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Bring Out Your Lead 2017. Newbie in Nothinghamshire

Oh, there were a pretty nasty blog silence for a last months. Super busy with other activities (still hobby related sometimes though), I was forced to put my blog off track for some time. Reality. Simple as that.

…oh well, I know I’m making excuses and I should write here from time to time to keep this blog alive, but sometime you just get into slump and there’s no other way around. Hopefully it’s over.

So let’s go with it one more time. And today’s is pretty amazing story to tell.

The report from 5th Bring Out Your Lead (BOYL) Oldhammer Weekend 2017 that was held as usual at Foundry‘s HQ in East Stoke near Newark on Trent, UK (27-30th July 2017).


It was my very first Oldhammer Weekend, and therefore it the whole enterprise were pretty exceptional for me. Not knowing what exactly to except, I was super pumped up. I made up my mind in February and with no hesitation I booked the flights and the hotel. There was no turning back for me. Now I just needed proper miniatures with Oldhammer attitude and arrange some games for the weekender.

I’ve decided it’s going to be a nice way to start with my latest personal project – Warhammer Fantasy Empire Altdorf army. BOYL date will be my deadline, so no matter what I have to do this. At first, I was OK. I even wrote one entry the blog about it, but around April everything started to fall apart. Work, additional painting commissions and family life are not your friends if you want to paint 150 minis in a few months…;)

…but somehow I managed to paint all I had in my plans. Of course, I always could do better (like painting some models to play at Necromunda table), but what a hell, it was a miracle that I made it with these models  I painted anyway.

Ok, all was set. I was ready to go…and at the beginning I’d like to thank big fellow who helped me with logistics, transportation and kept me company whole weekend. Alex (Leadballoony blog), if you are reading this – big, BIG thank you! You are the man!

I landed on British soil Thursday, a day before the event. Alex picked me from Luton Airport and we headed to Newark (with small detour to Nottgingham’s Warhammer World). Little chill out in the evening in Newark,  ready for…

BOYL. Day 1

My goodness. My first time at Foundry’s. Made tones of photos, walking around, getting know the magic of that place. Listening to Tony Aukland’s stories, looking trough his sketches. That was sensational. Me and Alex, were first to arrive there actually, so we were the witnesses how all the fuss was creating. Two enormous tables were prepared:

First one, Holdenhofen, the city were all fantasy stories will take place, and second one for Helsreach, the city of Logan’s World, the place for gigantic Necromunda campaign, Jet Bike race and many more…


Setting up of Helsreach table


Helsreach is rising…


At the same time, Heldenhofen is  getting ready


The city is almost ready!


Oh my, the city will look awesome


Welcome to Helsreach:)






There was freebie model to grab – Olivia based on original Rogue Trader illustration. I grabbed one and went shopping. Targeted Foundry’s Renaissance Ogres. I wanted these for a long time to fill my Empire ranks, so it seemed to be the best opportunity, right?



The treasures of Foundry


…and some display cabinets


…with my favourite Patriarch on the throne. Gosh, I love that model!



…and more!

But first of all, the first day meant a whole day campaign of Warhammer Fantasy Battle (4th edition). The reason why I was painting my miniatures for the last couple of months.

The Secret Recipe Campaign

The Grey Mountains and the halfling village of Lupthofen. What’s special about those halflings? They are the cheesemakers. The special kind of cheese. Such cheese is a treasure valued on courts of every major human kingdom – including Altdorf and Couronne. This was the kind of the cheese to kill for … And when the shipments of the cheese started to be too irregular to cover the growing demand in Bretonnia and Empire, the expeditions were sent to find as much cheese as possible and get hands over the recipe for it!

And by Gods! There were more sides after this exceptional cheese. Sea Elves straight from Ulthuan and Undead army of Liche Sorcerer Kruger were hoping to put their hands on this precious loot.

When the armies met on the fields of Lupthofen – Bretonnia, Empire (Sea Elves were on the way on that time), the sides decided to find more peaceful solution of potential conflict. The joust, as a long time Bretonnian tradition of solving disputes, seemed like a great idea. The side which win the joust will get the cheese and the recipe.

…and when Imperial, Bretonnian and knights representing Lupthofen (hired by Halflings) were prepering to the joust, out of nowhere four mysterious Black Knights appeared with a wish to join the joust (at that time nobody suspected the fiendish plot of Kruger the Liche and that these knights were his disguised Wight Champions). Of course their wish has been granted…


Preparation for The Joust


Knight vs Knight!

Out of four contesters, Bretonnia was the one to score the most ‘jousting’ points for crushing the most lances upon their opponents. The glory was theirs. …but then Kruger The Liche revealed his deception – Black Knights showed their true nature to try to grab the recipe!

That was a game changer! Empire General, Sebastian von Suskov was not to be fooled here! He knew the foul play was in motion! Treason of Black Knights, and most definitely the treason of Bretonnian! There were famous of their treacherous deeds for some time now.

There was no other option then the battle!


Bretonnians ready for charge!


Empire units before the battle


Undead horde of Kruger the Liche


The battle is on!

Three armies surrounded the small village of Lupthofen. And when Kruger The Liche dropped the cloak of disguise and the dead begun their dreadful march, it became pretty obvious it won’t end well for poor Halflings. But the little folks were prepared if the things go south. The mercenaries were hired for such situations. They were ready to protect their homes! Bretonnians, men of The Empire or the dead – you are not welcome here!


Halflings surrounded from all sides

The battle was long and bloody. Bretonnians were charging, Imperial artillery were firing, The dead were spreading the horror across the area – and poor Halflings and the mercenaries were slowly slaughtered. And when The Sea Elves from far way land joined the clash, there were no rescue for them. Most of the cheese were grabbed by Adolphus The Grey Wizard (thanks to his teleportation spell he was able to pop out where he was needed the most), and half of the recipe scroll also was secured by one of the Empire state troops. However, Marion Thistlefoot, the Halfling cookmaster managed to flee with the other half of the recipe of delicious cheese and depart to Holdehofen, the nearest Imperial city.


Empire General Sebastian von Suskov against Zombie Dragon


Brave Knights Panther vs Bretonnian Squires


Bretonnian Knights vs Halfling villagers. The Slaughter


Bretonnian charge… again…


Zombie Dragon spreading the terror!

The hunt for the cookmaster was about to start!

The campaign created by Davide and Gionathan (both Italy) was a true masterpiece. Three scenarios, over twelve hours of gaming. Superb stuff. Thank you guys for making this game so great:)


Davidde and Gionathan – the authors of the campaign

First day we managed to play only Joust game (based on the rules taken from WHFB 5th edition Perilous Quest scenario) and battle of five armies. The next day brought the grand finale of the campaign – the hunt for Marion Thistlefoot in the city of Heldenhofen.

BOYL. Day 2

Well, after amazing day one (ended with batteries recharge and socializing at Organ Grinder Pub:) there was a time for a Day Two.

And that was something! First order of the day – the last chapter of Secret Recipe campaign.

The Hunt for The Cookmaster /using Mordheim rules/

Marion Thistlefoot found the shelter at his cousin’s home in Heldenhofen’s Halfling Quarter. Well, and four mighty forces were after him. Who would have thought, that this cheese recipe will make so much commotion in Old World?


Halfling Quarter of Heldenhofen


The Halflings of Heldenhofen

Marion was hiding, allright. However, he was on the losing side. Five bands were looking house by house and sooner or later he will be found. Bretonnians, Imperials from Altdorf, Undead, Sea Elves and hired mercenaries – they all were determined to find the second half of the cheese recipe.


The Brave Altdorfians

…and eventually Altdorfians have found the hideout. Poor Marion had no place to run and he was forced to confrontation. Thankfully he has Ogre bodyguard who helped him to get rid of some of the chasers. However, one body guard was not enough – surrounded by enemies, he was caught and the recipe was taken from him. And Sea Elves were the ones to have it. In conclusion – one half of the recipe in hands of Emperor Karl Franz, the other is with Sea Elves now. So, how will this unique cheese going to be produced? Both sides will need to get to some kind of agreement. Or go to war one more time (more likely :).


The Undead after the recipe


Smile! You are in the candid camera:) Richard (in the back, Elves), Alex (grey t-shirt, Undead), Davidde (yellow/blue hoodie, Mercenaries)


Mercenaries vs City Guard


Altdorfians against Marion and his Ogre Body Guard

It took us whole morning to finish last scenario of Secret Recipe campaign. It was great game and despite I haven’t played Mordheim since I don’t even remember when – it was fun and easy to play. Maybe, thanks to  great opponents and The Game Master, Davide who put all the pieces in such awesome way. Good work man!


The heroes of Secret Recipe campaign! From the left: Ales, me, Davidde, Richard, Gionathan

While almost whole Friday I was busy with playing, I decided to go easy with games on a second day. Now, it was the time to explore! Walking around, chatting with people,  amazing stories of Tony Ackland, Bryan Ansell or Nigel Stillman (oh, man listening about Stillmania from The Boss himself and looking trough his Bretonnia collection – that was precious).


Nigel Stillman telling Stillmania stories


Nigel’s Bretonnian Knights

And there were plenty games to watch – Star Fleet, Dark Future, Advanced Hero Quest, Warhammer 40k (I noticed Rogue Trader and 2nd edition, but I’m pretty sure someone was playing latest, 8th edition as well) or Warhammer Fantasy. There was so many games going on. Pick up games and carefully planned closed as well.

At large Heldenhofen table there was a opportunity to play game of Bier Bowl, take part in Mordheim Smugglers multiplayer campaign or join the arena in Giant Slaying competition. There was even a Warhammer Fantasy Role Play session here. All in stunning, super detailed city of Heldenhofen.


The Bier Bowl


Life inside the city



Panorama of Heldenhofen


The Duck’s head Inn


Smuggler’s game

Meantime, at Helsreach table there were pretty big excitement caused by Jet Bikes race, followed by huge mashup between Outlaws, Traders and Mercenaries.





In the grim future, there’s always place for environment responsibility



What’s the commotion here? The Jet Bike race on the streets of Helsreach!


Helsreach big game in motion

I joined this game with Necrons borrowed from Alex. And there were not usual Necrons you may know, oh no. Just look at one of them. Handsome, isn’t he?


The Necron. The very first prototype, I presume;)

The Necrons were Outlaws in and outside the walls of Helsreach. They were there to collect loot and avoid the hunting them down mercenaries at all cost. While Mercenaries got me a very little trouble, my concern was that I was separated from the transport car and I couldn’t move the loot I collected to the trading post in quick time. It was all carried on foot, and it took ages to do it.


Necrons against The Mercenaries

Beside that, it was a quick, but really entertaining skirmish, and I’m really glad I could be part of this amazing Helsreach.

Later during the day, there was announcement of the painting competition winners. I entered with my Reiksguard on foot unit, but they failed to win the price. To be fair, the other models looked really amazing, so I can imagine my knights were nothing special there. No worries though. I was happy to take part of this and put mine to the cabinet along with so many great painted models. Just take a look at some of them. Especially the Minotaur caught in the act:).


…and the winners are…






Minotaur on the throne




During whole day, in little room aside, sat Kev Adams himself involved in his charity project. For 5 GBP he could take the model of yours, cut his head off and sculpt your face instead. I reserved the line with Teutonic Knight I bought at Foundry Store the other day, but Kev was so busy, there was no way we could make it before the night. Hopefully the next day.

BOYL. Day 3

For a third day, I planned only one game. After exhausting first two days, I decided to slow down a bit. I had one game of Warhammer Fantasy Battle arranged for that day, and I knew it will be quite enough for now…

I was about to face Ashley and his Undead in a game of Vampire Hunt! (scenario from Citadel Journal #11 called ‘I’ll bite Your Kneecaps off!’). It was a quick game of 5th edition WHFB, where the battle was just a background for the face off between bunch of Vampire Hunters – family of Doctor Hellfire and Vampire Count Otto van Luthor.


Ashley is prepering his troops

I’ll bite Your Kneecaps off!

Super fun game!

Vicious Sylvanian Count van Luthor was hungry for innocent maidens’ blood for a long, long time. But these annoying Vampire Hunters were after him… chasing him constantly. And when Count Otto found his prey in small village of Frankenluft (4 lovely maidens were hidden there!), Hellfire family was already there (allied with The Empire army), waiting for him. There was no way, they would let him to hurt anybody!


Vampire Hunter – Junior, Buffy and Doctor Hellfire


I’ll bite Your Kneecaps off!

Hunters were rescued one maiden, and Count van Luthor were searching for the fresh blood as well. Meantime, the field around village was a witness of the battle between Undead and Empire.


Undead horde


Skeletons and Zombies…


…and the rest of Undead


The Empire army is deployed


The artillery is ready to fire


The battle has started


Carrions attack on Helbalster Volleygun

Empire force led by Count Sebastian von Suskov did well against Undead horde. They managed to destroy almost all enemy units… but well, at the same time Hunters were  killed by Wraiths of the fallen Sylvanian heroes, and The Vampire was free to get all the maidens. Imperial army effort happened to be futile. They failed to stop blood sucking beast! What a bugger…;)


The fight!


Ghouls flanking fearless Flagellants


The Vampire Hunters chased by The Wraiths


One of the Necromancers pursued by The Knights Panther

That was great game, despite my loss. Really awesome. Thank you Ash, we definitely need to match up for revenge of the hunters:). Next year, maybe:)

And few moments after I finished the game, there was my turn to get a session of face sculpting with Kev Adams. This was stunning experience. Sitting for 30 minutes or so, listening to Kev, thinking – Oh gods, what a day, what a day, WHAT A DAY!!!


Me and Kev Adams

Well, there he is. My little doppelganger. Shortly, he we will join the ranks of my Empire army.


That’s mini me!

Sadly everything has to end, and Oldhammer Weekend was slowly ending for me as well. Time to say goodbye and head south (to Alex’s house where I was spending last night before the flight to Poland).

More photos from Sunday.


Me and Bryan Ansell


Space Fleet game


Impressive Pyramid. The Mordheim campaign was played here



Before the day was over we played one more game. This time – Age of Sigmar. My Empire vs Alex’s Undead. It didn’t end well for me. It was big, crushing victory to Alex. But I didn’t go down with ease. I fought back. My troops managed to kill some freaking skellies and kill Liche General, but eventually the walking dead prevailed…


My troops are not so good in Age of Sigmar apparently:)

That was awesome weekend, I tell you. Three days full of proper old school wargaming and cheerful laughter. And I heard the date for BOYL 2018 is already set. Time to book the flights then! No time to waste!



  1. Brilliant mate, this reminds me of what an awesome weekend it was! Fantastic job getting all those Empire troops ready for battle in time, they really do look amazing dude. Great to meet you properly & chuck some dice around – here’s to next year! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Very interesting to see and read a different point of view from BOYL. There’s so many games going on at the same time at the event that it’s quite easy to miss what else is happening.

    I know you were introduced to me by Alex, just before you left, but I have completely forgotten your name. I’m bloody terrible with remembering names, sorry man 😦

    It was my first time to BOYL too and I loved it as well. Can’t wait to get back there.

    Cheers 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • oh, no worries. there were so many people to meet and chat with, so it’s totally understandable:)

      and January 2018 I’m off to Australia and Asia for couple of months, so there’s really high possibility I’ll be in Bangkok for a while at some point of my trip. we should definitely meet and play some toy soldiers!




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  4. Ashley says

    Lovely account mate and great to meet and play you. Like you say maybe next year maybe the vampire hunters will get their revenge! If they can overcome their fear of wraiths 😉 If it’s ok maybe I’ll use some of your pictures of our game in my own blog?

    Liked by 1 person

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