III, who bravely was about to push Miss Ambassador into the car, instead he fell down, toppled by mysterious energy from the device!

Damn you, Armstrong! We had it! Miss was almost in the car! …and now it’s all lost! The driver drove away without her. Royalists decimated and there was nobody to protect the Ambassadresses…


Final moments… Miss Ambassador almost in the car…

What a sad day to the Empire…


Fighting for Queen and Country (or not…)

Yeah, my team lost. We failed to save Miss Ambassador. She fell into those dirty Nihilists hands…but still it was awesome, and the idea of dividing the main game with other scenarios was splendid!

Just take a look at secondary scenarios.

The Great Bake Off


Table for Great Bake Off

Miss Fearless was not amused. The tender for the culinary fair ball was to end in just two days and her favourite confectionery was in trouble. They needed 5 kilograms of saffron licorice and dragon berries for cake decoration, and there were no signs that the chefs could get hold of it without outside help. Time was running out and the competition had been far from idle, buying out rare ingredients from every warehouse and colonial store in the city. Mary quickened her pace and glanced at a troll wearing a red vest, who kept pushing his way through the opposite sidewalk. He also picked up the pace. She started running. So did he. Without breaking her stride, she jumped into a passing cab. Her opponent bounced off a mailbox and hopped onto the roof of a truck driving down the street. Mary urged the cab driver, gesturing furiously.

‘This street leads to the biggest confectionery warehouse in the city’ she muttered to herself, watching the truck turn right, much to the troll’s dismay.

That was the first secondary scenario I had the pleasure to play. It was between first and second turn of main game. I stood against Rillian and his Ash and Oak.

The goal was to obtain ingredients for cakes. Cakes, that in main scenario will provide special bonus.

Ingredients were stored in crates piled in fours stacks on the main road of the battlefield. Both teams had a trucks (RSM Courier) for their usage to pick up crates and drive away to the bakery. So, to get your ingredients (these were random – each player were supposed to bake different cake) and stop your opponent – that was the task.


My RSM Courier truck.

VPs can be obtained for:

1 VP for every ingredient put into the truck

2 VP if friendly truck is 3″ from any edge of the table at the end of the game

-1 VP if friendly truck is reduced to only 1 Wound

Long story short. My team rushed forward. RSM Courier with Cousin Jim by the wheel drove into Merchant Street where all the crates were stored. And rest is just chaos- mixture of protecting the car, packing crates into the back of the truck and shooting and fighting the goons form rival team. This was the bake off, Lyonesse will never forget!


Quick! Get the crates!

Mary Fearless shot the engine of enemy Courier. The truck slowed down significantly, but still was able to move, and rivals were not idle. Running around, collecting crates. Sir Lance Oakroot (from my Ash & Oak, to be precise) was fighting like a hornet, stinging enemies with his sabre.

Be gone! This belongs to us, you god forsaken rascals! Be gone, I tell you!‘ shouted busy Sir Lance. It was no use though. Enemy Courier was full and ready to drive away.

Thankfully, my Truck was also full. So it was just matter of who will get to the bakery first now. And, now, you see, Mary Fearless’s precise shots at the truck’s engine was crucial in that moment. My truck, was unharmed, almost brand new. And enemies? Engine was damaged, and heavy leak of gas was causing it was working only by miracle. Operating, but super slow. And thanks to that – my team got there first with truck full of ingredients. The cake went delicious!


Fighting for Indgidients.

I won this game. It was a draw, but enemy’s truck were reduced to 1 W, so my opponent had -1 VP for that and eventually I received 1 VP more.

As a bonus I received the cake that could heal wounds of any hero in main scenario game. Yay, for me!

Golem Fight


Huge hall was packed with people. Under the glass dome, there were miniature dirigibles flying around – each controlled by different Gnome. The machines were decorated with colours and logos of several companies, and Sir Archibald Armstrong noticed  that their pilots are fighting for the best place on the display. Right below, the crowd of onlookers  was moving around the stands. Each of the stands were attracting potential customers with colourful merchandise. The sellers were shouting their slogans, and pretty hostesses were presenting the goods.

Automatic arms, self-folding umbrellas (with rain detectors), timers with pneumatic mail function, or miniature gramophones.

…but Sir Archibald Armstrong’s interest was concentrated on something else. The fight of Golem Wrestlers. He moved  trough the crowd, to get to arena prepared specially for this fight. People were saying, that the best chances to win this year’s fight had General Golems Ltd. company, but dark horse of the fight was Shanganese Yamagoto company. The victor, as every year should get the highest demand for their products. The stake then, was high…

The scenario:

In the centre of the table, there is the arena, where two gigantic wrestler golems are fighting (each player control one). Across the area, there are 7 scattered  ‘oil barrels’ markers. For each controlling oil barrel, the player can oil up his wrestler golem to give him some special boost.

At the beginning of the activation, the player can choose what system to oil up:

  • for 1 oil barrel +1 to Strength of The Golem
  • for 1 oil barrel – Faststrike ability (two attacks in activation)
  • for 2 oil barrel +2 to Fence
  • for 3 oil barrels – all inflicted critical hits topple the enemy Golem.

Victory points are for:

  • each inflicted wound to the enemy Golem – 1VP
  • each enemy hero killed – 1VP

Ok, folks! That was my second scenario I was playing in Sunday’s campaign. Between the second and third turn of main game. This time I was facing Dorota, another player from Warsaw, and once again I was against Ash and Oak. We were about rumble the arena!

These two giants were fighting in the huge scene. However, the things that were happening around them were also important. Two teams fighting for their golem. And not only supporting it, by cheering, but also by providing the best oil possible to empower its actions.


Mary fearless watching from above…

So, the fight around the arena, maybe not in the flashlights, but were crucial to the result of the big duel. Both teams were collecting barrels with precious oil. Giant Golems oiled up properly, were  fighting better, faster and with more accuracy.


Fight in the feet of the arena.

Dorota’s Golem started the fight well. It quickly gained the advantage, and heavily beat my poor Golem.  Situation didn’t change in subsequent rounds. My Ash & Oak needed to take action into their own hands. Thanks to quick, brave oil takeover by my loyal Butlers, Lady Ellendeanne and one lucky SOB Ogre Bruiser, my team managed to take control of most of the barrels, and thanks to that shiny, precious oil, my Golem was boosted up to the level sufficient to beat the crap out of the opponent. Last round- and Knock Out! My Golem is victorious.


Butlers running for the oil.

And my Ash & Oak won another bonus for the main  game. I do not remember its exact name, but it was some kind of magnetic device causing enemy model to fall down.

Below you will find descriptions of the rest of secondary scenarios:

The Dirigibles

Luigi Campari felt pride. During the parade before the race, his dirigible was looking  just impressive. The bright colours of his team were contrast to background of grey buildings of The Main Street and brass elements  were shining so much, that you could see your own reflection. Cousins from ground maintenance crew did their best this time. Halfling nodded to the Wotan pilot in the machine on the left side. His bruised eye was the sign of yesterday’s confrontation.

‘Hey, wait! What the hell is that?’ – Campari suddenly shouted.

Some Halfling (local gang member, by judging  his clothing) jumped over the one of the  building’s rooftops to the board of Wotan dirigible! He ran as fast as he could, jumping from one air ship to another. He was dragging  a big trophy, which supposed to be first prise for today’s race!

Luigi noticed, that little fellow is chased by members of several racing teams…

‘No way! The trophy is mine!’ – Luigi cried and opened the window of the cockpit. He checked if his revolver is loaded and jumped after the thief…



In this scenario, one team is running away over the rooftops and dirigibles, and other team is chasing the thieves of the trophy.

Victory points in this scenario:

Chasing team:

2 VP for every killed enemy Hero

1 VP for every killed enemy Henchman

1 VP for controlling every dirigible at the end of the game

1 VP for killing first model in the game

Runaway team:

2 VP for every friendly Hero in 6 inches within table edge opposite to Deployment Zone

1 VP for every friendly Henchman in 6 inches within table edge opposite to Deployment Zone

2 VP for controlling every dirigible at the end of the game

1 VP for killing first model in the game

Cool scenario. Large dirigibles flying over the city. Two team chasing around, jumping with high risk of falling down (which, let’s face it, equals almost certain death). Sounds like pretty fun game. I was not playing this scenario though.

The Kayaks


Table for Kayaks scenario.

The weather was delightful. Not so hot yet at this early time of the day, simply warm. The kayaks was floating on the water, right before the start line. The surface of the water was disturbed a bit by gentle, fresh morning breeze. Both teams were looking at each other with impatience.

Sir Archibald Armstrong was making quite a commotion in his boat. Imagine that – he sat first, and three of rowers behind him had only right oars, to balance the the strength of Armstrong’s left golemic arm. The crowd on the shore was waving colourful flags and shouting the names of both teams, trying to outshout the supporters of their rivals. The umpire, the fat Halfling raised the hand with the gun.

The teams were ready…

…and the shot!

Both kayaks was pushed forward by the incredible strength of the rowers. Slowly, at the beginning, but after few second, when boatmen find the perfect rhythm,  the speed started to increase.

Archibald Armstrong was glancing at the rivals from time to time. They were moving to the first position! Their pilot switched on tiny, steam turbine.

Armstrong gave the order. His team was prepared for such foul play. One of the rowers pulled out the harpoon gun and shot the rival, connecting both boats with the rope. Rival’s response was quick. They cut the rope and started to throw small bags filled with paint at Armstrong’s rowers.

Sir Archibald was ready for that as well. He knocked the deck few times. That was the sign for hidden rowers (recruited from servant force of Sir Archibald’s mansion)…

‘After all, I pay them handsomely…’ – he thought and dodged the next incoming paint bag.


Kayaks Race

This scenario, despite the background description, is not about the race itself. It is about more like betting the race.

There are three ‘bookie’ markers on the tabletop. Each ‘bookie’ accepts bets for one of three racing teams – players can get bet tokens there.

The kayak teams move is rather random. However both players can ‘support’ their teams with specific cards. Each boat is moving 1 inch for every success on the roll of six dice. The teams though, can support their boats to add successes to the rolls.

Victory Points:

3 VP for every bet token of kayak that is first at the end of the game.

2 VP for every bet token of kayak that is second at the end of the game.

0 VP for every bet token of kayak that is third at the end of the game.

I didn’t follow the games played at this table (I was focused on mine), but I can imagine the fight to get to the ‘bookie’ point, and the adrenaline in the air, when the wrong bet was placed. Support your team, bet your team and fight your way straight to the bookie! Hell, yeah!

The Theatres

The crowd was dense, but Sir Lance Oakroot was lucky. he was taller than most of the gathered people. The actors were on their place now.

‘What a splendid costume. This actor looks exactly like me’ – he thought, looking at his lookalike.

Aristocrat recognised also few other important personas from Lyonesse. There was: Queen’s brother, well-known owner of most popular night club in the town,  and even Sir Zachary Fiercebatten on the wheelchair. Most impressive!

Actors were re-acting the street fight of two rival groups. The scenes looked very realistic. Actors were jumping between the food stands, hitting the blows and shooting blank shots. Sir lance was amazed by acting skills of both groups. He knew, that in the crowd, there are  headhunters looking for new talents to Royal Theatre, or even travelling worldwide show. There were rumours, that role of Her Majesty’s Secret Agent in new movie – “The Man with The Golden Golem” is still to be taken, and one and only Spielbrukk is looking new face for this role…

Scenario: there three markers in the game representing The Headhunters looking for new actors. The Headhunters can be called. Attracted by the models. Each model can call The Headhunter once during its activation. Called Headhunter is moved toward the calling model 3 inches.

VPs can be earned for several actions made in 6 inches of one of The Headhunters (so called, show offs):

1VP for duel success roll

1 VP for at least 5 successes more than needed to pass the test

1 VP for toppling enemy model

This was another one that I did not participate. Generally, I love all the scenarios, but if I need point my least favourite, this will be the one.


Concluding. Whole campaign was great. With little bit less competitive approach, we had fun time. To play whole campaign – the main scenario, interrupted with two secondary ones – it took us from 9AM to 4 PM. I was little bit tired after very intense Saturday, but the level of enjoyment in my veins was peaking. It was absolutely amazing weekend.


I met several new faces, obsessed with Wolsung. We were plying at Micro Art Studio HQ  and we could get advices from big boss, Łukasz Perzanowski, author of the game, himself. And this was priceless.


With the feeling of completion, after two days, I drove back home. But I knew, next year I’ll be back for more. I just need to prepare some other club. Ash and Oak is fun, but it’s time to train some other strategies. Triad of Lotus Dragon will just right:).

Thanks a lot!

PS. If you have any questions about the campaign, weekend or Wolsung Game itself. just write to me. I’ll be more than happy to answer. Cheers!


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