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The Last Summer Painting Fever

OK. Carmine Dragon is finished and in about three days I’m going to Japan for almost two weeks. So, without any doubt – this is my last painting session before the trip. The small tradition is that in my regular Painting Fever post I have three miniatures to present. So, today I also have only two. I didn’t make to paint three before Japan…

Starting from my first Age of Sigmar model…

Orruk Weirdnob Shaman


I prepared this model for one of the Warsaw’s hobby store painting competition. The deal was that you have to come to the store, buy any model you like and paint it. As I was after Orruk Weirdnob Shaman for quite a some time now, I entered the contest, simply to grab the opportunity to get this green guy.

Well, if you follow my blog, and read my posts from time to time, you probably know my attitude to Age of Sigmar. Long story short –  I don’t get Rage of Sigmar, when I see or hear about it, but I don’t feel enthusiastic about it. I do no play it, and I don’t plan to – I prefer older editions of Warhammer Fantasy. Plus – almost none of new models range are in my type. Almost…


Exactly. I have few favourites from new GW fantasy line – like new huge Archaon, or this fellow – Orc Shaman (or maybe how it’s called in AoS  – Orruk). Awesome multi part model with lots of details. Little bit similar to Orks from World of Warcraft (not a big fan here), which makes everything about him ‘more appealing’ to wider market. Yeah, it was sure appealing to me – I needed to have it and paint it.


Yeah, this is quite a good deal for me. By participating in the painting competition, I had motivation, and what most important – deadline. Sometimes, lack of deadline makes me a lazy painter. I don’t like myself like this. So, hurray for deadlines.

I was painting for the first time, Games Workshop fantasy miniature on the round base. That was strange… fantasy always meant square bases for me (GW range at least), and now here comes The Greenskin with round 50 mm base. Yeah, I kept myself together and I made it. First, AoS miniature painted.


And this guy is huge for a Greenskin (comparing to older models). Games Workshop doesn’t need to fit models on a square base anymore, and they can ‘spread the wings’ – make sculpts more dynamic and expand outside the base. And this is actually cool – you can expect more and more from fantasy GW models. I may not like Age of Sigmar miniatures in general, but I can admit – they are produced with top level precision. I can’t deny it.

Details. Lots of them. My plan is to paint it over the weekend, but it took me additional three days (4-5 hours a day of painting) to finish it. This guy has plenty of goods on him – skulls, stones, bones, amulets, plus it is made of so many parts needed to be assembled in correct order. It meant, I needed to paint few parts separately before the assemble, which made the painting job little bit more difficult – filling the gaps with green stuff, after putting the parts together, and on the other hand – painting these parts before. Well, I see contradiction here, but what can I did. Nothing, I managed somehow.

Few words, about painting job. After showing this model to my buddies, their major objection about this Ork was that he looks to clean. Generally, I agree with them. However – in my defence, I must say, the Shaman is from new setting  – Age of Sigmar. I do not follow the latest fluff – but what I did notice – everything and everyone is little bit more tidy than in old WHFB fluff. Orks, or Orruks, included. And I didn’t want to mess too much with colours, so I tried to copy what I see at GW referral photo. Of course everything with my personal touch.

The base. Round, obviously:). But seriously… I used Agrellan Earth to make cracked earth effect. I planted few resin mushrooms, added some rocks and desert tuffs. It all look quite decent, if you ask me.:)

So, the model looks so-so and ready for the contest. It is already given to my local hobby shop for display. I do not have high expectations though, but any honourable mention, I will treat as a victory.  So, Fingers crossed.

And meantime, if you like this Shaman, take a look at my Ebay page. You can buy it there, exactly the same you n see on the photos. No need to keep it in my shelf, since I’m not specially The Age of Sigmar player . Free shipping worldwide:).

Next model is also an Ork…

Ork Commissar


Comparing to his Age of Sigmar cousin, he is quite tiny, fragile fellow. No need to assemble, just clean the resin – and miniature ready to go. Oh, well – his simplicity is not a flaw here. Easy to prepare and quite fast to paint. And that’s ok – not every model need to be complex and multiparted to look great. And the Ork Commissar is just fine.


Model is produced by Polish company – They are specialise with resin parts and bitz to SF games, plus they have wide range of great looking Orks and Gretchins. Perfect for any Waagh! Warhammer 40k army. Personally, I don’t collect Greenskins, and I don’t have any intention to do it, but when I saw this model on the shelf of one of the hobby stores – I just grabbed with any hesitation.


I wanted to paint it for quite some time now. Love the idea behind the sculpt. Freezing Ork on the battlefield. Watching the cannon fodder to go on the front line of the assault. Patience, and coldbloodedness written on his face. Exactly like his counterparts in Imperial Guard army. Yeah, he was just destined to be mine:).


I used Micro Art Studio resin Shale base, and for snow effect on the base I mixed glue, the cheapest white acrylic and baking soda. All these ingredients together, and put on the base are just perfect home made snow, you can get for you miniatures. There are plenty of tutorials around how to prepare it – I followed clues from this one.

You can acquire this model from Wayland Games.

This model is also put for sale on my Ebay page. As I said, I have no desire to collect Orks (for now), I just wanted to paint it.

Ah, and one more thing – my photo backgrounds from Hangar 18 arrived just for this session. And I must say -they are great!

Yeah, that was my last Painting Fever during that summer. Right now, I’m sitting in hotel in Narita, Japan. It’s my first day here and I’m going to travel around for next 12 days. Of course, I have some miniatures and paints with me. I intend to paint from time to time, but I can’t believe I will finish any of miniatures during my stay here.

I already found a few stores in here I would like to visit, so you can expect a story or two:)

Until next time!


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