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Battle Report: Wolsung – Ash & Oak vs The Inventors

Well, things get little bit slow here once again. Too much stuff occupied my mind recently. Plus I got involved into organisation of first Polish Oldhammer Weekend (and this was time consuming). Meantime I was in Spain and Japan. And finally I prepare to hit the road again…

So, sum of small things gave this blog little lag one more time. And pile of stories to be written and published is growing. No time for whining then – I better speed up with everything. Writing AND painting.

So without further ado – next story coming your way. Today – another Battle Report – Wolsung game – my Ash & Oak vs Inventors (led by Dorota). The game was plyed in FGB Store in Warsaw.

I played this game about 2 months ago, while I was in serious Wolsung  run. I was just after Wolsung 2. edition Inauguration Weekend and driven by ongoing excitement, I was in need for more games. So, just two days after a weekend I had the opportunity to play, so I grabbed it:).


‘Are you sure it’s here? It doesn’t look like secret Intelligence stash to me…’

‘My informer is 100% sure. The documents are here… No specific place though. We must look here and there…They must be here, hidden somewhere…’

‘Ok, then. Let’s search the area. In the matter of fact… I think I see something interesting behind this crate of Cognac…’

Both clubs – Ash & Oak, and The Inventors received a tip from anonymous informer – documents most crucial for Alfheim Crown affairs hidden by HMS somewhere in Greyson Street area at Pothill. They need to be recovered as prompt as possible.


Greyson Street

It also turned out, that in this neighbourhood, Sir Zachary Fiercebatten III owes few lockers, where he stores his “Dark Hour” bottles of best wine. Let’s hope this will not be distraction from the major objective…

On the battle field there are six small ‘objective’ buildings. Documents are hidden in one of them. Rest can be empty or filled with Sir Zachary’s bottles. The content of each storage is revealed as soon as model gets near to it. What’s inside is determined by roll of D6:

1-3 – Empty storage

2-5 – Sir Zachary’s bottles

6 – Secret Documents

The are only one storage with Documents, two with bottles and three of them are empty.

Booze stash of Sir Zachary provides random bonus to the model entering the storage. Like, for example, Slavic Vodka – Immunity to Cold, and ability to do heroic Moves without cards until the end of the turn. However model becomes Mindless next turn…:)

Victory Points

3VP – for controlling the Storage with Documents

2VP – for controlling the Storage with booze

1VP – for killing first enemy model in the game.

Game lasts 3 turns.

This scenario (background and rules) was prepared by Tomek, Dorota’s boyfriend. Big thanks a lot!

The game

We played 3 heroes game.

My Ash & Oak: Sir Zachary Fiercebatten III (protecting his stash, obviously!), Lady Ellendeanne and Sir Lance Oakroot. Henchmen: Two butlers, Ogre Bruiser, and Cousin Jim. Sir Zachary brought two hounds with him as usual.


Ash & Oak Club

Dorota’s Inventors: Alice Tinkerly, Snorri Rottstein and Thomas Rockheart Jr. Henchmen: 2 Lab Golems, Security Golem, Lab Assistant and one Clockwork Servant.


The Inventors

Both team stood against each other and were pretty determined to recover the documents. Let’s see then what happened on deserted Greyson Street few weeks ago…


Inventors ready for action

Turn 1

Cousin Jim appeared in Lyonesse few days ago out of nowhere. He claimed he was related to Fiercebatten family, and since there was nobody to prove otherwise (plus he and Sir Zachary Jr. meet at the common ground very quickly during wine tasting), he stayed in the Fiercebatten mansion from now on. The hunt for documents seemed to Jim to be quite amusing outdoor activity and definitely not to be missed…


Cousin Jim

When Ash & Oak team arrived to Greyson Street, Jim climbed the most elevated position, set up his ‘handy tea preparation set’, loaded his gun and waited, drinking from the cup from time to time.

After half an hour or so, he noticed movement in the distance…He gently took another sip of the hot earl grey tea, put off the cup and took aim with his gun.

In the viewer he saw Thomas Rockheart Jr himself, famous trouble maker. Rockheart tried to sneak from one cover to another. However his efforts were so clumsy, that Jim with ease could take the shot while Rockheart was at open ground.

Poor, poor Dwarf… he was not realising what was coming…until it was too late…

Cousin Jim shot two times and two times the bullet hit Thomas Rockheart Jr. directly in the chest. He died instantly…

…and at this point we stopped the game. Dorota were little reckless with deployment, and she put Thomas at wide open like sitting duck. Cousin Jim did not waste that opportunity and shot him dead.

Well, this was too fast action, making the game unbalanced in very early stage. So, of course I brag with this accomplishment here. This is quite something to shoot enemy hero at very beginning. However the game itself might loose it’s charm, so we decided to start again with Thomas deployed in more careful manner (hiding behind partial cover).

Ok, then. One more time!

Turn 1 (once again!)

 …Cousin Jim shot Thomas but luckily gnome is safe thanks to his well chosen cover. This time the wound was only a scratch.


Ash & Oak… at leasts half of the crew…

Zachary was looking at Jim with disappointment: ‘Well, brother, you drink better than you shoot…‘ – he thought – ‘I’ll show how to do it…but first I will make a quick peak into this shed and grab some wine…wait! What? No wine here?! It’s empty like my wallet after long exhausting Saturday night…what a bugger…


The storage is empty /to mark which warehouse were checked, we turned it upside down/.

Meanwhile Ogre Bruiser on the eastern flank, inspired by Lady Ellendeanne, rushed to another storage locker, opened it and…look at that! Documents hidden in the file cabinet were here. Splendid job, Mr Bruiser!


Recovering Documents

Lady Ellendeanne motivated by her Henchman’s success moved forward and open the door of third storage. Well, this one was empty. Not even single bottle of brandy. She knew, that Sir Zachary did not care about documents – he wanted his booze. Lady Ellendeanne sighed loudly. She will be the one to tell him that most probably all of his stash is hidden on the other side of the neighbourhood where Inventors made their claim…


Lady Ellendeanne also discovered nothing more than empty shelves.


Ash & Oak at the positions.

At the same time Inventors tried to secure their positions on the other side of the street. First, one of the Lab Golems secured one of the sheds to discover…big fat nothing…


The Inventors

Then, Alice Tinkerly did her ‘tinker’ magic – she entered new piece of code into Security Golem system and the steamed-man became super ready for action. It moved as fast as lighting, jumped out from the corner of the shed right onto surprised Zachary Fiercebatten III.


Alice Tinkery and Golem

Buzzz…kill…kill…buzz…‘ mechanical voice pealed out. Zachary was caught during reloading his gun.

What a heck?..‘ this was the only thing Zachary managed to say before Golem attacked him with its mighty metallic arms. ‘First, no wine, and now – rogue golems. It is not the best of my days. Definitely no, no…‘ said Zachary with impatience trying to dodge Golem’s blows.

Alice Tinkerly smiled with satisfaction. Golem will occupy Zachary for a moment, while she will be free to check another shed. And inside… crate of booze. What a nice surprise! So, now Inventors have some means to celebrate the victory on Greyson street. Now for documents! (to achieve this victory:).

At the same time Snorri on his golemic flea jumped over the highest building on Greyson Street to secure eastern flank (facing Lady Ellendeanne and Ogre bruiser). Thomas Rockheart Jr was right behind him…

Turn 2


Dorota in action!

Perhaps you were wondering where was Lance Oakroot and his butlers all this time. Worry not! This world famous swordsman were just few steps behind Sir Zachary. And butlers right beside him. Lance will not stand any type of aggression against any noble men! He were about to get justice in his own hands…

He charged Security Golem with fury. He struck several blows with his swords. One, after anothere – stung like bee, floated like butterfly. …but there was no use. Heavy armoured Security Golem just buzzed with amusement. No, Sir Lance – you are weakling. Your sword is just useless piece of junk…


Lance vs Golem vs Fire!

Sir Lance weren’t in the mood for such jokes. He didn’t think this assault properly and now the price may be very painful.

In fact, the threat came from completely unexpected and different direction. Thomas Rockheart Jr. release the flame from his Scorcher flame thrower to hit directly Lance, Zachary and Security Golem.

While Zachary and Golem were unharmed by the flames, Sir Lance Oakroot had very little luck. His suit stood in fire almost instantly, and his situation turned hopeless all of the sudden. Fire was spreading in the matter of seconds. Thanks the heavens, butlers were near.  One of them jumped swiftly, took off its jacket and started to put off the flames.

‘Steady, sir! I’m here to help. Just calm down. No need to fuss…it’s only small blaze…‘ the butler’s help was its last resort. Thank Gods!


Help from the butler

While another Golem discovered last deserted storage house, it became obvious, that this one in the middle of the area have bottles stored inside. Sir Zachary would kill for the few sips of best Aquitanese wine, and there are some in the last storage house. We need to get there! This is number one priority!

Bring me mine precious wine!‘ shouted with desperation.

Lady Elleendeanne simply sighed…

And she should watch her back instead. Snorri Rottstein riding his flea charged Lady E. in surprise attack. Lady Ellendeanne at the very last moment evaded the impact. It was so close!


Lady ellendeanne and Snorri Rottstein

Lance Oakroot seeing that Lady Ellendeanne is in trouble, ordered one of the butlers to help her. Butler was highly skilled in serving 5’o clock tea, but he spent few hours a week to practice fencing. Now, it was the time to check how his training worked out.

En Garde, beast!‘ cried butler and jumped into the close combat.

The next few moments of the encounter will be crucial. Let’s face it – documents were important, allright. But two crates of most fine liquor – Sir Zachary will not get proper sleep without them.

And while the shed in the centre was full of these crates, this would be the main objective to grab.

From the side of Ash & Oak – Lady Ellendeanne (who jumped off the close combat) and Ogre Bruiser. And from The Inventors – Alice Tinkerly, Clockwork Servant and Lab Assistant. All headed to the central shed to get to the precious loot.

Meanwhile, Cousin Jim continued to drink his tea, trying to shoot Thomas Rockheart from the top of the roof. Still no luck in this timeline…

Turn 3

Final decisive moment of the skirmish.

Everyone able to get for crates of precious alcohol rushed to the storage house.

Zachary Fiercebatten III tried to ignore Security Golem and jump off the roof of the shed. Well, maybe he would manage to escape and reunite with his precious bottles, but there was another obstacle…

Thomas Rockheart Jr. and his scorcher. Dwarf aimed carefully and made a precise shot. All shed, including Sir Zachary, Butler and Security Golem was covered in fire in a matter of second.

This time there were nobody to save Nobleman of Ash & Oak. Butler was dying in agony, and Sir Zachary… poor, poor, poor Sir Zachary… there was nobody to help. Horrible death was coming, and what was the worst – he was dying completely sober. Oh, such a misery…

And Security Golem seemed to not care of the flames around. Its armour protected it well. It could proceed with its actions with no botheration – jumped off the roof, walk above lying, scorched body of Sir Zachary and moved to the middle of the area to attack Ogre Bruiser. Ogre was at last the worthy opponent for Security Golem. They both tied in clash. Muscles vs steam-powered engines. It is hard to determine the winner of this combat. I would say, it was nothing more than a tie.

And what about Sir Lance Oakroot? He was ok. Avoided certain death in flames, he was hungry for revenge. He ran, evaded few Golems (after unpleasant engagement with Security Golem, he had no desire to face them in near future) and charged at Lab Assistant. Poor lad had no chance. Just few accurate strikes, and Assistant dies.

While most of the Ash & Oak members were involved in the fight, they didn’t notice small Clockwork Servant, the tiniest of Inventors walking mechanisms, opening the door to the store room, grabbing the crate full of bottles, and sneaking away.

That was clever and bodacious act! Unnoticed Servant was far, far away with one of the crates. The Lab Golem retreated with second crate.


Golem running away with crate of best liquor.

Inventors were nothing to do here. They may did not recover the documents, but to steal precious liquor from Zachary Fiercebatten The Third. Quite an accomplishment!

Ash & Oak on the other hand – they secured lost documents. No worries at all then in general.

And only  Zachary Fiercebatten, badly wounded, was whispering:

My wine, my beloved wine…


That was fun game! With the unexpected twist of events at the beginning to the tight clash. And at the end, we called a draw – I had the documents, and Dorota took my booze. Unforgivable! Screw the documents and the sake of The Kingdom! My booze is gone…

Another game of Wolsung. Now, it’s time to take little break from it and play some other systems. The break I’d like to use to paint some other Wolsung models. Preferably some other faction. After all – Triad of Lotus Dragon waits to be painted hidden in the boxes…

The next 10 day will be another roller-coaster of events, meetings and preparations. I’ll do my best to write some stories that piled up in my archives for last few weeks. Maybe I need to challenge myself to write new entry every three days? That way I’ll have three posts before my departure to Barcelona.

Oh, right. Did I mention I move to Barcelona?


Cheers! And until next time!


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